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BudPro Shisha Set 27 -Black Silicone Hose + Bowl – Shisha Starter Kit with Accessories
BudPro Shisha Set 27 -Black Silicone Hose + Bowl – Shisha Starter Kit with Accessories
  • L size hook with black glass bottom for everyday use
  • Long hose: total length 1.8 m, silicon length 1.55 m
  • Flexible hose: A spring is built into the hose to prevent it from bending too much, making it easier to smoke.
  • Accessories: Bowl, wrench, hose, socket
Khalil Mamoon Shisha Set 2065 Black Shareef Shisha 34 with 50 disposable shisha tips
Khalil Mamoon Shisha Set 2065 Black Shareef Shisha 34 with 50 disposable shisha tips
  • Glass bowl, tube, stem, design and color may differ from pictures
  • Shisha 34 with 50 attachments”
  • KM shisha hose with a long handle 60 inches thick
  • Delivery range: bowls, trays, sleeves, tongs, floor brushes, stick brushes.
  • A strong thick rod.Excellent authentic handmade finish
Glass Bong Set with Everything You Need Modern Premium Aluminum Bong with Accessories for Bong…
Glass water hookah with everything you need Modern premium aluminum hookah with hookah accessories Shisha Bowl Shisha Horse Charcoal Shisha Charcoal Tong Heat Management System Easy Assembly Easy Pulling Large Clouds
  • All-in-one water gisel set: Includes glass water gisel tank, rod, black washable silicon water gisel bowl, black water gisel hose with removable aluminum handle, thermal control unit, ashtray, plug, charcoal tongs, diffuser I will. Requires additional flavors from charcoal and hookah.
  • Perfectly designed pool kit: The hookah and all parts are completely washable. The central stem is made of high quality 6061 aluminum and has an anodized finish. The lower stem is made of 304 stainless steel and has a diffuser for smooth pulling and improved filtration. Easy assembly, disassembly, cleaning and storage – ideal for home use and water pipe use.
  • Easy Bong: We have carefully designed this hookah. The connection is simple and stable. The quick fixing system allows you to easily connect your legs to the shisha bowl. You don’t have to tighten many threads. The hose adapter and plug fit perfectly into the cone. No eyelets are needed.
  • High quality raw materials: Handmade glass tanks are about. 5 mm thick. The material used was crystal glass instead of regular glass. The glass tank has no odor or scratches after brushing. The water gisel tongue and charcoal stand are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable.
  • 100% risk-free purchase: If there is a problem with the product, you can contact us for resend (deposit) or replacement within 90 days. We offer online services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We promise the best service!
Bong Set Portable Acrylic Bong Silicon Bong Bong Hose Bong Bowl Water Bong Tong Stainless Steel…
Shisha Kit Portable Acrylic Shisha Silicon Shisha Horse Shisha Bowl Stainless Steel Rod and Diffuser Magic LED Light Nargile Shisha 2 Hose Adapter with Travel Bag
  • [Luxury water gisel with everything set]: Sturdy square water gisel with almost unbreakable glass tank, washable water gisel hose, silicone water gisel bowl, tongs, stainless steel shaft, diffuser and all rubber seals.
  • [Upgrade Square Shisha]: A modern and compact shisha made of plexiglass, stainless steel and anodized aluminum. A glass tank with a handle function that moves the water pipe to make it safe. Easy to assemble / disassemble, easy to remove and thick clouds, very minimal magnetic connection design. You can also easily clean the aluminum plate by pushing it flat to release the attractive force of the magnet and rinsing it with running water.
  • [2 shisha hose adapters]: The genuine adapter has 2 hose holes. You can use one or both tubes at the same time. If someone wants to share your shisha, don’t be shy. (If you’re just enjoying the hookah, cover the holes in the hose with a stainless steel gasket.)
  • [Portable Bongset with Travel Bag]: In order to maximize the value of Afoosoo’s portable hookah, we have developed a dedicated travel bag that is ideal for travel and outdoor use. The hookah can be carried anywhere and is convenient to store.
  • [Party King Shisha]: The nice looking portable Afoosoo Shisha also has a cool light. Take the 3AAA battery and turn on the magic LED. Your portable water giselle will be the focus of the party. (The package includes a 1 x 7 cm LED light and is powered by a 3AAA battery (not included).
Brand new 100% original Apple On Top (AOT) Carbon1 Shisha Horse
Brand new 100% original Apple On Top (AOT) Carbon1 Shisha Horse
  • Light carbon fiber handle
  • Stainless steel tip
  • High quality silicone hose
BOOSEY Silicone water gisel cap and silicone water gisel hose A modern portable water gisel with LED lights …
BOOSEY Silicone hookah remote control LED light with silicone hookah cap and silicone hookah hose | Shisha, Shisha, Shisha
  • ✅ Modern design: Acrylic base with multi-color LED lighting and remote control. It is decorative and provides a great smoking experience.
  • ✅ Best quality and durability: Silicone shisha bowl for excellent taste and long-term ease of use.
  • ✅ Portable: Easy to move. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy smoking with your loved ones.
  • ✅ Best Pool Experience: With this modern hookah set, you will have the best hookah experience.
  • ✅ 1 year warranty: If something goes wrong or stops working, replace the hookah without any problems. The terms apply.
Shisha set, system Silicon shisha bowl Silk shisha with hose Micro modern acrylic bubble shisha …
Shisha Set, System Silicon Shisha Bowl Silk Shisha Tong Magic With LED Light Micro Modern Acrylic Bubble Shisha Better Shisha Smoking Nargile
  • Whole Pool Set】: Almost unbreakable, lightweight plexiglass case, silicone shisha bowl, ashtray, poker tongs, leather shisha hose – all rubber seals included.
  • [Modern Bubble Bong Sel]: Beautiful modern acrylic bong cell, wonderful LED water bong cell design. Made of clear acrylic, it comes with a magical multi-colored LED base and remote control. This hookah can be used for both decoration and smoking and provides years of entertainment.
  • [SMOKEFAILShisha:BigcloudsdrawwellEasytoassembledisassemblecleanandstore–perfectforhomeortravel
  • [Updated shisha shisha]: Easy heating control: You can increase the heat of shisha by opening and closing when the vent becomes hard.
  • Beautiful modern acrylic hookah, amazing LED hookah design
Douup Multicolor Animal Diamond Shisha Accessories, Shisha with Shisha Attachment Filter, Detachable …
Douup Multicolor Animal Diamond Shisha Accessories, Shisha Attachments Shisha with Shisha Filter, Detachable Shisha Hook Rare Shisha Attachments, All
  • Design: Middle Eastern exquisite style white diamonds and handmade gold metal hookah
  • Material: Alloy + Zircon, high quality, reusable, washable
  • Size: Length – 11 cm (4.3 inches), Insert Edge – 0.7 cm (0.28 inches), Mouth Edge – 1.1 cm (0.43 inches), Opening – 0.3 cm (0, 12 inches)
  • Changeable: Beads can be disassembled and assembled in any style you like
  • Fit: Fits most shisha hoses and is ideal for washable plastic hoses such as tonics, heavy hitters and phantoms
Shisha GStar11 Premium, complete set with two hoses-mini glass vase for shisha with pumpkin-choose your favorite color …
GStar 11 Premium Shisha Package with 2 Hose-Mini Glass Shisha Vase with Pumpkin-Select Color (Black)
  • 11 Thor GStar Premium Mini Pumpkin Shisha Series-Complete Shisha Set
  • Built-in airlock; shaft valve closes automatically when not in use
  • Parts: (1) glass vase, (1) shaft with lower shaft, (2) synthetic leather hose, (1) ceramic bowl, (1) ashtray, (1) poker tongs – all rubber seals included Masu
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and store – perfect for home or travel
  • Carrying bag not included
Bong set, easy to clean Portable glass Bong single hose, complete set, non-tilt …
Water Gissell Kit Easy Clean Portable Glass Single Water Gissell Hose Complete Set Complete Water Gissell Kit Non-tilting Water Gissell Kit
  • [Safe Enjoyment] – Horse shisha set Durable and smoke resistant. You can have the same joy as smoking without nicotine, it’s great and practical, and represents a new generation of fashion and leisure.
  • [Perfect 1 Hose Hookah Set] – Draw big clouds beautifully.Easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and store – perfect for home or travel
  • [Upgraded Shisha Hookah Set] – Easy heating control: Vents can be opened and closed when tough to increase the heat of the water pipe.
  • [Absolute silence] The bottom of Shisha IMMOTING has a built-in diffuser that makes suction and suction very uniform and reduces hum when smoking. This diffuser gives you a great and gentle smoking experience every time!
  • [Suitable for any scene] The IMMOTING Horse Shisha Set is perfect for any party or event. With its complete set, you are equipped for every occasion!

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