everlast speed rope

Rope Everlast Speed, 11ft
Rope Everlast Speed, 11ft
  • Classic conditioning exercises for muscle tone and rapid burning
  • Strong plastic rope for durability
  • Molded handles provide comfort and a secure hold
Everlast variable speed cable slot, 11′
Everlast variable speed cable slot, 11′
  • Classic conditioning exercises for muscle tone and rapid burning
  • Steel coupling for smooth rotation
  • The handle includes removable weights for adjustable length
Everlast Evergrip Weighted Rope (Black)
Everlast Evergrip Weighted Rope (Black)
  • Adjustable length, 9 feet plastic rope.
  • The Evergrip handle provides additional support during training.
  • Detachable weights for cardio and upper body training.
  • Maximum removable weight 1.5 lbs.
  • Rotate precision ball bearings to increase speed.
Speed ​​Skipping Rope – Premium Super High Speed ​​Skipping Rope for Fitness – Adjustable Skipping Rope…
Speed ​​Skipping Rope-Premium Ultra High Speed ​​Skipping Rope for Fitness-Adjustable Skipping Rope with Metal Handle and Cable
  • You don’t need a treadmill – this isn’t the long, slow skipping rope that kids use to double the Dutch during breaks. The Epitomy Fitness Exercise Rope is designed with a focus on speed to provide the best aerobic exercise ever.
  • With all metal, all strength – bad ropes, don’t force a cardio jump again. This high-strength, high-speed rope catches up with you because the cables and handles are made of metal.
  • CARDIO ON THE GO – Whether in the gym or outside the city – don’t forget your fitness equipment! Lightweight and easy to carry, the adult skipping rope fits in your gym bag or luggage.
  • Professional Skipping Rope – Learn all the tips to get fit with an adjustable fitness rope in this free educational video! Get in shape right away with 2.5 hours of HD instructions!
  • Our Promise – At Epitomie Fitness, we want ropes for men and women to make you jump for joy. We promise they will improve your daily workouts and a lifetime warranty guarantees it!
Sonic Boom M2 High Speed ​​Rope-Patented, Self-Locking, Screwless Structure-Weight, …
Sonic Boom M2 High Speed ​​Rope-Patented, Self-Locking, Screwless Design-Silicon Handle with 2 Speed ​​Rope for Weight, 360 Degree Rotation, CrossFit, Home Training and more.
  • SUPER SONIC SPEED – Get ready to smash it in an unprecedented way with the new and improved Epitomy Fitness Sonic Boom M2 Rope for training serious athletes! Designed to be faster than ever, you can move forward, strengthen your training, and reach your goals in record time.
  • KILL IT QUALITY – Premium ball bearings that rotate 360 ​​degrees? listen! Non-slip silicone handle? Done! Great extra? Did you understand! The Sonic Boom M2 is designed to be the ultimate top-down crossfit skipping rope, to name a few. Unleash your inner speed demons with smooth spins, ultra-fast cross-rope spins, a free carry case, and a free online training course (available for $ 15.97).
  • Don’t Tighten the Screws – Are you tired of loose screws when you pick up the groove? It’s time to meet the first patented self-locking screwless skipping rope for men and women! Whether you’re sharpening your double underwear or warming up for a workout, the Sonic Boom M2 RPM Rope keeps you up-to-date without screws.
  • Customizable Cables – If you need speed, you need a rope that fits the T. The SonicBoom M2 comes with two adjustable resin-coated 10-foot speed cables. Therefore, you can get exactly the length you need to get the results you want.
  • No Guarantee of Thickness-Find your own rope or get the full quantity. All Eptiomie fitness ropes come with a lifetime and satisfaction guarantee to protect you from breaks and heart changes.
Everlast Deluxe Speed ​​Rope
Everlast Deluxe Speed ​​Rope
  • Very long and durable rubber skipping rope for daily training
  • Sealed ball bearing handle for speed and accuracy
  • Comfortable foam-covered handle, light and anatomically correct
  • Skipping rope improves speed and endurance
  • Effective training burns up to 1000 calories per hour
Rope, the best tangle-free adjustable rope, patented self-locking and screwless construction …
Skipping Rope, Hobest Tangleless Adjustable Skipping Rope, Patented Self-Locking and Screwless Design, Crossfit, Fitness Skipping Rope with Comfortable Silicone Handle for MMA Workouts (2 Cables)
  • Ultra-fast and smooth jumps – Both the latest rotating ball bearing system and a unique silicone hose prevent tangling, twisting, wrapping and bending and prevent the rope from rubbing against the ground. This rope can easily rotate 360 ​​° while maintaining the shape of the rope, allowing for smooth and quick rotation.
  • Adjustable length without trimming – Hobest ropes have a practical patented self-locking feature. It offers a screwless design that does not require cutting extra rope. The rope can be adjusted to the desired length from up to 9.8 feet (seconds). It is suitable for children, adults and all levels of difficulty.
  • Perfect Fitness Training – This exercise rope provides professional fitness professionals with the perfect skipping experience. It can handle heavy loads and helps you burn calories quickly while improving strength, balance and overall speed. Ideal for dual workouts such as fitness workouts, crossfit, skip, MMA, boxing and speed workouts.
  • Non-slip and comfortable handles – The skipping rope consists of a 6.5 inch aluminum alloy handle that comes with a comfortable non-slip silicon handle. It’s rust-resistant, sweat-resistant, ergonomically designed, and has a comfortable and safe handle so you can feel the twist of the rope and have more control. The training rope is easy to hold and use.Hard to fall
  • Embedded PVC Cables – Braided steel cables are PVC coated for durability and smoothness to maximize durability and prevent road cracking and breakage. Two ropes are packed in a nice case. We provide worry-free products for 3 years to guarantee risk-free purchase and friendly customer service within 24 days.
Speed ​​Skip Rope-Adjustable and Durable-includes a second rope, concrete rope guard and more.
Speed ​​Skipping Rope – Adjustable and Durable – Includes Boxing, MMA, Fitness, Training Training, Cross Training, WOD, Second Rope for Double Foot Pegs, Concrete Rope Protection, Spare Propeller
  • Includes: speed ball bearing handles, two braided steel wire ropes, concrete and rubber rope protection for outdoor use, additional metal parts, and a portable vinyl carrying case.
  • Concrete Protection System-Each kit comes with a concrete protection system. An ultra-lightweight flexible hose that can be placed in the middle of the rope to prevent it from bursting even in the harshest conditions. Designed for diving professionals, it’s perfect for beginners. Just set goals at the crossroads, double jump and win the competition as a stunt master. Our unique concrete rope protection” makes this rope suitable for indoor and outdoor use without damaging the cable.
  • Bearing Technology – Precision is the magic of great rope, and temple tape is no exception. This rope was designed with speed, strength and maneuverability in mind. Each handle has a unique ball bearing design that allows the rope to rotate quickly and without friction. With the ball bearing system, you can easily run multiple sessions without interruption!
  • Fully Adjustable – Easy and quick adjustment with two slide screws and clamps that adjust the handle to a specific length of cable. The extra cable length can be cut off and covered with the included rubber cap. | 10ft rope for people of all sizes from 4’6 to 6’10.
  • Skipping rope improves coordination and dexterity between children and adults, and improves endurance by losing calories due to calories. Great for professional warm-ups, full workouts and aerobic exercise. From basics to boxers, from beginners to professionals, train and learn yourself with Jumping Rope! Sports Rope-It’s not just about speed. Intensive cross-country skiing, double-out, martial arts, boxing, athletics, aerobics or aerobic exercise, freestyle and many other sports. Don’t get caught in the rope and get a special elite rope.
9ft 9ft Everlast PVC Rope (Black)
9ft 9ft Everlast PVC Rope (Black)
  • Condition New Material Plastic Manufacturer Part Number 4489GT Color Black Model 4489GT Fitness Goal Cardio Improvement Brand Everlast Features Durable Plastic Rope, Light and Anatomically Correct Grip, Daily Training
Two pairs of adjustable skipping rope for training, fitness skipping rope for men, women and kids, high speed diving …
Two sets of adjustable skipping rope for training, fitness skipping rope for men, women and children, speed skipping rope for sports …
  • [Tangle-free Jump Rope ] 100% tangled, no kinks or kinks. The rope is made of PVC-finished steel cable, the surface is smooth and durable, and it won’t tear or break.
  • [Jump Rope Workout with Lightweight Foam handle] Jim’s skipping rope handle is an ergonomic design concept, covered with 6-inch EVA memory foam to allow sweat to escape and not easily fall off.
  • [Adjustable Skipping Rope] The rope design is 9 feet long and the rope length can be quickly adjusted to fit your height, making it ideal for adults and children.
  • [Exercise Jump Rope for Fitness ] Skipping rope can improve muscle tension in different parts of the body. Keeping jumping for 10 minutes every day will help you effectively improve your cardiopulmonary function, endurance and lose weight.
  • [Speed​ Jumpropes Applications] Do you want to play parent-child sports together? These speed skipping ropes are used for fitness, cross jumps, double jumps and are very suitable for indoor and outdoor, parks, gyms, squares and more. Let’s jump to a better and healthier life together.

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