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Bayco KW-110 Cable Storage Roll Center Swivel Handle, 100ft, Orange
Central Rear 100ft Orange Bayco KW-110 Cable Storage Reel
  • Durability and safety tested in the most difficult situations
  • Designed in the United States using high quality materials
  • Used outdoors and at leisure at the tactical level
  • This is an 11 inch orange cord storage roll
  • It is a plastic with excellent durability and impact resistance.
DEWENWILS retractable extension spool, 50ft rugged power cord, 14AWG / 3C SJTOW, 3…
DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Reel, 50ft Rugged Power Cord, 14AWG / 3C SJTOW, 3 Grounded Illuminated Sockets, Triple Tap, 13A Circuit Breaker, UL List
  • [14 AWG / 3C calibration cable 50 feet]The high performance power plant with cable drum is designed for 13A / 125V / 1625W and has a triple socket on the illuminated display for hard-to-reach places. 50’extension cord and 4.5′ pull-in cord
  • [Oil- and water-repellent SJTOW cable]The special PVC cable (SJTOW) is not entangled and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, ozone, water, oil and acid in ordinary garages. Also, weather resistance and elasticity at low temperatures.Indoor or dry use only
  • [Automatic pull-out]The intelligent rewind mechanism with automatic guidance allows the roll of the power cord to be retracted quickly and smoothly, preventing twisting and confusion. The ratchet system locks the cord to any length.The cable reel also has an adjustable stopper
  • [Wall / Ceiling Swivel Bracket]The 180 degree swivel bracket allows you to easily pull and disconnect the cable in various directions.The retractable cable drum can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling with a separate bracket
  • [Built-in 13A circuit breaker]The built-in 13A circuit breaker protects the device from short circuits and overloads, and automatically shuts off the power when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 13A. After shutting down, press the reset button to resume use. UL certified
Woods E-102 Heavy Duty Cable Storage Wheel 125ft
Woods E-102 Heavy Duty Cable Storage Wheel 125ft
  • High-performance cable storage wheel without entanglement
  • Ideal for general storage of extension cords, Christmas lights, cables, or hoses.
  • Outside and inside
  • Holds up to 150 feet of 16/3 or 125 feet of 14/3 cord
  • Lightweight design with handle for easy carrying
Flexzilla FZ8140503 Retractable Extension, 14/3 AWG SJTOW, 50ft, Triple Grounded …
Flexzilla FZ8140503 Retractable Power Strip, 14/3 AWG SJTOW, 50ft, Grounded Electric Cable Reel with 3 Outlets, ZillaGreen
  • Dynamometer. Illuminated triple socket for large capacity. A circuit breaker with a reset button prevents the circuit breaker from tripping and blowing the fuse. Drum dump circuit.
  • SJTOW 14/3 AWG Oil Resistant Cable, Flexible at Low Temperatures, Resistant to Oil, Water and Sunlight. The ground plug contains a 5-foot power cord.
  • With an adjustable cable stopper, the socket is always at hand. The cable snaps into place in 1-foot increments.
  • The rotating mounting bracket rotates toward the work. The coil can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.Recommended for dry rooms
  • Registered CULus, Maximum B: Maximum 1625 W Current: Maximum 13A Voltage: 125 V, Maximum Hz: 60 Hz
Retractable extension, power cable reel Meterk 50 + 4.5FT, 14AWG 13A, 3C SJTOW, 180 ° rotatable …
Retractable extension, power cord reel Meterk 50 + 4.5FT, 14AWG 13A, 3C SJTOW, 180 ° swivel bracket, triple slot, reset button, adjustable stopper
  • [50 ft + 4.5 ft / 14 AWG / 13A]Meterk cable The drum length is a 50 ft + 4.5 ft drop cable. Developed for 13 A / 120 V / 1800 W. Includes 14 AWG and triple tap connector (S3);
  • [Retractable cord stopper]The rope pulley is equipped with an automatic rope lift function, and can be wound up quickly and smoothly by pulling lightly. Adjustable stoppers allow you to adjust the length to prevent tangles and wire mess.
  • [Circuit Breaker / Reset Button]When the rated current or rated voltage of the retractable power cord is exceeded, the circuit breaker automatically turns off to protect the device from damage.You can reuse the cable roll by pressing the red button
  • [HighqualitymaterialanddurabilityRetractablecabledrumThepolypropylenehousingisoilandgreaseresistantItextendsthelifeofthemachineandthecablesarewaterproofCabledrumsarerecommendedforuseindryenvironments
  • [Easy to install]The cable reel can be installed on the wall or ceiling. It supports 180 degree rotation, does not lock when moving, and can be used remotely without problems. The kit includes two screws and comes with a 24-month warranty.
ReelWorks – CR605131S3A Retractable Cable for Extension Coil 12AWGx 40ft 3C / SJT Triple Tap…
ReelWorks – CR605131S3A extension cord, with retractable extension cord, 12AWG x 40ft 3C / SJT cord, triple plug, rated 15A, 125VAC, 1875W
  • Drum; 12AWG x 40ft 3C / SJT cable and triple tap (S3); 15A 125VAC 1875W 3-core ground cable for 60Hz.Approval and certification by cETLus, Intertek GS, including rejected quality checks
  • Cord; Commercially available SJT premium cables are resistant to acids, alkalis, ozone and twists. Performance and flexibility at the harshest temperatures from -50 ° C to 105 ° C
  • Commercial design; This extension cord roll consists of a sturdy spring-loaded polypropylene housing. The spool uses double adjustment. This is an improved ratchet mechanism that locks the cable to any length.
  • Unique Properties; This Cable Reel Uses 3-Pin NEMA 5-15R / NEMA 5-15P Connector, 36-inch Entry Cable, Adjustable Cable Holder, and Two Non-Pinch Rollers to Reduce Cable Wear is included.Circuit breaker to protect rollers and operators
  • Safe and Proper Use; ReelWorks reels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, day and night, home or industrial use, enabling proper extension cord storage and a safe workplace.
DEWENWILS 30ft retractable extension cable reel, ceiling / wall bracket, 16/3 gauge SJTW power cord …
DEWENWILS 30ft retractable extension roll, ceiling / wall mount 16/3 SJTW power cord, 3 sockets, garage and pigtail, 10A circuit breaker, metal plate, ETL list
  • [Automatic pull-in]The intelligent automatic rewind mechanism pulls in the power cord reel quickly and smoothly to prevent twisting and entanglement.The ratchet system locks the cable to any length, allowing quick storage after completion
  • [Circuit Breaker]The built-in 10A circuit breaker protects the device from short circuits and overloads, and automatically shuts off the power when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 10A.Press the breaker to resume use after shutdown
  • [Easyinstallationontheceiling/wallbyrotating180degreesTheDrehrotatablemountingbracketallowstheextensionrollertorotate180degreesfreelyGreatforhangingontheceilingofagarageormountingonawallIt’seasytopullandloosenthecordindifferentdirectionsFreeupmoreworkspaceandsimplifystorageAvoidcableentanglementandtripping
  • [30ft 16 / 3C power cord and 4ft cable]Cord reel power plants designed for 10A / 125V / 1250W have 30ft SJTW extension cable and 4ft cable. The stopper cannot be adjusted. This is effective in preventing the extension cord from being completely pulled into the spool.
  • [Three grounded triple taps with indicator lights]The grounded triple taps can power multiple devices at the same time, making the best use of extension cords and sockets.When the cable is powered, the indicator lights up to let you know that the reel of the power cable is working.
DEWENWILS extension roll with 25-foot power cord, retractable with hand winch, 16/3 AWG SJTW, 4…
DEWENWILS extension roll with 25-foot power cord, hand-wound retractable, 16/3 AWG SJTW, 4 ground sockets, 13A circuit breaker, yellow, black, UL list
  • [Durable 25-inch extension cord]The power cord reel comes with a 16/3-thick 25-inch SJTW extension cord, which is resistant to wear and tear. Indoor / outdoor only (dry)
  • [Easy to wind up and rewind]The extension cord winder uses a rotatable triangular handle for easy entanglement and rewinding.Easily wrap the power cord around the cable reel to help keep the cord clean for next use
  • Power plant with 4 built-in ground sockets анная cable drum, designed for 13 amps, 125 volts, 1625 watts, 4 built-in 3-pin sockets that can be used to connect multiple devices at the same time Features
  • [13A circuit breaker]The built-in 13A circuit breaker (manual ON / OFF rocker switch lights) protects the device from short circuits and overloads, and automatically shuts off the power when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 13A. I will.After disconnecting, press the red switch to resume use
  • [Compact and easy to carry]Weighs only 3.12 lbs. Comfortable top handle. This handy extension bike is lightweight and easy to carry. It’s very convenient to take to work or to the garage. 1 year warranty and UL certification
Alert Stamping 7000WR Pro Reel Cable Tray
Alert Stamping 7000WR Pro Reel Cable Tray
  • Pro reel cord carrier with alarm function works with cables, air hoses, mooring and water ski ropes
  • Holds up to 125 feet of 14/3 cable and 150 feet of 16/3 cable
  • Robust construction for contractor stability
  • Easy to mount on walls and vehicles
Green Leaf WW3D Wonder Extension Cord Winder, Gray
Green Leaf WW3D Wonder Extension Cord Winder, Gray
  • Portable-for indoor or outdoor use
  • Fast and easy – quick conclusions and deployment
  • Large Capacity – Remains 150 feet.cable
  • Heavy structure
  • Total selling points: 1

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