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Mydio 24 Stress Ball Set Stress Relief Party Favors Randomly Colored Soft Polyurethane Balls…
Mydio Set of 24 Stress Relief Balls Stress Relief Party Supplies Soft PU Balls Various Colors Random Patterns Party Toys Kids Play Balls Tent Balls Toddler Balls 24 Packs
  • Package Includes: 24 Multicolor Softballs
  • Each sphere is the same size. The diameter of the sphere is about 2.48 inches.
  • If you feel sick, you can use this ball for ventilation.
  • Great party toys, goody bag toys, gifts, Christmas gifts, gag toys and more.
  • It is a very good pressure relief device and can also be used as a toy.The perfect gift for your friends, fans, or yourself to relax
Stress relief balls for kids, fun sticks [4 Pack] Adult stress relief ball, squeeze ball / sense …
Stress relief balls for kids, fun sticks [4 Pack] Ideal for adult stress relief balls, squeeze balls / touch balls, rainbow LED stress balls, autism, anxiety, etc. (4 types of balls)
  • Cool design: 4 kinds of colorful stress balls (LED light glitters on one ball, neon light blinks on impact).Attractive and fun for kids and adults
  • Safe Material: These touch balls are made of natural silicone material that is non-toxic and provides a safe user experience. [ It is normal that the new stress balls with little smell, and the smell will fade away naturally after being placed in airy places or being used for several times]
  • Reliable Quality: Our press balls are made of superplastic material, so they are durable and durable. If you press it repeatedly, the small ball inside will not pop out easily. Also, because it is not sticky, you can keep your hands clean even after using it for a long time.
  • Stress Relief and Fun Exercise: These stress relieving balls help reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults. As a comfortable relaxation tool, it can help people with autism and ADHD. It also helps strengthen the muscles of the hands, wrists and forearms, making it ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • What’s available: 4 softballs, 1 instruction manual, 18 months of easy and friendly customer service. If the ball is defective, we want to provide a 100% satisfying solution.
24 Stress Balls – A Large Pack of 2.5 Inch Stress Balls – Cool Treasure Chest Prices, Party Items,…
24 Stress Balls – A Large Pack of 2.5 Inch Stress Balls – Cool Prices for Treasure Chests, Party Items, or Stress Relievers (2 Dozen) in Different Designs and Colors for Kids, Adults, Teenagers
  • relax! There is a lot of stress to let go! You can quickly find your favorites in a variety of styles. I love children and adults alike. You are never too old to enjoy the benefits of stress balls!
  • Everyone loves stress balls! It’s amazing to have a small 2.5 inch ball. Stress relief balls have healing, soothing and adjusting effects. Often used in classrooms, stressful office environments, general practitioner offices, specialist offices, and private homes around the world.
  • Best Package – Best Value! A pack of 24 stress balls with different designs. Multiple duplicates are expected. These helpful stress relief products can be used to make great gifts and party items. Who can’t use a stress ball? Everything is enough-put one in your car, desk, kitchen drawer and spare in your wallet. Don’t forget to share and spread the joy.
  • High quality stress ball! We know stress balls. For the latest collection, we have selected the highest quality, safest and least toxic materials. With proper compression, these stress balls are extremely durable and can be expected to last a long time.
  • Useful for self-regulation! The benefits of contraction are widely recognized and have been shown to release energy that encourages relaxation. It’s a fun and entertaining way to relax, focus, and stay in the moment. For children from 3 years old.
JA-RU Elastic Stress Relief Ball (Set of 2) Soft stress relief toys for children, pull / stretch. stress…
JA-RU Elastic Stress Relief Ball (Set of 2) A soft stress relief toy for children that pulls and stretches. Adult stress relief balls, hand therapy or sensory relaxation toys. Plus 1 ball | 401-2p
  • (2 packs) S Stretchy Ball! Squeezable Delicious, Bouncy and Soft are easy and safe for kids. Can be used to relieve adult stress and relieve children’s anxiety for children and adults, autism toys, stress relief toys for sensation children, sensation balls, hand therapy And the help of the class teacher.
  • A soft ball for stress relief! To relieve stress and stimulate blood flow to the hands and fingers, this elastic ball of fabric is hand-shaped, squeezed and squeezed.
  • Finally build! Stretch them, squeeze them, and jump. They can even be washed. Stress relief ball. Pull the ball to stretch it. A good ball is a stress ball. Therapy ball.
  • Wholesale party toys, party toys, bulk toys, children’s toys, boys’ toys, party accessories, perfect for physical and vocational therapy, add, ADHD, stress relief and stress relief, calm, relax, autism, anxiety, anti Stress, sensory toys, fidget toys, tactile games, silent toys, party games, teenager favors, entertainment toys, wholesale toys, handball rehabilitation, sensory toys for children with autism.
  • American brand JA-RU. Tested by ASTM. High quality and security. Christmas gifts, gifts, prizes, gifts, stocking fillers, awards, rewards, pinata fillers, birthday bags, rewards, carnivals, Christmas, Halloween, summer camps, add-ons, ADHD. Wholesale of cool toys.
A set of sensory toy fidgets, 25 pieces, a set of tools to relieve children’s stress and anxiety …
Feeling fidgety toy set, 25 pieces, tool set to counter stress and anxiety of children and adults, marble and mesh, squeeze ball set, soy squeeze, flippy chain, fluid timer, etc.
  • Various Fidget Toy Bundles – A complete set of this sensation toy includes 2 toggle chains, 1 fluid timer, 1 tuberculosis pineapple bean, 3 balls and nets, 6 elastic threads, 3 tension balls, 6 Includes one spike ball, one snake with latch and click. , One stress relief basketball and one Rubik’s cube. The set also has a storage compartment for many of these fidgety and stress toys.
  • High quality toys for kids and adults – All fidgeting toys are made of durable materials and are safe for kids and adults. Please play with confidence. With the international toy standard ASTM F963 and CPSIA certification, these toys are safe.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief Games-Play, push, stretch and flip these devices to relieve stress and anxiety. All toys help relieve stress and relieve stress. Bored or just pass the time. It is also ideal for children with ADD and ADHD, as well as children with obsessive-compulsive disorder and high levels of stress / anxiety.
  • Multipurpose Travel Toys – 25 pieces, this is a fidgeting toy for family and friends. This fidget is widespread. It’s also very portable. These sensory fidgety toys are perfect for school, classroom and office use. Take me to a trip or church. Take your hands and heart for a long time.
  • A gift for all ages and occasions. These toys are great for anyone between the ages of 5 and 85. They are ideal gifts for birthdays or as party gifts. They are also great promotions and prizes for kids.
LovesTown Emoji Stress Ball x24 Emoji Face Squeeze Ball for Wrist and Finger Exercise…
LovesTown Emoji Stress Ball x24 Emoji Face Squeeze Ball, Hands, Wrists, Fingers, Stress Relief, For Squeeze
  • ❤ For wrist and finger exercises, excellent stress relief products, excellent finger treatment
  • ❤ Lightweight and easy to carry, you can put it anywhere. For example, one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one in the desk, and one in the bag or car. Wherever you are!
  • ❤ Relieves stiffness and relaxes the entire hand like a finger. Therapy Relieves all muscles and joints.
  • ❤ Soft and soft fun! These squeeze balls have pictograms.
  • ❤ Cool gifts, beach party toys, picnics, year-end souvenirs, children’s toys, birthdays
become happy! Neon Smile Funny Stress Ball – Happy Smile Face Squeeze Toy Stress Foam…
become happy!Funny Smile Fun Stress Relief Ball – Happy Smile Face Squeeze Toy Soft Play Foam Ball – 12 Pieces Relax 2.5 Inch Stress Relief Ball Smile Squeezeable Ball Funny Toy
  • The adorable happy smile design makes you smile, and just thinking about the smiles and muscles you are using will instantly improve your mood and create positive and happy chemicals in your brain.
  • Ideal for relieving stress. Nerible Squeeze Ball for Stress Relief Squeeze has been shown to relieve stress as all of your energy and attention is focused on the stress ball.
  • Stress balls take treatment to a new level. These stress relief balls are specially prescribed to help children with autism and ADHD cope with their daily stress.
  • An ideal tool for muscle development. Pressure is known to release energy that stimulates relaxation.
  • Stress balls are a great self-regulating therapy tool that can help you focus and improve your concentration!
Tell us about peaches with various motivational stress relief balls, fun fidgeting toys for kids, teens and adults …
Various peach stress-relieving motivational balls, fun fidgety toys for kids, teenagers, adults, perfect unique gift ideas, 3 green sets
  • A motivational stress ball with a series of moving sayings. Each Styrofoam ball with individual positive quotes provides natural stress relief for adults and children, men and women.
  • The perfect unique gift idea for parents, school teachers, students, teenagers, trainers, office colleagues, employees, managers, or bosses who want to motivate their employees.
  • A great toy to get the attention of girls and boys with problems in classrooms, waiting rooms, planes, etc., especially for children with ADHD, fear, or anger.
  • It has a strong and soft construction, strong enough to push, but gentle enough to be soft and safe. A set of three, each ball has a diameter of 2.5 inches.
  • Buy OPTIMO and get a 10% discount on buying 10 or more 3 packs of stress balls. No voucher code required. The coupon will be applied automatically at checkout.
YoYa Toys Beadeez Unicorn Squishy Stress Ball Toys (3) For Girls, Boys and Adults -…
YoYa Toys Beadeez Unicorn Squishy Stress Balls Toys (3) For girls, boys, or adults – Colorful gel balls with water – Causes fear and reduces stress – Promotes calm concentration and play
  • Interesting and colorful plush toys are very soft toys for children and adults alike. Matched with hooves, long tails and cute manes, these Golden Horn gel unicorn toys reduce stress and inspire our magic!
  • Relieve stress and restore concentration – These colorful stress balls provide self-regulatory stimuli that pull, stretch and break to promote concentration and relaxation, reduce anxiety and tension. , Supports people with ADHD and autism.
  • Exciting colors, cute animal shapes – look like a little chubby unicorn These stretchy horses are transparent with blue unicorns, pink unicorns, brightly colored unicorns and other water balloons inside. It has a nice color.
  • Play anywhere – these adorable plush toys are far superior to simple sensory toys for kids and adults’ stress relief balls, and can be left on your desk, backpack, or even in your car, so you can play anywhere You can enjoy you go. Whatever you go to …
  • Safe and Risk-Free Shopping – All child-friendly, non-toxic stress balls are designed to withstand pressure, pressure and stretch. It offers a 100% money back guarantee to make sure it’s perfect for you and your child.
Three stress relief balls for kids, adolescents and adults to relieve anxiety Sensory Fidget Toy, CoolSoft…
Three stress relief balls, kids to relieve anxiety, teenagers, whimsical sensation toys for adults, cool soft squeeze balls, relaxing and soothing desk toys for offices and schools, ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder A set of fun toys for autism for
  • BABY STRESS BALLS – A soothing toy ideal for everyone to relieve stress and anxiety. This set contains three stress balls in different colors: green, pink and blue. An ideal ball for relieving stress, relaxing in stressful situations, and strengthening your creative thinking skills. Trap with your kids with this cute and cool fidget toy.
  • Safe and durable toys – The three stress relief balls are made of non-toxic material and won’t break even if you hold them over and over again. It is soft and safe for everyone, including toddlers. This sensory toy complies with ASTM F963 and CPSIA standards, making it safe for children.
  • THERAPY HAND STRENGTHEN is a fun exercise device that helps strengthen the muscles of your forearms, wrists and hands by squeezing these three stress-relieving toys. A simple and fun softball that is ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. These autistic toys are ideal not only for children with ADD or ADHD, but also for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder or high levels of stress / anxiety.
  • Portable travel games and popular gifts – sensory toys for kids to take to school, buses, cars, planes, restaurants and churches. You can also bring these table toys to the office and relax during the meeting. Just grab these fun stress balls to keep your hands busy and calm.
  • Christmas Stock – Get the most popular gifts for kids, teens, women and men now. Receive this as a Christmas gift and leave a memory with your family and friends. We strive to provide high quality gift ideas because you are important to us. If you’re curious about what you’ve purchased, contact our friendly and trusted customer service team. They make sure you are happy with your purchase.

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