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Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Men’s Digital Charging Scale (with LCD display for charging) …
Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Men’s Digital Charging Scale with LCD Charging Display, Original Version
  • Accuracy: 750 grains (50 grams) with an accuracy of 0.1 grains (0.01 grams), automatic calibration and overload protection
  • Ease of use: Backlit blue LCD display, automatic shutdown after 60 seconds, power supply with 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Versatility: Gram, gram, ounce, carat measurement, tare and counting capabilities
  • Durability: Built-in protective cover
  • Includes: powder container, soft case, calibration weight.
Milligram scale MAXUSDante 50 gx 0.001 g 20 g calibration weights, measuring spoons, powder containers, and …
Milligram MAXUSDante 50 gx 0.001 g 20 g Includes calibration weight, measuring spoon, powder bowl, tweezers and is readable in grams of grain Jewelery precision reload medicated powder digital gram scale
  • A professional milligram scale Dante load cell with a huge 60mm transducer / sensor that needs to be weighed repeatedly for very fast and reliable results. Dante Milgram balances greatly speed up weighing operations and save time. Many retailers, pharmacies, and chemists are starting to use the Dante Mg Scale instead of the balancer scale.
  • Multifunctional Milligram Scale The Dante Jewelery Scale has an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. The Dante Jewelery Scale is suitable for weighing diamonds, gems, jewelry, gold and precious metals, filling gunpowder, and weighing medical ingredients to fill unique capsules. , For weighing additives, for weighing caffeine, spices, herbs and other spices. The piece counting feature makes counting small parts much easier.
  • Compact and compact, the Dante Mini Scale has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around. It doesn’t take up too much space on your desk. It fits on all desks, leaving plenty of space for other tools and devices. The Dante Digital Scale is small enough to fit in a backpack, toolbox, toolbox, deployment kit, and tactical bag, making your lab more portable.Dante scales make it easy to weigh powders and small valuables on the go
  • Six weighing units for selecting the Dante powder scale come with a powder bowl / bowl, 20 g calibration weights, tweezers, and a powder spatula. The Dante Powder Scale measures gn, gg, ct ct, dwt pennyweights, ounces and troy ounces ozt. Its maximum capacity: 771 grains / 50 grams / 250 carats; its resolution / readability: 0.02 grains / 0.001 g / 0.005 carats.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty Dante Reload Scale – A must for veteran reloaders like you. This is a great addition to the reload stand. All Dante Reloading Scales are backed by MAXUS’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. MAXUS is a brand trusted by many people.
Digital pocket scale in milligrams 50 x 0.001 g, with a mini scale for weighing carat powder made of gold and gold …
Milligram 50 x 0.001 g digital pocket scale, mini scale for weighing gold carat powder containing gold samples, and tweezers for calibration weights, weighing bowl, LCD display
  • Multi-functionality and versatility These digital milligrams can be used for a variety of measurements. The digital scale weighs up to 50g in 0.001g increments. This means that you can use the gram scale as a jewelry, laboratory, carat, or diamond scale to accurately weigh gold, powder, gems, medicines, and tablets on the milligram scale. The LCD displays readings in g / oz / dry weight / dish / lb / liter.Thanks to the miniature size of the scale, the milligram scale can be stored anywhere in your pocket
  • [Tare and PC functions]The digital milligram scale with two buttons is easy to use. The tare button subtracts the weight of the container to zero the jewelry scale so you can measure what you need. Ideal for weighing jewelry, carat scales, gunpowder scales and other small items. The PCS feature provides accurate numbers and the hold feature records your weight display on a mini scale.Automatic power off, digital scale can automatically shut down after 180 seconds to extend battery life
  • [Rear LCD display and protective cover design]The miniature digital pocket scale LCD model features sharp color contrast and clear result display, making it easy to read. The foldable screen protects the delicate surface of the gram scale, keeps the digital milligrams clean, and prevents external laboratory scales from interfering with accurate measurements.This makes the pocket scale for reloading jewelry stable and durable.
  • [High Precision]High Precision Digital Miniature Milligram – Capacity 50g, Accuracy 0.001g, you can get accurate measurements every time! This decorative scale has an accuracy of 1/1000 gram (0.001 g). This accuracy eliminates guesswork from measuring small items, so simply placing the item on the powder scale shows that the reading is the most accurate gram scale available at the top of the mini digital scale.Used as lab balance, jewelry balance, diamond balance, carat balance
  • [Accessoryboxminidigitalscaleset:1digitalmilligramscale1tweezers1calibrationweight50grams1measuringcupTip:WhenyoureceiveyourDigitalLabbalanceingramscalibrateitbeforeusingit
Electronic Scale Lyman Micro-Touch 1500110 V 7750700
Electronic Scale Lyman Micro-Touch 1500110 V 7750700
  • Capacity: 1500 beans
  • Material: Plastic shell
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 0.45kg
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Precision Balanced LCD Display and Charging Case
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Precision Balanced LCD Display and Charging Case
  • Accuracy: A stability indicator with a capacity of 1500 grains (100 grams) and an accuracy of 0.1 grains (0.01 grams), in addition to three calibration weights for grain, gram, ounce, and carat and two calibration weights for measurement.
  • Easy operation: Operates with 110 V, 220 V, or 4 AAA batteries (included in delivery), auto-switches off after 180 seconds, large and easy-to-read display with background lighting and simple controls
  • Versatility: The podium has a recess for easy indexing of the boom shaft and for measuring tare
  • Durability: Molded plastic storage box
  • Includes: Balance, Calibration Weight, Metal Powder Pan, Transparent Protective Cover, Storage Case, 110 V Power Supply, 220 V Adapter
GEMINI-20 Portable Digital Precision Milligram 20gx0.001g (Silver), GEMINI-20
GEMINI-20 Portable Digital Precision Milligram 20gx0.001g (Silver), GEMINI-20
  • Portable scale. This digital food scale measures 3 x 5” x 0.8 and is ideal for on-the-go measurements. It is used to measure small doses of medicines, foods and herbs.
  • Durability and compactness: This mini scale is perfect for on-the-go use and fits in your pocket. It can also be easily converted to ounces, grams, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats and grains.
  • LCD screen: Digital scale backlit LCD screen makes it easy to view and read numbers even in dark places. With precision sensors, you can always get accurate readings.
  • Integrated Cover: An integrated hinged cover protects the electronic milligram scale. They keep your scales like new and protect them from scratches, bumps and everyday wear.
  • Stainless Steel: Our digital pocket scale has a stainless steel surface that is easy to clean. Place the item directly on stainless steel or in a tray or container for measurement.
(New version) Brifit Mini Digital Scale, Pocket Scale 200 g / 0.01 g, Calibration Weight 50 g,…
(NEW) Brifit Mini Digital Scale, 200g / 0.01g Pocket Scale, 50g Calibration Weight, Electronic Smart Scale, 6 Units, Backlit LCD Display, Tare, Auto Off, Stainless Steel (Battery Included)
  • ✅[High Precision / High Precision]Brifit’s Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale is based on a high precision sensor system and provides instantly accurate results from 0.03g to 200g. Easy to clean and use to ensure accurate weighing results.
  • ✅[6 different measurements]The mini hood scale contains all the units you need to easily convert your weight. Converts measurements between g / oz / oz / dw / dish / drone in seconds. It is convenient to press the mode button and select the desired unit.
  • ✅[Multifunctional and intelligent display]The scale can warn the user of low battery, overload, and surface irregularities. Automatic shutdown after 180 seconds inactivity to save battery power and efficiency. Large backlit LCD and digital displays are large and easy to read.
  • ✅[MEETS CALIBRATION WEIGHT 50G]Accuracy can be easily calibrated. Durable, durable and compact, designed for many portable scales such as groceries, jewelry, coins, jewelry and gold. What a convenient pocket scale.
  • ✅[CompactdesignandrearlightdesignClamshelldesignprovidesbetterprotectionfortheweighingsurfaceTheminimalistandcompactdesign(productdimensions:3×5”x3/4)makesitaportablepocketscalethatyoucantakeanywhereIfyouarenotcompletelysatisfiedwithyourpurchasewewillContactusWeoffer100%refundand1yearwarrantyEnjoythiscompletelysafeshoppingnow!
Refill Scale 50x 0.001g for Precision Stone Flake Powder Additives contain milligrams …
Charging Scale 50x 0.001g Powder Additive for Precision Gemstone Scale Includes 20g Calibration Weight, 2 Measuring Spoons, 4 Weights for Powder Tweezers Reading Bean Gram Carat dwt oz oz
  • The Enhanced Milligram Scale comes with 4 different sized pots, stainless steel tweezers, and 2 scientific measuring spoons for loading powder and bulk additives.The flip-up lid stays in your pocket to protect it from damage
  • Multi-functional milligram scale with large 5-digit LCD backlit for easy reading in 6 different units: g / oz / oz / dwt / carat / lb. Maximum capacity: 771 grains / 50 grams / 250 carats.Includes 4 pots for powder loading, medical ingredient weighing, capsule filling, gem counting, diamonds, gems, gold and gem capsule weighing
  • Accurate milligram scale with readability / resolution: 0.02 grains / 0.001 grams / 0.005 carats. It uses an improved precision touch system and windshield.Protect your health better and more accurately according to your requirements
  • Mart Smart Button Function ✅ – Milligram scale with PCS” function allows you to count the number of items such as pins, beads and screws. The TARE function provides the net weight. The MODE feature allows you to select the correct unit of measure and calibrate your pocket scale before weighing.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Milligram scale with 10 year limited warranty. All milligrams are tested individually. If you have any questions, please read the instruction manual or contact us.
Digital pocket scale for weighing grams, 100 gx 0.01 g, digital scale in grams, food scale, jewelry …
Digital pocket scale for weighing in grams, 100 gx 0.01 g, digital scale in grams, food scale, black scale for jewelry, kitchen scale 100 g (TOP-100)
  • With this pocket scale, you can weigh a maximum load capacity of 100g and readability of 0.01g for an accurate and accurate weighing session.
  • Top 100 Pocket Scale With a stainless steel platform and a protective hinged cover, this pocket scale is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to carry.
  • The pocket scale has a practical touch button, numerous, high-contrast LCD display with a blue backlight, making it easy to read data in all lighting conditions.
  • Pocket scale with 4 different weighing modes: g / oz / oz / dwt for easy weight transfer, tare function for network determination, and 60 seconds automatic switch-off to extend battery life
  • Pocket Scales Top 100 pocket scales are used to measure a variety of objects.So; gold, silver, coins, jewelry, precious stones and other small pieces of jewelry
National Metal Digital Powder Scale Capacity 1600 grains
National numerical metal scale with powder capacity of 1600 grains
  • Capacity 1500 grains
  • Wrap
  • Metal powder bowl
  • One-point calibration
  • Calibration weight 20 grams

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