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Natasher 4-1 / 2 T-handle lock kit with 4 keys and 2 screws, black barn door lock, barn door lock, …
Natasher 4-1 / 2 T-handle lock with 4 keys and 2 screws, black barn door lock, barn door lock, playhouse lock, chicken coop lock-1 piece.
  • Application: The T-Handle Barn Lock Kit is ideal for barn doors, playhouses, chicken coops, sheds and more.
  • Material: Chrome-look metal lock with black powder coating to prevent external corrosion and increase durability and weather resistance.
  • Features: Easy to install. It is strong and durable.
  • Unique Design: The lock kit has a unique packaging design. Each part is placed in a different location to avoid scratches and paint dents between the metals in transit.
  • Packing: The barn door lock includes a black outer T-handle with lock, an inner D-handle, four keys, two screws, a hex wrench, and a packing box.
Bolt bolt with Alice bolt Bolt for door lock with padlock hole, shaft diameter 5/8 Solid …
Alise Bolt Bolt with Padlock Security Door Lock with Hole, Shaft Diameter 5/8 inch High Performance Stainless Steel, Black Paint (No Padlock)
  • The screws are made of high quality solid stainless steel, which guarantees quality and durability.
  • High quality stainless steel with black coating, elegant and beautiful appearance, rust-proof, long life
  • Decorative front door and reliable anti-theft
  • Size: Solid rod with a diameter of 5/8 inch. 120 x 38 mm (4.8 inch x 1.5 inch (L * W)); Padlock hole diameter: 8.5 mm
  • Do not include padlocks. Easy to install and maintain.Strong and durable
National Equipment V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9 / 16 LokkLatch automatic lock, gate lock, with key, black
National Equipment V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9 / 16 LokkLatch automatic key lock for black gate”
  • Stanley Stock Exchange # S836-163
  • Key lock for added security.Great for gates, sunshades and pool fences
  • Can be used on metal, wood and vinyl doors that are free of rust and dirt.
  • Side mounting legs that are easy to install and have excellent strength
  • Adjustable horizontally and vertically during and after installation
4-digit combination lock with hardened steel combination lock with awning, locker, shackle for vault …
Hardened steel 4-digit compound padlock (1 pack) for awnings, lockers, storage rooms, gyms and fences
  • Applicable to any weather – no need to worry about bad weather. Stainless steel locks and shackles made of hardened steel for increased strength and safety. Corrosion prevention, antifreeze.
  • Heavy Duty Keyless Lock – 4-digit dial is easy to install and remember. No more worrying about finding the key.
  • Stop being the target of thieves. Padlocks are heavy and durable, minimize arch impact and protect against bolt cutter attacks.
  • Padlock App-Lock is perfect for Uhaul trailers, PODs, storage units, lockers, garages, barns, gates and more.
  • Technical Data-Lock Body: 2-3 inch wide. Locking bracket: 3/8 inch diameter, 3/4 inch long.
Defender Security U9847 Patio Sliding Door Hinge Lock-Enhance Home Security, Install …
Defender Security U 9847 Patio Sliding Door Hinge Lock – Enhances home security and installs an additional child safety lock.2-1 / 8 inch hardened steel bracket with cast base, chrome plated
  • Secondary Locking Device-The sliding patio door U 9847’s hinge lock can be used as a secondary security lock on the sliding patio door to enhance your home security.
  • Children’s Safety Device – This door lock can also be placed out of the reach of children to keep them out of the reach of their own and to provide them with additional door security.
  • Easy Installation-Fast and Easy to Install-Additional security for your home or office door is always within reach! Includes mounting hardware.
  • Rugged construction – This door hinge lock features a hardened steel strike plate with a cast mounting plate and a chrome-plated holder.
  • Product Information – This latch has a 2-1 / 8 inch cover that can be used to secure the door to the stanchion. It is also available in the range 1-1 / 8 , 1-3 / 16 , 1-7 / 16, and 2-1 / 4 .
Bitray Bolt Door Latch Lock, 2-inch Security Lock with Slide Lock, 4-Part Copper Against Theft …
Bitlaid lock lock, 2-inch lock lock, 4-part copper anti-theft device with gold screws for courtyard
  • [Size] Length: 50 mm; Width: 0.98 incjh / 25 mm (details are shown in Photo 2)
  • [Material] Butterfly valves are made of high quality copper with wire drawing and metal construction. It is not easily oxidized and has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • [How to install] Before installation, drill a hole with a drill or electric screwdriver and secure the interlock with screws (included).
  • [Package Content] 4 things.Dead bolt lock and 24 gold screws
  • [Widely Used] Barrel latches are suitable for doors, wooden doors, windows, drawers, closets, fences, kennels, bathrooms, toilets, bars and many other places.
Defeat 40-132 retail keying kits in a sealed metal box
Defeat 40-132 retail keying kits in a sealed metal box
  • This product provides high added value
  • The product is very durable and easy to use.
  • This product is made in China.
  • Model number: 40-132
National Hardware N335-984804 Nickel Door Guard
National Hardware N335-984804 Nickel Door Guard
  • Easy to open from the inside just by twisting
  • Compatible with most standard doors and moldings
  • LifeSpan Limited Life Span Warranty
  • Guard is easy to install and use
  • For thicker door moldings, you need a kit to fit the door to the flash molding.
Arise Pivot Bolt Lock Slide Lock Slide Lock Security Door, MS220U Matte Finish
Arise Pivot Bolt Lock Slide Lock Slide Lock Security Door, MS220U Matte Finish
  • Made of high quality metal alloy to ensure quality and durability.
  • High quality metal alloy for rust and long life
  • Size: 55mm x 39.5mm (2-1 / 5 x 1-3 / 5 )
  • Used for bathroom doors, windows, sheds, garage doors, pet doors, etc.Provides strong protection against intruders
  • Thicker materials and higher quality screws allow for stronger installations
KING-LINK sliding door lock, thick high-performance steel, 3-inch door bolt, …
KING-LINK Sliding Door Door Lock, Sturdy and Thick High Performance Steel, 3 Inch Cylinder Head Screws, Door Lock Enhanced Security and Data Protection 2 12 Screws (Silver)
  • [Experimental Review]: KING-LINK Door Lock is reinforced with technology and materials. Definitely the security you were looking for. After many tests and exercises, the LED MLSH door lock lock is 5 times stronger than traditional door locks.This not only brings you security, but also convenience
  • [Durability]: KING-LINK bolts are made of high-performance steel. Rugged door locks have been tested over 500,000 times. KING-LINK bolt locks use the latest electroplating and polishing techniques to ensure impeccable durability. A high quality material with improved corrosion resistance, increased wear resistance and hardness, protection of metal surfaces and excellent insulation performance.
  • [5 minutes to install]: KING-LINK Door Lock The lock has been upgraded to improve material and strength. The door lock is attached to the door frame with an electric screwdriver and drill, and the DIY cylinder lock installation is completed within 5 minutes. For side mount installations, the deadbolt can be slid to the left or right, and the deadbolt lock can also be installed to the left or right. Barrel locks are ideal for vertical and horizontal use.When used vertically, the notched body holds the bolt in place
  • [Door lock included]: Lock with 2 door locks and 12 screws, indoor / outdoor king link bolt lock for doors, closets, windows, fences, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • [Satisfaction Guarantee]: If you have any problems with the KING-LINK barrel bolt lock, please contact us by email. Our employees are available 24 hours a day. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please arrange a 60-day return and a 5-year quality guarantee. The KING-LINK Door Lock is covered by a 5-year satisfaction warranty!

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