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Bellababy Dual Electric Breastfeeding Pump Painless Powerful Suction Touch Panel High …
Bellababy Dual Electric Breastfeeding Pump Painless, Powerful Suction, Touch Panel, High Resolution Display
  • It comes with 2 milk storage bag adapters and 10 storage bags, so mothers can use the adapters to push milk directly into the storage bag. BPA and phthalates free
  • Closed system, 4 modes and 9 suction levels to choose from, pre-pumping breast massage and irritation, comfortable and painless.
  • High resolution screen that clearly shows work mode, suction power, time, battery status, etc.
  • Sensitive touch panel, easy and convenient to operate by clicking with one finger.
  • Lightweight and portable built-in 2200mAh lithium-ion battery suitable for on-the-go use.
Even Flow Feeding Spare Parts Thickness Advanced Double Hospital Nursing Kit …
Even Flow Breastfeeding Spare Parts Hospital Breastfeeding Set Strength Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Keep your breast pump up and running – Breast pump parts are the key to ensuring that your breast pump is functioning properly. Missing or worn parts such as diaphragms, valves and diaphragms can seriously affect suction capacity and the overall performance of the pump. This breast pump kit will help your Advanced Twin Electric Breast Pump work properly.
  • Compatibility – This replacement breast pump kit only works with the Evenflo Advanced double electric pump.
  • Convenient and Efficient – ​​The Evenflo Advanced Spare Parts Kit with two electric drives does not need to be used for missing or damaged parts. Store the replacement kit anywhere you can easily pump water or when you do not have time to clean it. Keep the kit at work or in the car and you’re ready to go.
  • Everything You Need – Each kit comes with premium parts such as 3 sizes of Advanced Fit flange system for different nut sizes, Perfect Position flange angle for unobstructed expression, and Perfect Pure closed diaphragm to prevent milk buildup. And features are included.
  • BPA Free-Similar to Even Flow Feeding, keep your child safe. The breast pump parts included in this spare parts kit are 100% free of BPA, PC, PVC and phthalates and are made from FDA approved materials in food quality.
Even Flow Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
Even Flow Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Recommended by breastfeeding specialists and mothers
  • Developed to maximize milk production, it is comfortable and gentle on the breast
  • Developed by noise canceling experts for quiet and unobtrusive pumping
  • Lightweight and portable, multiple power supplies – plugs, batteries, car adapters
  • The Deluxe Package includes several pump accessories with a 3-year warranty
Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, Portable Manual Breast Pump
Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, Portable Manual Breast Pump for Breastfeeding
  • Lightweight and Portable: This lightweight manual breast pump features an ergonomic Easy-Express handle to reduce hand fatigue. You can easily carry it in any pocket when traveling with a relaxed look.
  • Perfect Pump: This pump has a dual mode pump, which includes two flange sizes (standard 25mm and large 30.5mm), plus NaturalWave nipples, caps and rings. It ensures complete intake, storage and feeding.
  • Comfort and Hygiene: The Lansino Breast Pump allows you to squeeze milk directly into a sterile Lansino storage bag for breast milk, saving you convenient and hygienic milking and valuable milk and time.
  • For Moms: Founded by breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh is committed to successful breastfeeding with breast pumps, breastfeeding pillows, nipple creams, breastfeeding bags and more.
  • MOM FOUNDED PARENT LED: Lansinoh was founded by breastfeeding mothers and has supported them for 35 years with award-winning breast pumps, nipple creams, breastfeeding pillows and breastfeeding storage bags. This is a way for families to form a bond for the rest of their lives.
Even Flow Feeding Black Feeding Bag, Breastfeeding Accessories-With Milk Collection Bottle, …
Even Flow Feeding Black Nursing Bag-with Milk Collection Bottle, Sachet, Breast Pump Adapter
  • The cooling bag can hold up to 6 milk bottles and 3 ice packs.
  • The milk collection container contains an improved silicone sealing washer to prevent spills.
  • Keep milk collection bottles in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • The milk storage bag has a SafeZip (TM) zipper to improve leak protection and protect your precious milk.
  • With pump shoulder bag
EW5152211 – SimplyGo Single Breast Pump, 5 oz.Bottle
EW5152211 – SimplyGo Single Breast Pump, 5 oz.Bottle
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry. Adjustable vacuum cleaner for personal comfort.
  • A soft silicone insert that can be removed to fit different nipple sizes.
  • Comes with a 2-5 ounce milk collection bottle. Additional bottles are sold separately. Compact and portable design that is easy to operate.
  • Battery or electricity. All components are BPA-free.
New manual breast pump Medela Harmony, one-handed breast pump with flexible breast pump details …
Medela Harmony’s new manual breast pump, a single-arm breast pump with a flexible breast pad that provides more comfort and more milk
  • Light and unobtrusive: The new Medela Harmony hand pump fits easily in your purse, so you can carry it around and inflate it almost anywhere.
  • Flex Technology: Unique 105 degree tilt angle, oval shape and soft edges provide enhanced chest protection for optimal pumping comfort and increased milk production per session.
  • Research-based technology: Our manual breast pump uses two-phase technology to simulate the natural feeding of a baby from the mother’s breast.
  • Ease of use: Easy to use and care for, so you can spend more time with your baby
  • Includes: (1) Harmony Breast Pump (handle, diaphragm, stem with O-ring); (1) Personal Fit Flex 24mm chest pad. (1) 5 oz / 150 ml milk bottle, lid, stand. (1) Harmony connector; (1) Valve; (1) Membrane
Portable Electric Breast Pump – YIHUNION Dual Use Battery Baby Breast Pump Rechargeable Single…
Portable Electric Breast Pump – YIHUNION Dual Use Battery Baby Breast Pump Single Rechargeable Breast Pump with Adjustable Massage, Suction and Backflow Protection, 10 Free Storage Bags
  • [One Split Dual Use Electric Breast Pump] – The built-in electric breast pump is one-handed, small, slim, easy to carry and takes up less space. Mom can take it anywhere without cable restrictions. With split straws, mothers can use it as an electric breast pump at home for more convenience. There is also a double breast pump. This is: B07QFVL8QG)
  • [Adjustable Massage Pumping Level] – Breast pumps have 8 massage modes to help mothers improve breastfeeding. A portable breast pump ensures your baby’s natural and lively breastfeeding and makes your mother feel gentle and comfortable. The LCD display has eight levels, with a choice of suction counts and intensity per minute. (Includes 10 free storage bags and a mini breast pump bag)
  • [Backflow Protector Safe and Hygienic]-Backflow prevention design provides a hygienic closed system to prevent milk from entering the pump and keep it fresh. The cap is made of 100% safe silicone material and does not contain BPA. (The flange is 24mm. If you have a 22mm chest, using a 24mm flange is a bit cumbersome. If you need a 26mm flange, you can also find one. Please purchase separately at our shop.)
  • [Quiet Pump Easy to Assemble] – Portable and rechargeable breast pump not only awakens your baby while you sleep or milks before bedtime, but also protects your privacy instead of letting you know that you are breastfeeding. .. The split design is easy to clean and disinfect, removes bacterial debris and keeps your baby healthy.
  • [Pump Anywhere Anytime As You Like] – Built-in rechargeable 900 mAh lithium battery and compact design make the automatic breastfeeding pump fit in most pockets. It can be charged from various sources. Mothers can squeeze milk anytime, anywhere to give their baby a sufficient amount of milk. This is convenient for travel, office, or home. (Note: If the product is not used for a long period of time, the battery should be fully charged and stored to prevent damage to the battery.)
Electric double breast pump, portable double breast pump with touch screen, adjustable …
Electric double breast pump, portable double breast pump with touch screen, adjustable mode and suction power.Backflow prevention BPA free
  • Limited Sale: 100% BPA-free material protects the health of you and your baby. Say goodbye to rubbing, injuries and nipple pain with a soft silicone sheet flange.
  • Convenient automatic breast pump: The breast pump has 4 adjustable massage modes and 16 suction levels to massage and stimulate the breast before milking, comfortable and painless.
  • Lightweight and portable: Built-in high capacity battery and USB cable. Mothers can squeeze milk anytime, anywhere to give their baby enough milk. Convenient for travel, office, home, etc.
  • Backflow protection: Our breast pumps are equipped with backflow protection, which prevents milk from flowing back into the pump, prevents infections and provides a hygienic closed system to keep milk fresh.
  • Ease of use: The LCD touch screen is easy for mothers to use, and the sensitive touch screen and high resolution screen facilitate breastfeeding. The engine runs quietly and does not get in the way of your family.
Hummel Manual Breast Pump for Breastfeeding Milk Collection Cup Pink Pump Cap Cap…
Hummels Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump Nursing Collection Cup Pink Pump Stopper, Food Grade Silicone Breast Pump with Lid Bag in Gift Box, Pink Heart Shape
  • BumbleBee Silicone Breast Pumps help collect milk and relieve constipation and pain. Strong suction is the main feature of the BumbleBee breast pump. A BumbleBee pump with a pink silicone cap protects all drops of precious milk. In addition, breastfeeding mothers in the United States love BumbleBee products.
  • BumbleBee breast pumps are made of food grade silicone that your baby can chew. The silicone material is soft to the touch and will not hurt your mother’s nipples or skin. He is very kind to the pain and swollen breasts during breastfeeding.
  • Silicone breast pumps are lighter than traditional manual breast pumps with handles. These products include a lovely pink heart-shaped cork and dustproof cover. When you buy a product, you get more value to save money.
  • Breastfeeding on one side while hands-free and breastfeeding on the other. Compared to other electric breast pumps and hand pumps, the BumbleBee breast pump has the simplest design and gives the most effective results. With the BumbleBee Breast Pump, you don’t have to carry your weight.
  • It is more environmentally friendly and economical for young mothers. BumbleBee breast pumps are creative and innovative. If you have purchased a broken and damaged Bumblebee breast pump, please contact us. We will solve the problem and provide the most satisfying answer.

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