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Winlin 2 Pack Artificial Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Rosemary Green Potted Small …
Winlin Tupac Artificial Potted Artificial Eucalyptus and Rosemary Green Potted Plant Small Potted Plant 8.3-9 For indoor green table decoration
  • Quantity: This set of artificial potted plants contains artificial eucalyptus and rosemary green. Each small houseplant is already in a separate cellulose pot for easy demonstration.
  • Dimensions: Artificial foliage plants are approximately 8.3-9 inches high from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot and 7.9-8.3 inches wide from the tip to the tip of the leaf. Cellulose pot about. Height 3.1 cm, width 3 cm.
  • Color: This artificial green pot contains dusty grey-green eucalyptus and two-tone rosemary green, individually placed in a rustic concrete-colored pot. These artificial plants look so real that you may feel the urge to water them!
  • Material: Artificial eucalyptus and rosemary are made of plastic and are housed in durable flowerpots made of artificial foam. These small houseplants do not require pruning or watering and remain fresh all year round.
  • Artificial eucalyptus and rosemary plants in pots need to be decorated with desks, desks, bedside tables, shelves, cupboards, windowsills, mantelpieces, coffee tables, dining tables, toilets, countertops, bookshelves, or greens Great for presentations in other small corners. .. They will also make great home celebrations, weddings, and holiday gifts.
Juvale 3 Pack Mini Decoration Artificial Plants, Outdoor Home Potted Plants …
Juvale 3 packs of decorative mini-artificial plants, artificial potted plants for indoor and outdoor decoration, black plastic pots, 5 x 5.2 x 5 inches
  • Artificial Plant Kit with Body Kit: This plastic artificial plant kit contains 3 artificial potted plants and is designed for indoor plant display and upholstery.
  • Simple and even decorative: Place these decorative artificial plants on the windowsill, patio, lawn, porch, garden, living room, or elsewhere to show off!
  • Visible Life: Each plant looks real to the eye and helps to make your office or living space more environmentally friendly without worrying about watering or maintenance
  • The perfect gift for your favorite friends and natural family: Looking for an eco-friendly housewarming gift for your friends and loved ones? Check out these artificial plants in convenient plastic pots.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5.2 x 5 inches
Ikea artificial potted plant Jade9.5
Ikea artificial potted plant Jade9.5
  • Flowerpot diameter: 4 height (from top of plant to bottom of black pot): 9.5”
  • Fresh live artificial plants every year
  • Perfect when you want to enjoy the beauty of nature without living plants
  • Plants: Polyethylene pots: Polypropylene, concrete, polyethylene.Wipe with a dry cloth
  • Comes with a black pot as shown
TURNMEON 18 PCS Artificial green plant, fake Boston fern bush Artificial UV outdoor …
TURNMEON 18 PCS Artificial Plant Green, Fake Boston Fake Boston Fake Artificial UV Resistant Narcissus Outdoor Green Shrub Plant Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Home Garden Decoration (Green)
  • [Super Value Package]18 natural fresh green artificial plants create a comfortable atmosphere. Surrounded by lush greenery, the artificial Boston fern bushes keep the spring sunshine, shine and shine, and relax your mood and wonder. Well-made bright colors look real.
  • [Full size and very realistic]Artificial Boston fern plant, 9.5 inches wide x 13.5 inches long, cute and perfect size. Each has 7 branches, each with 3 flexible stems (126 stems in total) and thick leaves. It leaves nature completely with life, like a real leaf. There are 18 packages of artificial Great Boston fern shrubs.
  • [UVresistantandlessmaintenanceplasticplantsareUVresistantandwillnotfadeTheyaremadeofhighqualityplasticandlookmorerealisticRegularcleaningwipingwithadryclothordustingisrecommended
  • [Certified Safety Material]Artificial Boston fern plants will not fall or die. The natural fresh colors of well-made and vibrant colors look real. These plastic shrubs never die and can easily withstand strong winds, rain and sunlight.
  • [Suitable everywhere]: High quality artificial Boston fern plants are perfect for any landscaping project or decoration style. Decorate your kitchen, window box, living room, dining table, bedroom, terrace, wedding, or other indoor and outdoor area with these artificial flower bushes, creating the illusion of a larger room.
Almost natural artificial tree made from fig silk 3′, 36”green
Almost natural artificial tree made from fig silk 3′, 36”green
  • The magnificent and unique fig tree is one of the most interesting trees in the area and is perfect for home and office interiors. A twisted trunk rises and suddenly explodes with a green explosion. With 378 leaves, this tree tricks even the smartest birds. Watch out for the nest if it gets dusty! It is supplied in a black artificial clay pot.
  • Shop safely and get to know our collection. …… It looks so real, it’s almost natural!” The pioneer of our branch. Near Natural is the first artificial flower company to hire top designers with many years of experience in the living plant industry. We will deliver products that you understand well …. Nature.
  • Overall product dimensions: 28 W x 28” D x 36 HO; Planter / vase dimensions: W: 6, H: 5 . Measurements are taken from the planter / vase bottom, the farthest flower of the composition It goes to the leaves. The width dimension is also calculated from each farthest extrusion dimension.
  • maintenance-free. Do not pour. It looks full and fresh every day. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
  • At 3 feet, it’s ideal for any room. Packaged in an incredible 378 sheets.Natural wood trunk
Rose 18 A small artificial plant in an artificial green pot for the decoration of the bathroom of an office table house
Rose 18 Small Artificial Plant Pot Artificial Plant Office Table Home Bathroom Decoration
  • [Pack]: 1 pack of artificial plants containing 12 beautiful taro leaves.Height 18 inches, weight 2.42 lbs
  • [Durable Material]: The leaves of our little fake plant are made of high quality plastic and the pot is made of good cement.
  • [Simple and elegant]: Plastic plants do not require special care or maintenance and will not die or die.Suitable for people who like table plants but don’t have time to take care of them
  • [Exquisite design]: Our realistic artificial potted plants can add green life and freshness to your living space.
  • [Perfect decoration]: Our artificial plants are perfect for your office, home, table, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, farmhouse, balcony, floor, indoor and outdoor decoration
CEWOR 4 Pack Artificial Mini Potted Plant Artificial Artificial Plastic Topiary Shrub Fake Bath Plant…
CEWOR 4 Pack Artificial Mini Indoor Plant Artificial Artificial Plastic Topiary Socket Bathroom Home Office Table Fake Plant for Decoration
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 4.3 inches; Height: 4.7 inches (from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot). Set of 4, 2 green herbs and 2 green melaleuca.
  • Material: The grass and leaves are made of high quality polyethylene which is easy to maintain. The flowerpot is made of gray pulp and paper, which is durable, durable and will not break, but should not be placed in water.
  • Made of high quality, pure plastic, it is more realistic than any other simulated plant on the market. They do not require maintenance or maintenance and will not fade or fade.
  • These lifelike artificial potted plants can add green life and freshness to your living space.
  • It can be used as a decoration for furniture and office environments. You can enjoy the beauty of nature anywhere in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, bookshelf, corridor, etc.
IKEA artificial potted plant, thyme, 9.5 inches (1)
IKEA artificial potted plant, thyme, 9.5 inches (1)
  • IKEA FEYKA artificial potted plant, thyme
  • Fresh living artificial plants every year.
  • Perfect when you want to enjoy the beauty of nature without living plants
  • Plants: Polyethylene pots: Polypropylene, concrete, polyethylene.Wipe with a dry cloth
  • Product dimensions of each plant: Pot diameter: 3½ ; Plant height: 8¾”
OFFIDIX potted plant made of artificial plastic, fake mini eucalyptus plant made of plastic for home office …
OFFIDIX Artificial plastic potted plants, mini artificial plastic eucalyptus plants for home decoration, small artificial plastic plants for home decoration
  • Product diameter: Width: 3.9 Height: 7.1” (from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot)
  • Material: Plastic plate (PE) containing a black plastic pot. Easy to clean and maintain. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not fade.
  • Maintenance-free: Artificial plants are easy to care for and will not die or die. No soil, water or nutrients needed.
  • Made of modern polyethylene material, these artificial plants are more natural than any other plant on the market. These artificial plants can make your space green and fresh and are popular in offices, homes, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and other furniture.
  • An environmentally friendly gift for friends and loved ones. A perfect gift for weddings, parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Electrician’s Day, birthday gifts and more.
3 packs of artificial rosemary bush artificial rosemary plant green rosemary bush spray …
3 Pack Artificial Flocked Rosemary Bush Artificial Rosemary Plant Rosemary Green Bush Table Centerpiece Spray Bridal Bouquet Indoor Outdoor Green Decoration 7.9 inch Height
  • Quantity: Includes 3 artificial rosemary herb bushes. Each rosemary spray consists of 11 small rosemary stems coming out of the central stem and lush rosemary leaves.
  • Size: Each artificial rosemary plant is approximately 7.9 cm high and 9.8 cm wide. You can adjust the drop wire to make it wider. These full-bodied rosemary bushes are sure to add a lot of green to your decoration.
  • Color: Subdued silver-green rosemary bushes for a visually appealing look. These are simple decorative green spaces that add many romantic options to your home or wedding.
  • Material: Artificial rosemary is made of plastic and covered with a flocked surface for a velvety texture and soft feel. A flexible wire on the inside of the stem makes it easy to shape the rosemary spray and place it however you like.
  • Realistic looks and beautiful artificial rosemary bushes are perfect for table decorations, wedding bouquets, flower arrangements, wedding hall decorations and other classic and romantic flower projects. Simply place it in a vase, basket, canister or tin bucket for a simple and elegant presentation.

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