gold acrylic paint

Liquitex 1046234 BASICS acrylic paint, 4 oz tube, gold
Liquitex 1046234 BASICS acrylic paint, 4 oz tube, gold
  • Rich creamy with satin finish.Good pigment loading
  • Holds the nib and brush strokes.Great for learning color theory and mixing
  • Includes 118ml tube of acrylic paint.
  • Mix with professional acrylic paints and Liquitex materials.
  • Compliant with ASTM D4236. Safe for educational purposes. Thick acrylic, oily and easy to mix.
Deco Art 2 oz 24 ct Gold Glitter Paint, 1
Deco Art 2 oz 24 ct Gold Glitter Paint, 1
  • Best luster of all metallic colors
  • Glitter is also made of ultra-fine pigment
  • Traditional metallic colors and popular bright gemstone tones
  • Enhance your craft project according to the decoration of your home
  • Long-lasting premium metal finish
Metal Acrylic Paint Artesa, (Gold A703) 120 ml / tube, highly colored, light resistant, …
Arteza metallic acrylic paint, (Gold A703) 120ml / tube, highly colored, light resistant, non-toxic, for artists, enthusiasts and children
  • Vibrant metallic colors: Whether you are new to acrylic paints or a seasoned artist, this acrylic paint will inspire your imagination.
  • Vibrating Pigments: Premium acrylic paints are smooth, highly colored colors that provide a truly uniform shade. These colors are great for painting on canvas and will not fade over time.
  • Certified Safe and Non-toxic: No need to worry about the toxicity of metallic acrylic paints. ACMI certified. Great for creative adults, teenagers and kids.
  • Perfect for art classes and large paintings, the 120ml tube provides enough color for large canvas prints, art classes and fill projects.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We want you to be enthusiastic about acrylic paints. If you are not satisfied, please return it. Refund or exchange items quickly and easily.
ARTEZA acrylic paint, gold paint (120 ml pack, tube), saturated pigment, non-fading, non-toxic, …
ARTEZA Acrylic paint, gold paint (pack 120 ml, tube), rich in pigments, faded, non-toxic, single color for artists, amateur artists, children
  • 120 ml (4.06fl. Oz.) Large pouch
  • Titanium White – Rich and vibrant colors
  • ACMI recognized as safe
  • Great for art classes and big paintings
  • A set is also available
Sargent Art 25-2381 Metallic Acrylic Paint 8oz Gold
Sargent Art 25-2381 Metallic Acrylic Paint 8oz Gold
  • AP certified.Non-toxic and safe
  • Waterproof when dry and can be used on almost any surface
  • Opaque jar with white hinged lid
  • Works well with Sargent art canvas, tarpaulin boards and tarpaulin pillows.
  • Made in USA
Arteza metallic acrylic paints in 4.06 oz tubes with 8 metallic colors, rich pigments, …
Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint, a set of eight metallic paints in a 4.06 oz tube, rich in pigments, non-fading, non-toxic paint for painters, enthusiasts and children for canvas painting and crafting It’s perfect.
  • Glittering Metallic Acrylic Paints: These shiny acrylic paints have a fine consistency and are filled with shimmering pigments. Great for creating art objects on a variety of surfaces such as glass, wood, canvas and stone.
  • Use More Paints Most: Each set contains popular metallic acrylic paints such as gold and silver in 4.06 oz tubes, so you have enough paint for every craft project or the next big project. ..
  • Simple squeeze tube: Apply an appropriate amount of quick-drying paint to the pallet without spreading it more than necessary.
  • Certified Safe and Non-toxic: Our acrylic metal paints are Associated Press certified and safe for developers of all ages.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the metallic acrylic paint set, please contact us for a refund or replacement.
Jacquard 442392 Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 oz, True Gold
Jacquard 442392 Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 oz, True Gold
  • Brand New Lumiere Metallic Jacquard Acrylic Paint 2.25 oz – True Gold Brand New
  • JACQUARD-Rupert、Gibbon&Spider Inc:Lumiere
  • Light metallic acrylic paint
  • These colors are designed to cover dark backgrounds with a bright finish.
  • Create an elegant design palette instead of saturated colors against bright backgrounds.
Glitter and Color (2 oz), 2798, Glitter Gold Folk Art Enamel
Mixed Color (2 oz) Folk Art Metallic Glitter Enamel, 2798 Glitter Gold
  • Darkly colored for an opaque finish
  • Rugged and scratch-resistant surface
  • Upper shelf, dishwasher compatible
  • Air dry or bake to dry
  • Water-based non-toxic
Acrylic Paint Range Craft – 8 Colors: Multi, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper – Shiny Metallic…
CRAFT Metallic Acrylic Paint Set – 8 Colors: Multi, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper – Glossy Metallic Effect – Premium Acrylic Paint – Very High Metal Coloring – For Painting Canvas and Other Surfaces
  • ★ Very high pigmentation of metal: High quality paint from craft. Our advanced manufacturing process produces very bright colors in the smallest possible amount.
  • ★ Premium metallic paint as well as professional: Wide range of uses. Ideal for everyone, from amateurs to advanced and professionals.
  • ★ Craft-Premium Quality: Top quality trusted brands and manufacturers. Our premium metallic colors are highly recommended for over 1,000,000 users in all user groups.
  • ★ Great for DIY projects: All colors can be used indoors or outdoors for art projects, paintings, mural walls, paper and other materials. Also a great kids party!
  • ★ 8 Premium Metallic Colors: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Black, Green, Red, Blue – Acrylic Metallic Color Set
Deco Art Dazzling Metallic Champagne Gold Acrylic Paint 2oz
Deco Art Dazzling Metallic Champagne Gold Acrylic Paint 2oz
  • Aqueous base
  • Soap and water treatment
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in USA
  • Long-lasting finish

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