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41-inch wooden acoustic guitar for beginners with best choice product case, strap, …
Best Choice Products 41inch Full Size Beginners Allwood Acoustic Guitar Starter Set, Case, Strap, Capo, Strings, Picks, Tuner – Sunburst
  • COMPLETE ADULT GUITAR KIT: No need to buy additional accessories. This all-inclusive kit includes a carrying case, additional strings, belt with pick holder, tuner, pick protection, cleaning cloth, capo and select kit.
  • Unmatched Guitar for Beginners and Intermediates: Thanks to the shape of the dread note, this full size guitar is ideal for beginners and experienced musicians due to its pleasing warm sound.
  • Protective Soccer: Take your guitar to school or on the go with an elegant and protective carrying case with foam pads, a shock-resistant rubber base, and a front compartment for capos and additional picks.
  • Comfortable Design: This classic acoustic guitar features a 41-inch body for a comfortable fit, perfect for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Classic Design: The elegant inlays create a classic acoustic look, and the cut-out shape allows the waistband to be raised for treble. Place the included pad under the sound hole of your guitar to protect it from scratches while playing. Dimensions: 15.75 (L) x 4.25 ” (W) x 41(H)
Best Choice Product 41inch Full Size Acoustic Electric Guitar Kit, 10 Watt Amplifier, …
Best Choice Products Full Size 41 Inch Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Kit, 10 Watt Amp, Capo, Electronic Tuner, Case, Strap, Pick (Black)
  • Acoustic Electric Cutting: Equipped with EQ-7545R 4-way guitar preamp made of basswood top, back, sides and okmewood neck.
  • 41-inch full-size guitar: Perfect for players of all skill levels, from beginners looking for a great beginner guitar to professionals looking for a practice alternative.
  • 10 W Amp: Includes a guitar amp with volume control, bass and treble controls and the included amp cable
  • Optional accessories: Includes a carrying case, digital clip tuner, four guitar picks, a guitar strap, a replacement guitar string, a cleaning cloth, and a hood, so you have everything you need.
  • Bag: Includes a soft nylon tote bag that stays dust-free and can be used on the go. Guitar dimensions: 40.5 (L) x 15.5 ” (W) x 4.5(H)
Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Black
Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Black
  • Frame top; Linden’s back and sides
  • Catarrh Paneck and Bridge; Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Steel cord; Sealed transmission tuner. Number of strings: 6
  • Equalizer: Active 4-band 7545
  • Includes strings, picks, bags, belts, digital clip tuners, truss rods and 10 watt amps.
Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar-Gig Bag, Strap, … with Black Bundle
Fender FA-125CE Dread Note Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar-Gig Bags, Straps, Strings, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, Austin Bazaar Instructions Black Bundle with DVD
  • Affordable dreadnought with electroacoustic notch, perfect for beginners
  • Great sound with spruce laminated top and back and side basswood
  • Excellent playability with Nato C neck using walnut fingerboard
  • Great Viking Bridge provides excellent sound support
  • Fishman electronics provide solid, enhanced acoustic sound
Best Choice Products 41inch Full Size Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitars, Capos, Electronic Tuners, Concerts …
Best Choice Products 41inch Full Size Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Kits, Capos, Electronic Tuners, Cases, Straps, Picks-Black
  • Acoustic Electric Cutting: Equipped with 4-band guitar preamp EQ-7545R and spruce top, wooden back, neck, and steel strings on the ocumen side for a variety of sound quality.
  • Full Guitar: A 41-inch flexible electroacoustic basswood cutout for stable, rich sound in both guitar styles.
  • Perfect for all players: A rugged and forgiving tool that makes it the perfect companion for musicians of all skill levels.A guitar that is convenient not only for performance but also for beginners
  • Easy transport: A soft carrying case for transport and protection.Comes with a pocket to store all the included accessories
  • Optional accessories: Includes convertible, digital clip tuner, 4 picks, guitar strap, replaceable steel guitar strings, cleaning cloth, capo, shortening the strings and widening the sound. Overall dimensions: 40.5 (L) x 15.5 ” (W) x 4.5(H)
Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar-Mahogany Kit with Hard Case, Tuner, …
Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnaught Acoustic Electric Guitar – Mahogany with Hard Case, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Picks, Austin Bazaar Educational DVD, Polished Cloth
Item Number0961590221 FGPAC2
model0961590221 FGPAC2
YMC38 Cutaway Natural Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar …
YMC 38 Beginner Cutaway Natural Acoustic Guitar Beginner Guitar Case, Strap, 3 Thickness, 9 Picks, 2 Pickguards, Pick Holders, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuners-Natural Cutaways
  • Ideal for beginners and students. A complete set of 38-inch acoustic guitars with a natural luster. Cutaway design is practical for everyone, from children to adults.
  • Right side structure, chrome frame linden and wooden structure.
  • Steel string guitars are the most versatile and common type of guitar used in different styles of music such as country, jazz and rock.
  • Set Contents: Acoustic Guitar YMC Vizcaya 38 ; Guitar Bag; Guitar Strap; Pitch Tube; 9 ABS Plastic Picks (0.46mm 3 Pieces, 0.72mm 3 Pieces, 1.0mm 3 Pieces); Pick Holders (Different Colors) (Maybe); 2 fingerboards: teardrop shape (probably already on the guitar) and bees. Complete set of additional strings (set of 6 strings: E1, B2, G3, D4, A5, E6 ) And two extra-fine strings (E1, B2). Electronic tuner.
  • The guitar is equipped with two endpins on the strap buttons, making it easy and safe for the player to use.
Of course, Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar
Of course, Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar
  • Spruce stop
  • NATO laminated backrest and sides.
  • Satin finish
  • Chrome tuning car
  • Rosewood fingerboard
Vangoa’s acoustic electric guitar, full size 41 inch dreadnought acoustic electric guitar …
Vangoa Acoustic Electric Guitar, 41 inch Full Size Dread Note Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar Folk Beginner Kit, Black
  • ✔ Durable construction – A high quality AAA Linden body and dense, hard bone nuts and saddles improve the conductivity, resonance and sustainability of your guitar. A full-sized dreadnought body with an oversized soundbox provides excellent resonance and powerful sound, perfect for players of all skill levels.
  • ✔ Built-in preamp – A 4-band EQ that improves and modifies the sound profile greatly eliminates the cut disadvantages in performance situations. An amplifier cable is also included. You can play it acoustically or plug it in for a stage show.
  • ✔ Easy to set up and play – Chrome-plated 18: 1 gear is sturdy, durable and provides precise tuning. The cutout design gives you easy access to the upper frets, giving you more choice for a luxurious guitar solo. Equipped with an anchor rod that can adjust the height of the strings. Therefore, pressing the strings makes you very comfortable and you can work smoothly.
  • ✔ Optional accessories for beginners – Includes a padded nylon bag for easy storage and carrying. The starter kit contains everything you need. For example, B. Three picks with different thicknesses: instruction manual, allen key for truss rod, tuner, additional string, two additional bridge pins, standing strap, capo, power amp cable, abrasive cloth, pickguard and different thickness. Save time and money to get them all.
  • ✔ 1 year warranty – your guitar may be damaged in transit. If you have any questions, please contact us. An experienced customer service team will reply within 24 hours.
Ash Soap Full Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar Set-Premium Tonewood-Sunburst
Ash Soap Full Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar-Premium Tonewood-Sunburst
  • Incredible Sound – Ideal for aspiring and advanced musicians, this guitar offers immersive sound, great projection, and incredible sound. He is waiting to be heard.
  • Excellent wood construction – The guitar is made from A grade spruce with cruciform bindings and linden for warmth known for its toughness and versatility. The guitar remains responsive and maintains timbre consistency whether it’s strumming or playing at low or high volume.
  • THINLINE CUTAWAY DESIGN-This 41-inch full-length guitar is engraved on the neck for improved access and playability on the top frets. It’s also thin (3 inches thick) for unprecedented sound and beauty, and lightweight for easy travel and gaming.
  • Updated Updates – Built-in 4-band pickups / EQ (bass, midrange, treble, presence), 2 sets of upgraded phosphor bronze strings, and a glossy nail finish with chrome locating pins.
  • Complete Kit-Includes Ashthorpe guitar, soft nylon guitar case, thin, medium and heavy celluloid picks, built-in 4-band EQ pickups, guitar cable, shoulder straps, additional string set, and instruction manual.

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