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8 XPC LED Stage Lights 54X3W LED DJ PAR Lights RGBW162Watt DMX512 Stage Lighting Disco…
8 XPC LED Stage Lights 54X3W LED DJ PAR Lights RGBW 162 Watts DMX512 Stage Lights Disco Projector Home Wedding Church Concert Dance Lights
  • 2 year warranty! Ultra-bright: 54 * 3 W LEDs (12 reds, 18 greens, 18 blues, 6 whites) produce powerful static lighting and color changes. Use an acrylic lens with high transmittance and a beam angle of 25 °.Rubber paint, clean and easy to clean
  • Sound activation function: The lighting pattern may change according to the rhythm of the music. You can also change the color of the sound activation light by pressing the UP / DOWN buttons on the back of the light.
  • Master-slave function: Up to 64 PAR lamps can be connected and controlled simultaneously through the DMX IN / OUT ports.Blinding lights stimulate your passion and dramatically improve the mood
  • Multiple illumination colors: 18 colors, no flicker, red, green, blue, white, brightness can be adjusted up to 256 levels. Nice pastel colors.
  • Multi-lighting mode: Color transition mode, color dissolve mode, sound activation mode, color flash mode, auto start mode, color jump mode, DMX512 mode, master-slave mode. The color change speed is adjustable.
OPPSK Stage Perlite, 70 W 7LED Pentacolor RGBWA, Sound Activate Remote DMX Automatic Program…
DJ Wedding Party 70W 7LED Pentacolor RGBWA Sound Launch Automatic Program for Church Stage Lighting OPPSK Stage Parlite with DMX Remote Control
  • 70 W Super Power – A powerful LED light with a nominal power of 10 W per LED, for a total of 70 W, enables 5 in 1 nominal size red / green / blue / yellow / white LED lights.
  • Smooth Color Mixing – 45 degree beam angle creates wide blur and lighting effects for distant scenes.
  • Professional Features – 9 DMX channels, 9 operating modes, flicker-free operation, 4-button menu with digital display, chain of up to 6-8 devices (110 V) with integrated IEC input / Edison output power connection .. …
  • Simple IR Remote Control – Compatible with IR Remote Control and the standard DMX512 control system to make your party at home more enjoyable.
  • Flexible Design – Ideal and equally suitable for stage lighting, dance floor cleaning and wedding lighting in a variety of locations, from nightclubs to theaters, churches to concert halls.
CO-Z 8 part DMX controlled LED stage light, 86 can wash away activated stage effect with RGB per sound …
CO-Z 8 Piece DMX Controlled LED Stage Lighting, 86 RGB Sound Activate Par can clean stage lighting for DJ Light Show Home Party Festival Bar Club Wedding Church Upright (8PCS)
  • Create Dynamic Color Scenes – With 64 RGB uplifting LEDs, these stage lights create any color and provide a very bright light perfect for DJs, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs and more. ..
  • Ease of Control – Easily control factory lighting using the DMX Lighting Console (not included) with a simple plug and play installation. Use this dishwasher lighting kit to build an existing lighting system or start a new lighting system.
  • Explore different modes – Per indicators execute different commands in different modes such as DMX, automatic, sound control, master-slave mode and more. With our helpful instructions, you can learn how to handle it in minutes.
  • Use anywhere – With multiple modes and flexible color changes, you can use it anywhere, such as DJs, bars, house parties, music festivals, balls, outdoor shows, discos, rave, concerts, weddings, churches, events, etc. I will.
  • Revitalize Atmosphere – With so many lighting mode configurations, you can change party tones with the push of a button. Upgrade your DJ equipment at a professional light show.
DJ Lights Missyee 36 1W RGB LED DJ LED Upright Package Sound Activate Stage Lighting…
DJ Lights Missyee 36 RGB LED 1W DJ LED Upright Package Sound with Remote Control Active Stage Lighting DMX Compatible 9 LED Upright Mode Wedding, Party (8 Pack)
  • [Color Stage Light]Missyee 36 RGB LED Stage Light is DMX controlled and consists of high quality and highly efficient LED that can operate for up to 100,000 hours.
  • [Various modes]There are 9 function modes (static color, color combination, color change, color fade, DMX, master / slave, sound activation, jump mode, strobe mode) that meet the requirements.
  • [Ease of use]The brightness of the LED backlight can be easily adjusted and controlled with the remote control. You can also connect it to a DMX controller with a DMX cable and control it with the DMX controller. The instruction manual describes in detail how to use this product. Easy to use whether you are a profession or a beginner.
  • [Easy to install]The double handle design is very stable. The LED light can be hung anywhere or placed on the floor.You can easily adjust the angle with screws
  • [Service Guarantee]Missy Stage Light is guaranteed 365 days a year. If you are not satisfied with the product within 365 days of purchase, you can receive a full refund or replacement. If you have any questions, please contact us. (See Amazon’s User Guide and Missyee Store homepage for service contact information.)
Pearlite, MFL. 7X10W RGBW Stage DJ Lighting LED DMX Par Can Light Party Light DJ Disco Light…
Pearlite, MFL. 7X10W RGBW Stage DJ Lighting LEDDMX Percan Party Light DJ Disco Light Wash Effect Sound Activate Mode Party Wedding Church 4pcs
  • Light Source: 7 x 10 W QUAD Ultra Bright LED, Red, Green, Blue, White, Easy Control Stage Parkan Light
  • Modes: DMX512, Sound Active, Master / Slave, Autorun and Random, Church, Wedding and other pretty cool lights for blurring effects.
  • Channels: This LED stage light has 8 channels, 16.7 million different color variations, 25 degree LED lighting, and 2 fans (top and bottom) for heat radiation.
  • Double-mount brackets for framework installation / hanging or horizontal placement on the floor, side DMX inputs and outputs for convenient DMX connections, and a 3-foot power cable. Warranty: This DJ Lighting Set comes with a one year repair warranty.
  • Power supply: AC110V-250V, frequency: 50-60Hz, power consumption: 75W, ultra-bright light / dishwashing light for parties, nightclubs, churches, concerts, etc.
Standard stage lighting, RGB-LED lighting, 7 channels, 36 x 1 W, with remote control for DJ KTV disco party (4)
Standard stage lighting, LED RGB, 7 channels, 36 x 1 W, with remote control for DJ KTV disco party (4 pcs)
  • Easy control with remote control or professional DMX control, new style lamp 2020
  • 36 x 1 W LED perlite with RGB color mixing effect for stage, party, DJ and club
  • 7 light effect modes: static color / color change / color fade / auto / sound / master / slave / DMX.Adjustable speed and sensitivity
  • LONG LIFE SPAM lasts about 50,000 hours, is stable, small, has an elegant appearance and low power consumption
  • Two mounting brackets for hanging trusses, high speed installation by wall or floor mounting
DJ Light, SAHAUHY Professional Stage Lighting 8 Channel 9 Mode Mixing Effect RGBW Upright Sound …
DMX control with remote control for DJ lights, SAHAUHY professional stage lights, 8 channels, 9 modes, RGBW, mixed effects, uprights, sound activates, or parties, wedding churches (8 packs)
  • ♫ ♫ Multiple control modes: This pearlite has 9 modes: static color mode (red, green, blue, white), color combination, color change mode, fading mode, jump mode, strobe mode, active sound Mode, DMX mode, master-slave mode. 8 high performance channels, 18 LEDs of 1 W (3 red + 6 green + 6 blue + 3 white). Built-in sound projector that mixes RGBW colors and watches an incredible light show. See the related short video below. )
  • ♫ ♫ Ease of use: Bright LED spotlights can be easily set up and controlled with a remote control. You can also connect it to a DMX controller with a DMX cable and control it with the DMX controller or action buttons. They can only be programmed to the desired color! The instruction manual explains how to use this product and is easy for both professionals and beginners to use.
  • ♫♫ Very bright and powerful: SAHAUHY Stage LED Party Light uses the latest LED technology, safety, energy efficiency and durability. The spot of light on the wall, the effect is like a glass ball, very bright and powerful. Delivering impressive brightness and vibrant colors. Ideal for ceiling lighting, dance floor lighting, LED stage lighting, DJ lighting, party lighting, club lighting, disco lighting, weddings.
  • ♫ ♫ Service life, stability, excellent appearance: The stage light package features long life, excellent stability, and an exquisite and exquisite plastic body. Great for weddings Birthday Party Bar Club Concert, Day Hall Home Ceremony Ballroom Christmas Halloween Festival. Create a new world of music for yourself on stage.
  • ♫♫ High quality with full money back guarantee! SAHAUHY Stage Light has a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 90-day replacement warranty, and a 360-day warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us by email after the sale. We will get back to you within 24 hours to help you resolve the issue.
Laluce Natz perlite with 18 RGB LEDs. Remote control flash lighting and DMX control for wedding churches.
18-LED-RGB-LED with remote control Laluce Natz Perlite Flash lighting and DMX control for wedding church stage lighting
  • [Multi-light effect and mode]Laluce Natz18 LED stage lighting has 6 red, 6 green and 6 blue LEDs, and there are various modes. Static color / jump / fade / automatic program / sound activation / master / slave / DMX and multiple selected channels. Just control speed and brightness with a remote control, backup, or DMX controller.
  • [Rigid case and built-in fan]The pearlite case is made of high-strength, high-quality plastic, has excellent durability, impact resistance and impact resistance, and dissipates heat to extend the life of 50,000 hours. Built-in. …
  • [360 ° rotation adjustable bracket]The 18 LED lights are equipped with a double bracket for improved mounting. The brackets are made of durable, high quality aluminum, compact, easy to carry and easy to carry. With rotation and 360 ° holes, the bracket can be easily hung on the framework, placed on the floor or mounted on the wall (contact us if you need additional clamps not included).
  • [Widely used]Lighting ideal for weddings, churches, and other events. It’s also perfect for mobile DJ performances, DJ front booths, birthday parties, bars, pubs, DJ disco nightclubs, live music shows, Halloween, Christmas and other flashlights.
  • [How to get]Laluce Natz 18 LEDs per light, 1 x user manual, 1 x bracket, 2 x remote control (customers can easily lose the remote control, we will send you 2), 2 x adjustment button , 2x rubber ring. Friendly customer service and technical support are ready to satisfy all our customers.
LED stage lights, OPPSK 96W, 24 LEDs, yellow and RGB lighting, DMX control panel, automatic sound …
LED stage light, OPPSK 96W, 24 LEDs, amber and RGB dishwasher, DMX control, automatic sound, activation, lighting angle, 40 °, wedding, church, birthday lighting, DJ
  • Different color combinations – Based on pure amber + RGB, users use built-in 24 LED color macros with other colors such as pink, cyan, white, etc. to create a wide blur with uniform mixing Can be created.
  • The OPPSK Stage Wash Light is a versatile linear LED light with 24 LEDs, 96 W, 4-in-1 amber + RGB LEDs with a bright color beam angle of 40 degrees.
  • Professional Features Included – 5 DMX modes (3, 6, 12, 24, and 48 channels), 8 operating modes, 4 dimming curves, flicker-free operation, 4-button menu with digital display.
  • Built-in color macros (built-in colors), 0-100% dimming, variable speed flash, and flexible programming create a colorful and varied atmosphere.
  • This LED panel is ideal not only for cleaning stages, walls and dance floors, but also for illuminating party venues thanks to its well-thought-out design, power management and DMX.
ADJ product PINSPOT LED DMX8W quad color
ADJ product PINSPOT LED DMX8W quad color
  • Dot LED display with 8-watt quad color LED (4-in-1 RGBW) – 1 mode of operation (without IR remote control): Fade / Show mode
  • 4 operating modes (with IR remote control): Fade mode (variable speed), 9 display modes, static color mode, active sound – Dimming 0% -100% (when using IR remote control in static color mode) only)-
  • No flicker – Beam angle: 15 degrees – Including suspension device – Long life LED (designed for about 10,000 hours)

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