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Backlit IPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for TV Sticks, Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes
Backlit iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for TV Sticks, Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes
  • [Bluetooth mini keyboard]– Works with Amazon Fire TV Stick / Fire TV Stick 4k / Fire TV 4k / Fire TV Cube / Fire TV, replacing voice search with input content to speed up your search. Note: Remote control firestock is not activated.
  • [New Features with Multimedia Buttons and Keyboard lock]-Added home / back / pause / search / menu buttons. Very useful for multimedia navigation. Add a key lock function. If the keyboard is facing down, it will be locked. Avoid accidentally pressing a key when using the Siri remote
  • [iPazzPort Backlit Keyboard]-Mini Bluetooth keyboard with LED backlight for easy operation in a dark room.Just press the light” button to turn it on and off
  • [Built-in Li-ion Battery]-Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with longer standby time, longer working time, convenient USB charging and no opening of battery compartment cover
  • [With silicone sleeve for voice remote]-Silicon case that supports Alexa Voice Remote, don’t lose voice search capability. No Siri Remote on one side, Bluetooth keyboard on the other, universal connection to built-in Bluetooth, no HDMI extension cable required. Note: Samsung TV does not support peripheral keyboards.
AuviPal R9 TV Stick / Android TV Box / 2.4GHz Mini Combination of Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for PC Streaming …
AuviPal R9 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Streaming TV Stick / Android TV Box / PC etc. – RGB Version
  • ✅ Easy setup – Connect the Fire Stick to the 2-in-1 USB cable and the USB dongle of the R9 keyboard to the USB adapter. No additional work or setup is required. It’s plug and play. Note: The 2-in-1 USB cable is specially designed for Fire sticks that support OTG functionality. This saves money because you don’t have to buy additional components.
  • ✅ Save time on Fire Stick, especially the KODI Media Player app. The input speed of the R9 mini keyboard is about 10 times faster than the previous remote control. The AuviPal R9 wireless mini keyboard facilitates and accelerates device navigation.
  • ✅ Simple yet versatile: Two new R / L keys have been added to the front of the keyboard, reducing the number of unnecessary keys by 21 compared to previous models. Go to the R9 wireless keyboard. No more pointers or clicks.
  • ✅ Adjustable Features – The R9 mini keyboard is available in over 180,000 backlit colors and four backlit models. Powerful features offer more options for a comfortable leisure time. The brightness of each backlight is adjustable.
  • ✅ Wide compatibility – Compatible with KODI media player apps for Fire Stick and Android TV Box (Raspberry Pi, PC, Xbox 360, PS 3, etc.). Note: The keyboard does not work with ROKU devices, Amazon Ethernet adapters, or the Hulu app.
Wireless Mini Keyboard – 2.4GHz controller with touchpad, mouse and TVxStream OTG cable…
Mini Wireless Keyboard-Compatible with 2.4 GHz controller with TV x Stream touchpad, mouse, OTG cable combination, Firesticks, Android TV Box, IPTV, 4K Media Stick, Smart TV, PC, X-Box and more …
  • 3-in-1 Mini Wireless QWERTY Multifunctional 2.4GHz Keyboard Mouse + Touchpad
  • 92 keys, wireless 2.4 G keyboard with touch panel, maximum working distance 10 m.
  • Note: The keyboard is wireless, not Bluetooth. AAA batteries are not included. Innovative shape, portable, elegant, PC compatible, Fire Stick 2nd, 3rd, 4K (not 1st generation), Android TV Box, Google TV Box, Xbox 360. Includes USB OTG adapter for Fire Stick
  • Find, type, copy and paste everything with this sophisticated keyboard.The keyboard is in configuration B as shown and cannot be charged
  • Customer service is our number one priority. With a warranty of up to 12 months, we guarantee 100% satisfactory customer service, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing.
Portable 2.4GHz mini keyboard controller with mini keyboard and touchpad mouse RiiX8…
Portable 2.4GHz mini keyboard controller with mini keyboard, touchpad mouse combination, RiiX8, 8-color RGB backlight, lithium-ion battery for Google Android TV box, PS3, PC, pad, Nvidia Shield
  • Rii 2.4GHz mini wireless QWERTY keyboard connected via the included USB dongle, plug and play. Small and portable design, innovative shape, perfect for Raspberry Pi series, Android TV box, HTPC, PC.
  • Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad, multi-touch, left and right mouse buttons. Convenient for typing and copying / pasting, you can quickly navigate and choose what you need.
  • 8-color RGB backlight, media button, direction button, power button, left and right buttons, scroll wheel. Mini wireless keyboard with built-in lithium-ion battery.
  • The X8 2.4G wireless keyboard works with Amazon Fire TV. Special Note: If you want to use this keyboard with Amazon Fire TV 4K and Amazon Fire Stick, you need to prepare an OTG cable for the micro USB host.
  • Included in delivery: Rii X8 wireless mini keyboard, USB dongle, user manual.
Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Includes trackpad
  • Ergonomic mini design
  • The Fire Stick already has Bluetooth, so it doesn’t include a dongle.
  • 5.78 x 3.84 x 0.75 inches
(Latest) PONYBRO wireless mini-backlit keyboard with a combination of touchpad, mouse and QWERTY layout …
(Latest version) PONYBRO mini wireless keyboard with backlight and touchpad-mouse combo QWERTY keyboard, rechargeable handheld remote control for smart TV, Android TV box, KODI, Raspberry Pi, PC
  • [3-in-1 multifunction keyboard]: The latest PONYBRO 2020 mini keyboard with touch pad full-featured compact QWERTY keyboard Rainbow LED backlight (7 colors), can be used as a true portable keyboard and remote for PC / tablet Masu-As a control keyboard for smart TV / TV BOX and a chat panel / gamepad for PS3: Thanks to its portable design, it’s easy to use and carry!
  • [Multi-finger touchpad]: The PONYBRO touchpad keyboard supports three types of multi-touch functions!
  • [Wide compatibility]: The PONYBRO 2.4 GHz wireless USB keyboard connected to the included USB dongle provides a reliable connection to USB devices (Raspberry Pi series, Android TV box, HTPC, PC, etc.) without any problems. .. Devices without a USB port can be used with a USB adapter. , Plug and play (no driver required)!
  • [7-color RGB backlight and rechargeable battery]: With the color LED backlight, you can work clearly with the multimedia keyboard even in the dark; the built-in lithium-ion battery allows continuous operation for up to 15 days and up to 60 days. Wait time. Auto sleep and wakeup function If the battery is very weak or fully charged, an LED indicator will be displayed to notify you!
  • [Sales Satisfaction 100%]: PONYBRO provides 100% customer service, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing! We are confident that you will love our mini keyboard. If you’re not happy, you’ll get a 45-day unconditional refund and a 12-month free replacement for product quality issues.If you have any problems with future use, please contact PONYBRO Customer Service (find your order)[販売者に連絡]You can send a message by clicking))
Fosmon Bluetooth mini keyboard (QWERTY keyboard), wireless, portable lightweight, integrated …
The Fosmon Bluetooth Mini Keyboard (QWERTY Keyboard) is a wireless portable lightweight keyboard with a built-in touchpad that works with Apple TV, PS4, smartphones and more.
  • [COMPACT PORTABLE QWERTY KEYBOARD WITH TOUCHPAD] An innovative and compact QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad that combines convenience with wireless freedom. Use this wireless keyboard to connect to all your favorite devices.
  • [BLUETOOTH 3.0] In about the work area. This wireless keyboard allows you to easily connect and control your Bluetooth device.
  • [LONG LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY] It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used continuously for up to 10 days and stand by for up to 50 days. The LED indicator indicates that the battery is almost empty and fully charged.Charging with the included USB cable is easy and convenient
  • [BACKLIT KEYBOARD] The comfortable backlit keyboard is perfect for use in the dark.
  • [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] Includes limited lifetime warranty
(Updated) Rii i8 + Mini Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad QWERTY keyboard, portable backlight …
(Updated) Rii i8 + Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch Pad QWERTY Keyboard, Smartphone, Laptop / PC / Tablet / Windows / Mac / TV / Xbox / PS3 / Portable Wireless Keyboard with Backlight for Raspberry Pi.
  • Multifunctional 3-in-1 device: Bluetooth mini wireless QWERTY keyboard keyboard combo touch panel LED backlight with USB interface adapter. Multi-finger touchpad. One-finger click as a function of the left mouse. Click with two fingers depending on the right mouse button. Built-in lithium battery!
  • Game handle design: The Android Mini wireless keyboard is designed as a game player handle. There are two round polarities on the left and right of the keyboard. At the same time, it looks like a real keyboard for PCs and laptops.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Beastron’s advanced Bluetooth wireless technology provides anti-jamming and reliable connectivity. Enjoy a working distance of up to 15m. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or in the car, you can use the wireless backlit keyboard to remotely control your smartphone, smart TV, or computer anytime, anywhere.
  • Wide compatibility – Ideal for PCs, tablets, Android TV boxes, Google TV boxes, Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC, IPTV. Compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Compatible with devices with Bluetooth drivers.
  • With 100% Customer Satisfaction, 45 Days Unconditional Refund, and Up to 12 Months (Return) Guarantee, you don’t have to worry about your purchase.
(Updated in 2019) Rii i4 mini Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad, portable wireless keyboard with black light …
(Updated 2019) Rii i4 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch Pad, Portable Wireless Keyboard with Black Illumination, Smartphone, PC, Tablet, Laptop TV Box 2.4G USB Dongle for iOS Android Windows Mac.Black one
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz HF connections: Bluetooth is integrated so there is no unnecessary interference (no adapter required). Simply pair your Bluetooth keyboard with your computer and you’re ready to go. Press fn + and then switch to Bluetooth mode.
  • Updated Wireless Keyboard 2019: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Control wirelessly from the sofa in your home theater (xbmc media center).
  • Great compatibility: Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with 2.4G dongle for Fire Stick New Fire TV Box Apple iOS iPad Pro Mini 4 iPhone x Android Tablet (Galaxy Tab) Windows Mac OS 6.0 or later
  • Perfect size and battery: A convenient and lightweight pocket-sized miniature wireless Bluetooth keyboard with two modes, perfect for games and travel.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfactory customer service, 12 months quality guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee. Package Contents: Rii MINI Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, USB Charging Cable, 2.4G USB Dongle.
Backlit IPazzPort keyboard and wireless Bluetooth mini keyboard with touchpad for Raspberry Pi …
Backlit iPazzPort Keyboard and Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Touchpad for Raspberry Pi and Android Smart TV and PC KP-810-21SBL
  • Fire TV Stick / Fire TV Box / Smart TV / Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Shield TV, Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Wireless Control Activated Via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth connection (no Bluetooth dongle on package), run without cable restrictions, mini remote keyboard for streaming NVIDIA Shield TV 2017 and 2018
  • Make your life easier and more enjoyable in your home theater (XBMC Media Center), wirelessly controlled from the sofa, enter text, surf the internet, play games without multiple remote controls
  • Backlit keyboard, backlit support in dark rooms, only works after a successful connection
  • 13 months warranty for quality issues directly with iPazzPort

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