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Luxja Diabetic Supplies Travel case, storage bag for glucose meter, other diabetics accessories …
Luxja Diabetic Supplies Travel Case, Measuring Instrument Bag and Other Diabetes Accessories (Bag Only), Purple
  • Made of durable nylon material, it is more durable and scratch resistant.
  • There are thick pads between the layers of material to keep the diabetic product in good condition.
  • Two upper zipper pockets for storing lancets, test strips, alcohol wipes and other diabetic consumables. The central valve has two pockets and a slot for storing the puncture device and insulin syringe (note that the pen on this pouch is not cooled).
  • Two removable storage compartments on the floor are used to store the glucose meter and blood glucose tablet. (The bag is taped for stability.)
  • Compact size: 8.9 x 5.5” x 1.75 . Convenient removable hand strap is also included. Suitable for daily use and vacation backpacking.
Insulin Travel Case – Epipen Carrying Case – Insulin Pen Case Keeps Diabetes Cool –…
Insulin Travel Bag – Epipen Carrying Bag – Insulin Pen Bag Keeps Diabetes Cool – Diabetes Bag – Freeze and Go – Includes 2 Ice Packs (Pen and Bottle Not Included) – Small Travel Bag, FDA-TSA compliant
  • Recognized as the toughest, strongest and highest quality insulin travel case. Insulin is safe for travel!
  • Keep medical cooling while traveling. If your medicine requires refrigeration, this is your solution with this perfect insulin cooling companion.If you don’t need refrigeration, this diabetic insulin pouch will keep you at room temperature for hours … the best epipen carrying case on the market
  • A compact, thin design insulin pen case (only 4 cm deep) and lightweight (only 8 ounces), it’s a durable travel case with an insulin cooler that fits in one hand and holds all your diabetic items. You don’t have to carry bricks with hard ice packs. This too ages, loses cooling capacity and cannot be replaced.
  • Ease of use: Put this pen organizer bag and two reusable ice packs in the freezer overnight (at least 12 hours – keep the ice packs out of the bag) and refill with the medicine the next day! The insulation panel keeps the cooling effect of the ice pack longer.The perfect little travel case for diabetics
  • Keep everything in a medical bag: Diabetes devices such as insulin needles, insulin vials, asthma and allergic drugs, insulin syringes, alcohol swabs, and even glucose meters can be stored without swelling (medicines included) No)… Zippered plus pocket outside bag inside and durable elastic loops keep everything in place
Gear Travel USA Diabetes Medical Organizer – Omnipod, Blood Glucose Monitoring System,…
Gear Travel USA Diabetes Medical Organizer – Omnipod, Glucose Monitoring System, Syringe, Insulin Vial, Lancet – ACCU-CHEK Compatible, Bayer Contour, TRUEtest – Black
  • More than competition: With a spacious interior of 10 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches, this insulin pen sleeve for accessories provides space for lancets, vials, pills and more.
  • Strong and Light: The outside of the hard shell provides the best protection for all accessories in your insulin travel bag. Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Friendly design: Durable, easily accessible zipper and spacious interior for versatile storage. Omnipods are designed to be carried on the go.
  • Customized interior: Can be replaced with Velcro fasteners in the case to provide different styles of organization and options for diabetic products
  • 3 Year Warranty: All USA Gear products are made to the highest quality. To show our trust, we offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all items.
Chill Pack Double Bag Diabetes Travel Organizer Insulin Cooler Bag, 2x Ice Pack Package …
Chill Pack Double Bag Diabetes Travel Organizer Insulin Cooler Bag Package (with 2 ice packs including black)
  • Double Thick Insulated Cooler Bag-Pen, Syringe, Insulin Organizer
  • Bag size: 8.25 x5”. X1.5 Ice gel sachet included. 4” x7 Not included.
  • Cool bag Keeps your insulin cool while walking, traveling, working or exercising.
  • Cooling, Cold, Organizer, Custom, Portable, Stylish, Insulin, Diabetes Paper Kit, Measuring Equipment
  • Long lasting, cool for 6-8 hours or more.
SHBC Insulin Cooler Travel Case for Diabetics Insulated cooler bag with two ice packs …
SHBC Diabetes Insulin Travel Case Insulated Cool Bag with Two Ice Packs Black
  • [Compact size]–8.2 * 3.7 * 1.7 inches. The medical wallet is made of Eva1680D nylon (light). Easily fits in your backpack without taking up space. This portable bag is perfect for traveling.
  • [Superior heat insulation]– Inside, there is an organizer with a high quality aluminum foil lining and a heat insulation layer made of mother-of-pearl cotton, which not only provides high heat insulation, but also protects against the cold of winter.
  • Insulation Updates – Redesigned gel ice packs are more durable than previous generation saline-filled ice packs that can be used thousands of times. Ideal for maintaining room temperature for medication when refrigeration is not required.
  • Simple Organizer – All your medical supplies, bags, syringes, paper towels, consumables, or other simple accessories in one place, so you can safely store all your belongings in one place.
  • [How to use]– Before using the insulin bag outdoors, put the two ice packs in the freezer for at least 8-10 hours. Then place the insulin pen, replacement cartridge, or insulin needle in place on the pouch.
Luxja insulin travel case, insulin bilayer bag for insulin pen, blood glucose meter, etc …
Luxja Insulin Travel Case, Insulin Pen, Glucose Meter, Double Layer Insulin Bag for Other Diabetics (Bag Only), Purple
  • Two-layer design: Two powerful zippers divide the case into two compartments. Due to this structure, this insulin carrier can contain insulin and accessories for diabetes testing.
  • Upper Compartment: The upper area with several pockets and straps contains measuring devices, puncture devices, lancets, test strips and other accessories for diabetes testing.
  • Lower compartment: The lower part is insulated inside. Small ice packs can be stored in two mesh pockets (ice packs must be purchased separately). There is also an additional foldable pouch with multiple pockets and slots. This inner pouch can be used to store items such as insulin pens, needles, vials and syringes.
  • Made of durable nylon material, it is more durable and scratch resistant. There are thick pads between the layers of material to keep the diabetic product in good condition.
  • Compact size: 8.5 x 5” x 3 . Convenient removable hand strap is also included. Suitable for daily use or storage in a backpack during the holidays.
The PRAKMEDIK First Aid Kit is Empty – Includes Accessories for Diabetics, EpiPen, Antihistamines, Dietary Supplements …
PRAKMEDIC First Aid Bag is Empty – Includes Organizer for Diabetes Items, EpiPen, Antihistamines, Dietary Supplements – Insulated Medical Bag Safety Kit for Travel and School (Black)
  • ✔ Safe Storage – Thanks to the double zipper, you can make sure your medicine is protected from children. You can also attach the selected TSA lock to the zipper loop to perform additional actions.
  • ✔ Optimal Organization – The PracMedic T-MEDS bag is the perfect emergency bag. Each bag is designed with a compartment and pocket for storing medications and safety devices for easy access.
  • ✔ Insulation Protection – PracMedic T-MEDS 6mm Polyethylene Foam Bag isolates and protects chemicals and provides security.
  • ✔ Versatility – Our T-MEDS bag is a versatile medical bag that can be used as a daily diabetes bag or as a reliable first aid bag for camping and hiking. Storage compartment for Epipen, Auvi-Q, inhalers, spacers or tablets, and personal belongings.
  • ✔ ICE Card – Matching high quality emergency bag The Prac Medic T-MEDS bag comes with an emergency contact card containing your information and your doctor’s data. It helps you to respond quickly in an emergency.
Includes ChillMED Elite Diabetes Weekly Tour Operator Package | Insulin and Medications. Travel …
ChillMED Elite Diabetes Weekly Travel Organizer Package | Insulin and Pharmaceuticals Travel Cooler Bag with Reusable Ice Pack – Cool Up to 14 Hours – Red
  • »Elite Organizer: Do you have a lot? no problem! This bag is perfect for storing all your diabetic items in one place. On the cooled and uncooled sides, there is room for all the important items (and some)! And thanks to the specially designed pockets, you can easily organize your accessories.
  • »Drugs are kept cool and safe: The bag contains 16 ounces of Polar Tech Re-Freez-R Brix foam that can withstand up to 14 hours of cold! Use ChillMED Elite to relieve the stress of traveling with essential medicines.
  • Camping. This bag is specially designed to hold all diabetics such as glucos meters, insulin meters, test strips, pens, syringes, medicines, etc. This bag is designed for one day on the go You can easily carry all your supplies just for the sake of your time.
  • »High Quality: High quality materials are designed to ensure the durability and safety of medicines and consumables. Durable materials and removable shoulder straps make this bag ideal for diabetics and everyday use.
  • The size of the ChillMEDElite Diabetes Travel Bag is 9.5 x 6” x 3.5 ”.
Diabetic My Abetic Banting for Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, Insulin Syringes, Insulin Bottles, …
Diabetes My Abetic Banting Cases for Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, Insulin Syringes, Insulin Vials, Test Strips, etc. (Blush)
  • For diabetes, it includes a glucose meter, test strip, and puncture device
  • Space for one or two insulin pens
  • Includes removable pouch for dirty test strips
Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Travel Bag Waterproof Medical Box for Diabetics
Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Travel Bag Diabetes Medical Isolation Cooler Bag Waterproof Medical Isolator
  • ★ Excellent heat insulation – The upper material is waterproof nylon fabric, the inner material is environmental protection aluminum foil, and the middle layer is made of heat insulating cotton. It will last for years, good insulation effect. Intimate travel support for diabetics.
  • ★ TEMPERATURE – SGS certified, can be used with ice packs to keep all the contents of the pack cool and safe. Not only does it have excellent insulation, it also protects against the cold of winter. Keep it warm, cold and cold.
  • ★ External design – Card slot: You can add necessary information such as B. Contact information and drug name in case of loss. Handle: Easy to move. Comes with a reflective strip for safe night use.
  • ★ Small size and large capacity – Multi-layer mesh pocket design that is small and easy to carry. Inside, there is a heat shield layer, a storage layer, a buffer layer, five tool card slots, and two insulin pen slots. Large memory space, clear division of labor, ease of use.
  • ★ Dimensions – 9 * 3.3 * 5.9 inches (L * W * H); red empty pocket. 30 days refund, 1 year warranty, practical support.

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