golden coin candy

Cup chocolate gold coin tote bag £ 2
Cup chocolate gold coin tote bag £ 2
  • Two pounds of milk chocolate coins individually wrapped.New candy for St. Patrick’s Day
  • In a gold pot, put the delicious chocolates that are individually wrapped.
  • Praline Gold Candy is a gold-wrapped chocolate that can be used to make Christmas gifts such as Christmas chocolates, Hanuka gels, and Valentine’s Day sweets.
  • Gold Coin Chocolate is ideal as St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate, Christmas Chocolate, Hanuka Chocolate, Easter Chocolate, Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Halloween Chocolate for Kids.
  • Golden Chocolate Coins are a lovely bite of pirate gold coins that are not your usual treasure.
Madeleine Milk Chocolate Premium Gold Coin (Mixed Size, 1/2 lb)
Madeleine Milk Chocolate Premium Gold Coins (Various Sizes, 1/2 lbs)
  • Swiss chocolate from the United States using the finest beans and fresh milk.
  • Very detailed, hard, smooth and creamy premium milk chocolate gold coin wrapped in Italian foil.
  • 1/2 lb-about 40 coins-coins of different sizes-certified by OU-DKosher.
  • You will love the taste or your money-back guarantee. The Madelaine Chocolate Company has been working on the perfection of excellent chocolate since 1949. You can tell the difference with one taste.
  • Great for pirate loot, party items, balloon weights, hanuka gel, stocking stuffing, Christmas traditions, St. Patrick’s Day.
Gold leaf butter – 13 oz bag – about 100 individually wrapped peppermint
Gold leaf butter – 13 oz bag – about 100 individually wrapped peppermint
  • Masks individually wrapped in golden foil
  • 13 oz bag – 100 minutes or more
  • Individual package
  • Includes Creating a Candy Table” guide
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you have any complaints for any reason, please contact us. I will fix it. We take great pride in customer service and do our best to please all our customers!
Chocolate gold coin, 1 pound bag
Chocolate gold coin, 1 pound bag
  • Chocolate gold coins
  • 1 pound bag of gold coins
  • Milk chocolate coin coated with gold leaf
  • Have fun and delicious food!
Large Chocolate Half Dollar Coins – £ 2 (about 130 coins) – Sealable and Resealable Package…
Large half-dollar chocolate coin – £ 2 – packed in a sealed resealable candy pouch – classic new presidential candy – patriotic chocolate
  • A resealable pouch with 32 ounces of fresh milk chocolate and candies, individually wrapped in gold leaf.
  • The beautifully designed American 50 cent coin has a bald eagle emblem on the back of President John F. Kennedy.
  • These new items are a great way to celebrate American holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, July 4, Labor Day, Presidential Day, Election Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. .. Friends April 1st. !!
  • Golden Candy is the perfect party gift and snack for Halloween parties, costume parties, carnivals, corporate parties, birthday parties, Easter parties and classroom parties.
  • Fill candy bowls, candy jars, Easter baskets, candy bags, party souvenirs, pints, Halloween bags, pumpkin buckets or eat directly from the bag with a delicious candy filling.
Gold Coin Milk Chocolate Large 1.5 inch Bulk Candy 2 lbs.
Gold Coin Milk Chocolate Large 1.5 inch Bulk Candy 2 lbs.
  • Quality Snacks: These milk chocolate and gold coin candies are creamy milk candy in the shape of coins, similar to real American coins with elaborate gold foil packaging.
  • Satisfy your sweet teeth: Grab this delicious candy when you crave sweet snacks. These little candies are suitable for all ages.
  • Perfect for all occasions: These candies are perfect for birthdays, parties, candy tables, work, school, movie nights, holidays, family gatherings and more.
  • Guarantee of Freshness: Every product sold by CrazyOutlet is guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful, so you’ll always want more.
  • Big Candy: This great value package contains 2 pounds of delicious chocolate. Approximately 170 pieces per order.
Hershey Kiss Almond Christmas Milk Chocolate, 4.1 lbs, Gold Leaf, ~ 400 Pieces
Hershey Kiss Almond Christmas Milk Chocolate, 4.1 lbs, Gold Leaf, ~ 400 Pieces
  • Contains one (1) 400.7 (66.7 oz) Gold Hershey Kiss Milk Chocolate
  • Great for weddings, baby shower gifts, wedding gifts and decorations, birthday items, candy buffets, candy fillings in Easter baskets
  • Meet about 40 Christmas sweets (10 in a bag or box)
  • Celebrate every opportunity by mixing individually wrapped candies of different colors
  • Sweeten your family life with chocolate baked goods and decorations
Gold coin milk chocolate, big 1.5 inch candy, £ 1.
Gold coin milk chocolate, big 1.5 inch candy, £ 1.
  • Delicious Milk Chocolate Gold Coin Large 1.5inch Bulk Chocolate Easter Candy
  • These adorable, individually wrapped milk chocolate gold coins are perfect for all special occasions and celebrations. Include them in candy buffets for Valentine’s Day, wedding receptions, birthdays, office parties and more.
  • These delicious golden chocolate coins are the perfect treat for your grandchildren to gladly get on any occasion! Surprise your friends and family at Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year!
  • You will definitely like the taste or your money will come back
  • Packaged by CrazyOutlet. Package 1 lb. Approximately 90 pieces in one order
Super Z Outlet Western Casino Pirates Foil Gold Bart Leisure Chest Birthday Party Accessories
Super Z Outlet Western Casino Pirates Foil Gold Bart Leisure Chest Birthday Decoration Party Supplies Candy Bag Treat Treat Children’s Toys Gift Craft (12 Pieces)
  • If you need to create a cowboy theme for a kids birthday party with western decoration, these gold bullion gift boxes will be a great gift. Packing candies in each box and putting them in a gift bag will add an unexpected and special surprise to your children.
  • These gold leaf bars add creative aesthetics to casinos and Las Vegas-themed parties. The perfect accessory for a pirate costume next to a treasure chest. Place it on a dessert or candy table with golden chocolate coins, plastic skulls and bones, and artificial jewels to enjoy a new way to play with the theme of pirate loot.
  • Use pirate or cowboy pine needles at a birthday party and stack them on a dessert or candy table with golden chocolate coins to try out new ways to visually entertain. These treat boxes can also make a great pirate toy award for kids when they enter the party. They make a fun box of birthday treats that kids can color as a game.
  • Find the treasure and look for it in the Scavenger Hunt as a party or game prize when kids put it in the box above the gable. Collect them with pirate toys and decorations for a creative birthday party that kids will love. Combine with golden chocolate coins and gems for acrylic scavenger hunts.
  • The length of each box is 3 cm. Each order includes a pack of 12 gold leaf bars. By carefully folding the box, it can be assembled quickly and easily. Setup is very easy! So enjoy drawing and drawing!
One big golden shimmering rubber ball – a 2 lb bag – about. 120 gummy per bag – – Includes steps …
Large 1 Glittering Golden Gum – 2 Pound Bag – About.120 gummies per bag – – Contains instructions on how to make a chocolate bar
  • Large Gold Shimmer Beads – Each rubber is 1 inch in diameter.
  • 2-Point Bag-Approximately 120 pieces of rubber per bag.
  • Gluten Free / CIRCLE U KOSHER
  • How to Make a Candy Table-Each candy product comes with an eBook created by Candy Envy to help you create a candy bar.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – We take pride in providing the highest quality products on the market. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know. We will respond immediately.

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