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KOIOS USB Rechargeable Scales, Waterproof Kitchen Scales, 0.04 oz / 1 g, Accurate Digital Scales …
KOIOS USB rechargeable scale, waterproof kitchen scale, 0.04oz / 1g accurate baking graduated digital scale, target hood scale with precision grams, ounces and liquids
  • [High Precision]This hood scale can weigh up to 5 kg of material and is sensitive to small increments of 1 g (0.04 ounces). It operates with a minimum weight of 3-5 g and four built-in precision load cells ensure accurate measurements.
  • The Multifunctional Scale unit key allows you to choose from 6 different units of measurement, including – g / ml / ml (milk) – lb: ounce / fl. Ounces / fl oz. (Milk) – And the results are displayed on a clearly readable LCD screen. The liquid can be easily measured thanks to the individual measurement mode of milk, which is a heavier liquid than water. Make sure it is on a flat surface before measuring.
  • [Convenient charging]Since it can be charged with a USB cable, there is no need to replace the battery, and it is friendly to bags and the environment!
  • [Waterproof / Durability]The high-quality hard glass panel has outstanding durability and waterproofness, so spills can be easily removed without water stains adhering to it. In addition, the surface has ultra-sensitive touch buttons that allow you to operate the electronic scale quickly and easily.
  • [Diet scale essentials]8.26 x 6.29 x 0.36 inch lightweight and compact portable scale that does not take up space in the kitchen or pantry. People who eat frequently may need to weigh the foods they consume and calculate calories accurately according to their nutritional needs. Digital kitchen scale KIOOS is ideal for weight loss and nutrition management.
ORIA kitchen scale, digital food scale, USB battery with waterproof glass showcase, kitchen …
ORIA kitchen scale, digital hood scale, USB battery with waterproof glass showcase, kitchen scale, gram, ounce, liquid high precision multifunction hood scale, green
  • [Tare function]You can easily obtain the exact value of the material by subtracting the weight of the plate or container using the tare key.
  • [Intelligent touch button]High-precision load sensor. Accurate 0.1 oz / 1 g increments; Measuring range (3 g – 10 kg); Sensitive touch switch for easy access and display of measurement results within 1 second.
  • 5 Scale Unit]With 9 x6.3” platforms and a large LCD, it can be easily read in grams, kg, pounds: ounces, ml, fluid ounces (water only). Suitable for cooking, baking, tracking consumption, weight loss and shipping.
  • [Material]Adopting high quality tempered glass panel, it has excellent stability and durability, and the waterproof and smooth surface makes it easy to clean, and it is easy to wipe off spilled materials and food residues. (It is not waterproof).
  • [Battery level low display]Convenient with power supply using a USB rechargeable battery and two AAA batteries (included). The Lo” display prompts you to replace the battery. Display Err” to avoid overload.
Food Scale Tempered Glass Water Resistant Digital Kitchen Weight Gram Ounce Cooking Baking High…
Water resistant tempered glass digital kitchen gram water ounce ounce cooking baking high precision gram target ounce range 1-5000g tare function
  • [Precise weight]Digital hood scale, gram and ounce digital scale, 4 precision load cells, 1 g quick and accurate step when adding ingredients, measuring range: 1 g ~ 5000 g. Multiple units: ounces, g, pounds, and ounces. Each unit can be easily converted with the Unit” button.
  • [SIMPLE TARE]Scale Digital Kitchen Scale A practical tare key for calculating tare allows you to deduct the weight of a plate or container in grams, making it easy to read the material.
  • [Waterproof / Durable]: The high-quality hard glass panel has excellent durability and waterproofness on a food scale, so spilled substances can be easily removed without water stains adhering. In addition, the surface has sensitive touch buttons, a digital scale of food, and grams.
  • [Reading the LCD screen]The tempered glass digital scale displays the results on an easy-to-read LCD screen. Measure milk powder in grams. Make sure it is on a flat surface before measuring.
  • [QUALITYCONFIDENCEGramScaleBasedonthestrictqualitysystemofkitchenscalesyoucanbuythisscalewithconfidenceFortunatelyweprovidelifelongadviceandcustomerservice
Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Scale (grams and ounces) (stainless steel)
Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Gram and Ounce Scale (Stainless Steel)
  • The Right Choice: You have found an affordable and uncompromising scale every day.
  • Required Properties: 1 g resolution, 11 lb capacity, easy to read. Please see the item description for details.
  • Thanks to this support: The friendly team at St. Louis headquarters is ready to do whatever you need.
  • Made Right: Your purchase should have a positive impact on everyone involved.
  • Payment: Part of the purchase will help the Global Orphans Project take care of children in need.
Bramtek Digital Kitchen Scale 22 lbs – Food Grams and Ounces Scale – 1g Accuracy…
Bramtek Digital Kitchen Scale 22 lbs – Gram and Ounce Food Scale – 1g Cooking / Baking Precision, Large Backlit LCD Display – 9 × 6.3 Panel Size, Stainless Steel
  • Accurate Measurements: Four fast and accurate sensors are accurately calibrated to 0.1 oz / 1 g. Withstand load of 0.1 g to 22 lbs (2 g to 10 kg). You can use the tare button to subtract the weight of the plate or container to get the exact weight.
  • Multi-function: Easy to read: 9 x 6.3” grams, kg, pounds, ounces, large white LCD with blue backlight for easy reading in Florida. Ounces and ml.Use for better cooking, baking, consumption and postage
  • Quality design: Tempered glass is used for rugged platforms. Easy to clean, fingerprint resistant and smooth stainless steel surface.With hook for easy storage
  • Ease of use: Messages about automatic shutdown and overload.Protect the battery and do not damage the scale
  • Our promise: 1 year warranty and 24 hours customer service. This high quality scale should be purchased last.
Food scale, 600 g / 0.01 g digital kitchen scale, mini pockets, grams, ounces of cooking weight …
Hood scale, mini pocket digital kitchen scale 600 g / 0.01 g, gram and ounce weight for baking, portable jewelry scale with USB power supply, automatic shutdown, 7 units, 6 digit LCD display
  • High precision: The capacity of the pocket scale is 600g. The minimum weight of the kitchenette scale is 0.01g and the accuracy is 0.01g.Ideal for high-precision weighing
  • 7 units of measurement: There are 7 units of measurement: grams / ounces / Gn / Ct / Dwt / Ozt / T, quick conversion of measurements to seconds, simple weight conversion. It is convenient to press the UNIT” mode button and select the desired block.
  • Energy Saving: If you use the mini scale, you can charge it via USB, turn it off for 30 seconds to save power, or use 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included).
  • LCD: Large backlit LCD makes it easier to read
  • Compact: The small scale of the pocket pattern makes it a portable scale for weighing food, tablets, powders, gems, coins, jewelry, convenient to use anywhere
Proster 500g / 0.01g Digital Food Scale Portable Kitchen Scale LCD Display, Backlit Weighing Food…
Proster 500g / 0.01g Digital Food Scale Portable Kitchen Cooking Scale Backlit LCD Scale 2 Tray 6 Units Tare Function Electronic Pocket Scale
  • [High precision 0.01g]Developed with advanced technology and high precision sensor, it is ideal for all portable weighing work, especially weighing very small amount of raw material, with a long distance of 0.01 to 500g.
  • [Tare function]The scale comes with two ABS plastic trays that can be used as protective devices and weighing shelves. Place the tray / container or pan on the scale, press the tare function, and then place the item in it. The scale determines the weight.Communication network
  • [Count function]Ideal for those who need to count medicines that take a long time to count. Just press the PCS button and place the item on the scale.You will be notified soon about this
  • [Backlit LCD display and 6 different weight units]This pocket scale has 6 different weight units, g / oz / oz / dw / lb / ctr, just by pressing the M button to change the unit.Backlit LCD display makes it easier to read even in the dark
  • [Multi-function]Factory calibration, overload and low power display, automatic zero point tracking, automatic shutdown after 60 seconds (press the switch button, wait 5 seconds to display 0.00, and if it is 0.00 at startup, press TARE Force zero)
Taylor Precision Products 3831WH Digital Kitchen Scale Glass Plate One Size White
Taylor Precision Products 3831WH Digital Kitchen Scale Glass Plate One Size White
  • Quality and Accuracy: Taylor has been manufacturing precision measurement products in the kitchen for over 150 years, using only the highest quality components for accurate weight. Measure in 1g increments up to 3kg in standard and metric increments.
  • Simple tare: The tare button resets the weight of the container to zero and measures the ingredients as the material is added to the container.
  • Compact size: The size of the kitchen is not neat and easy to clean.
  • Resistant to carry-over of dirt and odors: The glass platform is easy to wipe off and leaves no dirt or odors, allowing easy and safe measurements.
  • 1 year limited warranty: This kitchen scale comes with a 1 year warranty so you can shop with confidence.
Precision Miniature Scale 200 x 0.01 g – MAXUSELITE Digital Jewelry Scale Multifunctional Gram Scale…
Precision Mini Scale 200 x 0.01 g – MAXUSELITE Digital Jewelry Scale Gram Scale Multifunctional Grain Archery Arrow Scale with 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Limited 10-year warranty, Smart-Off (TM) capabilities, reliable One-Step-Calibration (TM) technology, and overload protection including battery
  • Capacity x Readability: 200g x 0.01g / 7.054 oz x 0.001 oz / 3086 grains x 0.2 grains / 1000 carats x 0.05 carats / 6.43 ounces x 0.001 oz / 128.60 DWT x 0.01 DWT
  • Units of measure include grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, and grains.
  • The ship has been pre-calibrated. Easy to calibrate with 100g calibration weight (sold separately)
  • Rugged and Compact: Perfect for Kitchen Food Ingredients Food Herbs Brushed Stainless Steel Platform Backlit LCD Display Weighing Medicine Tobacco Diamond Gemstone Gemstone Coin Money
AWS Series Digital Pocket Scale 1kg x 0.1 g (Silver), AWS-1KG-SIL
Digital Pocket Scale AWS Series 1kg x 0.1 g (Silver), AWS-1 kg-SIL
  • Portable scale. This digital food scale measures 5 x 3” x 0.8 and is ideal for measuring on the go. Use it to measure food, coffee, spices, or medicines.
  • Sturdy and compact: This mini kitchen scale is perfect for on-the-go use and fits in your pocket. It also easily converts grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights.
  • LCD Screen: A digital scale backlit LCD screen makes it easy to view and read numbers even in dark places. With precision sensors, you can always get accurate readings.
  • Integrated Cover: A sturdy integrated cover protects your electronic scale. They keep your scales like new and protect them from scratches, bumps and everyday wear.
  • Stainless Steel: Our digital kitchen scales have a stainless steel surface that is easy to clean. Place the item directly on stainless steel or in a tray or container for measurement.

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