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Handmade sword – Japanese style, functional, hand forged, carbon 1045 samurai sword …
Handmade sword – Japanese style samurai sword, functional, hand forged, 1045 carbon steel, thermosetting, full tongue, sharp, dragon brim, Ito’s blue cotton handle, black wooden scabbard
  • Japanese samurai sword completely handmade 1045
  • Dragon brim, full tail, sharp edges and functionality
  • Approximately 28.3 blade, 10.8” handle and 41 whole”
  • Wooden handle and gold menuki wrapped in stingray leather and blue cotton cord
  • Piano wood with black lacquer finish using sage blue Japanese cotton
eroton Samurai Katana Full Japanese Handmade Sword, Dragon Tsuba, 10601095 Carbon Steel Heat…
Eroton Samurai Katana Full Japanese Handmade Sword、Dragon Tsuba、1060 1095 Carbon Steel、Hardened、Hardened、Sharp、Functional、Full Tang 2.7ib
  • Hand Forged: This sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel. The full shaft is attached to the handle with two bamboo mekugas. With a polished mirror surface. It is a very durable sword made using traditional methods for many purposes. The blades are repeatedly heat treated and forged by hand to remove contaminants. This process combines rigidity, flexibility, and results. Suitable for battle. The sword is Sageo / Ito silk and has hard metal fittings.
  • Functional: This sword is a very good choice, gift, cutting practice, exhibition and collection. The sword is strong enough to cut bamboo, but sharp enough to cut paper. Since each sword is handmade, each sword has slightly different characteristics.
  • Technology: Knife blades are carefully hardened and manufactured in China by hot stamping, forging, deformation, grinding, heat treatment, tempering, repair, and adjustment of dozens of dragon spring manufacturing processes.
  • Sharp: The blade is hand-polished using various types of grindstones. Conventional 14-step hand polishing. The blade is very sharp.
  • Blade size: 1095 carbon steel blade, completely handmade, weight: 1.25 kg, length 103 cm, handle length 26 cm, blade length 71 cm, hardness: 52 HRC. , Sled 1.8cm, gold color
Master Sword Real Samurai Sword A Japanese handmade sword ready for a sharp blade …
Master Sword Genuine Samurai Sword Sharp Blade Battle Ready Sword Blue / Red Handmade Sword Sherbird (Red)
  • The sword is 100% hand forged and made of high quality carbon steel using old polishing methods.
  • Furutan greatly enhances the power of the sword.
  • The brim is made of metal, Saya is made of high quality wood, the mound is tightly wrapped around the ramp and has a beautiful red cotton thread.
  • Overall length: 41 inches; Blade length: 28.35 inches; Blade width: 1.2 inches; Handle length: 10.6 inches; Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • This sword can be used to protect yourself from beasts during camping and outdoor activities. It’s also a great gift or collection for you and your friends.
Handmade swords – samurai swords, dragon brims, fully hand-forged practical swords …
Handmade Sword – Practical Sword Samurai Dragon Sword, Tsuba Dragon, Fully Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Thermocurable, Full Tongue, Sharp, White Sheath
  • 1045 Completely handmade Japanese samurai sword
  • Iron brim, full tail, sharp edges and functionality
  • Approximately 28.5 inch blade, 10.75 inch handle, 41 inch whole
  • Wooden handle with stingray leather and white cotton cord
  • White lacquered piano material and black sageo cotton
JZSWORDS sword, completely handmade Japanese sword 1040 carbon steel real samurai sword …
JZSWORDS sword, a completely handmade Japanese sword made of 1040 carbon steel with an exquisite floral design on the real samurai sword and blade
  • Straight sword, hardwood sheath, 1045 carbon steel, purple cord handle, iron brim, ninja sword, piano color sheath, blade carving, pointed, purple, handmade, white vest leather, full tail
  • A very elegant and functional sword, a hand-forged 21-inch blade made of carbon steel.
  • A unique process provides breathtaking blade colors, hand-sharpened swords with a full tail, and swords ready for battle.
  • A fully functional samurai sword is a work of art with breathtaking craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Overall length: 31.4 inches, Chief length: 20.4 inches, Handle length: 9 inches, Sharp blade: Sharp, Blade material: 1045, Blade width: 1.37 inches, Sai material: Wood, Weight: 2.45 lbs
Sword Oway Michonne Sword, The Walking Dead Samurai Sword with Wooden and Polyurethane Scabbards …
Sword Oway Michonne Sword, The Walking Dead Samurai sword with wooden and polyurethane scabbards. Japanese swords are completely handmade. Carbon steel 1060 (brown synthetic leather).
  • Condition 100% New Quantity 1 Material Carbon Steel Color Brown Brand AUWAY
Siwode Handmade Full Tan Sharp Katana Sword Real, Alloy Gold Dragon Tsuba Japanese Ninja …
Siwode Handmade Full Tan Sharp Katana Sword Real, Alloy Golden Dragon Tsubahabaki Samurai Katana (1060 High Carbon Steel) 40inch
  • This item does not include a sword stand.
  • This product has a two-year warranty and customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The blade is made of hand-forged 1060 carbon steel, genuine white ray leather, bamboo claws, no bohi (blood flow).
  • The sword is very sharp, so do not point it at people or animals. Wipe the blade in an unoccupied area, being careful not to hurt your hands. This product is not intended for children under the age of 16.
  • This product can be used to protect yourself from wildlife during camping or outdoor activities. It can be gifted or gifted.
Handmade sword Damascus steel sword Japanese sword with full tan sharp sword …
Handmade Sword Damascus Folded Steel Sword Japanese Samurai Sword Groove Full Tan Sharp Sword Home Defense Sword
  • The sword is forged by hand using traditional hand forging methods.
  • Full shaft blades are hand forged with a hammer and hand polished. Strong and sharp enough to cut bamboo.
  • The blade comes with a full length shaft
  • Genuine handmade production. All its parts can be disassembled and assembled like a real sword.
Handmade Sword-Sword Samurai Sword, Functional, Hand Forged, 1045/1060 Carbon Steel, Heat …
Handmade Sword-Samurai Katana Sword, Functional, Hand Forged, Carbon Steel 1045/1060, Thermosetting / Hardened Clay, Full Tongue, Sharp, Wooden Scabbard (File Template)
  • Japanese samurai sword completely handmade 1045
  • Tsuba pattern file, full tail, sharp edges, functionality
  • Blade about 28.3 inches, handle 10.5 inches, total 42.5 inches
  • Menuki wrapped in wooden handle, stingray leather and black cotton string
  • Black lacquered piano material and black Japanese sageo cotton
Handmade Fengze Samurai Sword, 40-inch Damascus steel super-sharp hand-forged sword …
Handmade Phoenix Samurai Sword 40inch Damascus Steel Super Sharp Completely Hand Forged Sword Sword Genuine Battle Full Tan Hardened Clay (Specter)
  • FULL TANG KATANA is a 40 inch FULL TANG KATANA. This is a traditional Chinese process with a history of over 1000 years and works perfectly for practicing any swordsmanship. The best choice of sword.
  • Completely hand forged – the sword blade is handmade and forged from a special high-strength Damascus steel. Due to repeated folding forgings, the blades are strong, flexible and extremely durable.
  • Ultra Sharp-This sword is considered a real combat weapon, not a decoration. Very sharp and easy to cut bamboo or 7 inch thick wood at once.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle – The sword handle is covered with the finest Chinese black 10mm cotton wire. This provides excellent softness and non-slip performance, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • No risk of purchase – We believe in Samurai swords and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you have any dissatisfaction with your purchase, please feel free to contact us.

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