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Havit RGB Gaming Combo Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse 104 Keys Blue Switch USB Keyboard…
Havit RGB Gaming Combo Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse 104 Keys Blue Switch USB Wired Keyboard with Detachable Palm Rest Programmable PC Gaming Mouse Gamer Computer Desktop (Black)
  • • Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – RGB keyboard and mouse, 14-mode gaming keyboard, and 7-color gaming mouse create a cool and colorful gaming atmosphere and enhance your gaming excitement. Great for computer games.
  • Mechanical Keyboard – The all-metal control panel and floating key design make the keyboard keys responsive. All 104 keys have separate switches with full n-key toggles
  •  Programmable Mouse – 6DPI level gaming mouse available below 800/1600/2400/3200/4000/4800 allows you to easily adjust DPI to instantly adjust mouse speed in different gaming scenarios. ..
  •  Keyboard Mouse Combo – Ergonomic keyboard with removable palm rest and slim mouse, plug and play.
  •  Keyboard and Gaming Mouse – Compatible with Windows 2000 / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / MAC / Linux for Gaming PCs.
Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Blue Switch 104 Key Rainbow Backlit Keyboard,…
Havit Combo Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Blue Switch 104 Key Rainbow Backlit Keyboard 4800DPI 7 Button Mouse Wired PC Gamer For Laptop
  • [Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse]The keyboard and mouse backlight switches between preset light effect modes (21 keyboard backlight modes, 7 mouse modes). The brightness and rate of change of light are adjustable. Supports setting and recording of three groups of lighting modes.
  • [Professional Ghost Prevention Keyboard for Blue Switch]The classic Blue Switch design provides click and touch feedback and accurate and fast key commands for typing and gaming. 100% ghost and rollover gaming keyboards are perfect for a variety of games.
  • [Gaming Mouse]With 6 DPI levels and a high-precision game engine, accurate positioning and stable transmission are realized, and the DPI in the DPI range of 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 is adjusted to the speed of the mouse. Easy to adjust. Various game scenarios.
  • [Durability and ergonomic comfort]High quality aluminum alloy housing extends product life. A hanging keyboard and a skin-friendly surface mouse ensure comfortable gaming and long typing times.
  • [Supports keyboard and mouse combinations]There are 12 multimedia keyboard shortcuts. Works universally on Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Mac OS systems. (* Note: Media keyboard shortcuts are not available on MAC / Linux.)
HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Slim and Lightweight, Kailh Latest Low …
HAVIT RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Wired Gaming Keyboard Ultra Slim and Lightweight Latest Kailh Low Profile Blue Switch 104 Keys N Keys Rollover HV-KB395L (Black)
  • ★ Standard 104 keys with number keys, ultra-thin and lightweight, compact design, 17.2 * 5” * 0.89 , only 570 g, thinner and lighter than conventional mechanical keyboards.
  • ★ Latest Kaylh Blue Switch-Flat switch, switch height 11.5mm, ultra-thin trailer cover 6mm, key travel 3mm, provide a unique mechanical feel, enjoy high quality games with fast response.
  • ★ Multiple custom RGB lighting modes, easy typing, dark games.Fn + F12 for customization, Fn + F1-F5 standard partial key glow, Fn + F6-F11 6 presets all RGB buttons
  • ★ Driver-free, plug-and-play, removable USB microcable, all 104 N-key rollover keys, WIN key support is locked.
  • ★ Compatible with Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista / Linux ★[Warm tips]: The key can only be configured on Windows. Linux is not compatible with multimedia keys on this keyboard
HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Slim and Lightweight, Kailh Latest Low …
HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Slim and Lightweight, Latest Kailh Blue Low Profile Switch, 87 Key N Key Rollover (Black)
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight, compact design, 13.94 inches * 5 inches * 0.89 inches, weighs only 520g, thinner and lighter than traditional mechanical keyboards.
  • The latest Kailh Blue switch – a thin switch, switch height 11.5mm, ultra-thin pendulum lid 6mm and keystroke 3mm create a unique mechanical feel.
  • Unique blue LED display, multiple backlight modes, Fn + F1-F5 for customization, Fn + F12 for saving settings, Fn + F6-F11 for preset mode.
  • Driver-free, plug-and-play, removable USB-micro cable, all 87 N-key rollover buttons
  • ★★[Warm tips]: The key can only be configured on Windows. If you need programming, download the driver from the official website. [havit.hk/downloads]
HAVIT mechanical keyboard and mouse headset, blue switch keyboard, RGB gaming mouse and headphones …
HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Headset Kit, Blue Switch Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, and RGB Backlit Headphones for Handheld PC Games
  • [Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, Headset]The keyboard, mouse, and headset come with RGB lighting effects, a 14-mode gaming keyboard, a 7-color effect gaming mouse, and an impressive steamer RGB lighting headset. Increase the excitement of the game. Great for computer games.
  • [Mechanical keyboard]All-metal cladding, floating key design, and removable palm rest allow keyboard keys to respond. All 104 keys are individually n-key rollover and anti-ghosting.
  • [Programmable Mouse]The skin-friendly 6DPI gaming mouse available at 800/1600/2400/3200/4000/4800 DPI allows you to easily adjust the DPI to instantly adjust the mouse speed of various gaming scripts. ..
  • [Lightweight and comfortable headset]Breathable gaming headphones made of soft fabrics and memory foam materials provide exceptional comfort. Two large 50mm speakers provide powerful sound. Virtual surround sound improves audio fidelity. Don’t miss the beat of a fast action game.
  • [Headset with keyboard and mouse]Plug and play, no driver required. User friendly. The keyboard and mouse are compatible with Windows 2000 / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / MAC / Linux. Earphones are compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, XBOX, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, desktop / computer, laptop, tablet and mobile.
Havit Mechanical Keyboard 89 Keys Wired Gaming Keyboard Keyboard with Red Switch and PBT Keycaps …
Havit Mechanical Keyboard Wired 89 Key Gaming Keyboard PC Gamer Computer Red Switch Keyboard with PBT Button Cap for Computer Laptop
  • [89-key keyboard]89-key keyboard. Save space by saving frequently used numeric keys. Great for offices and games. NumLock key – Fn + backspace, home – Shift + 7; end – shift + 1; Del is Shift + .”. Combo key: Shift + 0-9.
  • [Color PBT cap]A unique high-quality PBT cap with excellent wear resistance can be used for a long period of time. You no longer have to worry about missing or frayed letters.
  • [Mechanical keyboard with red switch]It has a durability of 50 million and makes a quiet sound when you press a key lightly. Very popular in offices and games!
  • [Ergonomics]The ergonomic design effectively reduces stress on the wrist.
  • [Compatibility]The keyboard is compatible with systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, and Mac OS.
Havit 60% wireless mechanical keyboard and wired mouse, Bluetooth 5.1 68 key type C wired …
Havit 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wired Mouse, Wired Bluetooth 5.1 and 68 Key Type C Keyboard, Brown Switch, Multi-Device Programmable Laptop Gaming Mouse (Black)
  • [Mechanical keyboard with dual mode connection]The latest and stable Bluetooth 5.1, wireless connection, and Type-C cable connection are possible by simply pressing the ON / OFF button (on the back of the keyboard). Connect three different devices wirelessly at the same time. , FN + Q / W / E for easy switching.
  • [Durable mechanical Tkl keyboard]68-key brown keyboard switch, convenient to carry. Supports 10 hours of continuous use. A battery with a very long emergency power supply that supports up to 30 days of power supply.
  • [Wired RGB Mouse]800/1600/2400/3200/4000 / 4800dpi 6dpi value gaming mouse can easily adjust the dpi to instantly adjust the mouse speed according to various game scenarios …
  • [Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse]Light effect gaming keyboard and mouse, backlit 19 mechanical keyboard, and 7 color effect gaming mouse create a cool and colorful gaming atmosphere and enhance the enjoyment of the game.
  • [Wireless keyboard and wired mouse]Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Win77Win8 / Win10 / Linux / Loss / Macos / Android. Take special care, read the manual carefully before use and store in a safe place.
PICTEK TKL mechanical game keyboard, 60% rainbow RGB RGB backlit blue equivalent keyboard …
PICTEK TKL mechanical gaming keyboard, 60% rainbow RGB keyboard with blue equivalent switch, 27 LED mode backlit, 100% numeric keyless anti-glare keyboard for Windows PC / MAC games
  • [27RainbowLEDBacklightModePictekIlluminationKeyboardhastwoinjectionmoldingkeystoevenlyclearthebacklightandpreventthelettersfrombeingscratchedItfeaturesiridescentcolorsmultiplelightingmodes5levelsofbacklightbrightness5breathingratesand2specialbacklightsdesignedforRTSandFPSgamestoenhancethegamingexperienceThebuttonsarenotRGBbuteachzonehasadifferentcolor:redyellowgreenbluepurpleItcannotbechanged
  • [Equivalent blue switch that speeds up the response to clicks]A professional equivalent switch that provides faster and firmer response, clear click sounds to enjoy typing, and accurate tactile feedback for best game performance. Adopted. Comes with a key remover for easy key cleaning.
  • [Completeghostpreventionkeyand12multimediakeys】All87keysarenon-conflictingmoreuser-friendlyandguaranteeasmoothgamingexperience12shortcutsgiveyoueasyaccesstoemailcalculatorplayercomputerandothermediacontrolfeaturessuchasvolumeup/downplay/pausestopmuteprevious/nexttracktextInputbecomesmoreefficient
  • [Improved reliability and ergonomic design]With 10,000,000 keystrokes, you can enter with confidence and achieve amazing reliability. Flip-up keycaps, non-slip legs and a foldable design meet the needs of a variety of lighting scenes and relieve fatigue during long hours of play.
  • [Wide range of applications and unmatched after-sales service]This wired gaming keyboard is very easy to use, portable and almost compatible with Windows 7/8/10 / XP / Vista and Mac OS (Note: multimedia shortcuts are on Mac) Not available operating system). Piteck promises a 45-day refund and a 12-month free exchange. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will respond within 12 hours.
HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys LED Backlit USB Ergonomic Wrist Rest Keyboard…
HAVIT Wired Rainbow Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys LED Backlit USB Ergonomic Wrist Rest Keyboard for Windows PC Gamer Desktop Computer (Black)
  • ★ Rainbow lighting: 7-color LED rainbow effect, backlight can be switched between Rianbow 7 colors, and breathing mode can be switched on and off.
  • ★ 19 keys with ghost prevention function: Simultaneous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict (Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, B, space ↑↑ ↓↓ ←← →, tab, Alt – L, Ctrl-L, Shift-L)
  • ★ Enable Win Key Lock: The WIN key can be disabled for games, 11 multimedia combo keys (FN + F1 to F10, F12) at the top of the keyboard, and replaceable WASD keys.
  • ★ Energy saving design: If you don’t use the keyboard for 10 minutes, it will automatically go to sleep mode to save power. Press any key to activate it.
  • ★ Compatible with Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Mac OS / Linux (useful tip: 8 multimedia keyboard shortcuts only work on Windows system)
Havit Wired Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, LED Rainbow Combo Gaming Keyboard RGB Gaming Mouse …
Havit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo LED Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard RGB Gaming Mouse Ergonomic Wrist Rest 104 Key Keyboard 4800 DPI Mouse for Windows PC and Mac Gamers (Black)
  • Updated Rainbow Combo PC Gaming Keyboard: Includes Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard and RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse. All directions.
  • RAINBOW BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD: A well-designed backlit keycap makes your keyboard look like a rainbow in your hand. The WIN key can be disabled during the game. The computer’s USB gaming keyboard and mouse combination is an ergonomically designed auto-configuration. The built-in palm rest allows you to easily rotate typing and games to enjoy long games.
  • Wired Gaming Mouse: Havit ergonomic gaming mouse with RGB backlight and resolution up to 4800 dpi, 4 dpi level set with flashing lights. With a precision sensor, the 4800DPI offers even higher precision. Durability and reliability, and the highest sensitivity of a gaming mouse, bring great benefits when gaming.
  • Multi-function keys and anti-ghost keys: This gaming computer keyboard has 19 non-conflicting keys (n keystrokes at the same time), 11 multimedia combo keys (FN + F1 to F10, F12), and There are four interchangeable W / A / S / D” keys. Button and button to raise and lower the volume, Breath mode” of the off button, etc. A particularly useful space bar for games.
  • Gaming Keyboard and PC Gaming Mouse: Compatible with Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / MacOS. Works well with all major PC PC brands on all new 2020 games and all previous PC / Mac / PS4 / XBOX games. A great upgrade from your previous office to your home keyboard.

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