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10 x 20ft High Performance Carport Carport Garage Canopy Party Tent Height Adjustable from …
10x20ft Heavy Duty Carport Canopy Garage Party Boat Height Adjustable 6.5ft ~ 8.0ft Beige
  • [Four Adjustable Heights]– Side heights on this canopy include 6.5 feet, 7.0 feet, 7.5 feet, or 8.0 feet, maximum heights of 9.5 feet, 10.0 feet, 10, 5 feet, and 11.0 feet. There are four options. You can choose the height that suits your different needs.
  • [Waterproof Cover]– This car’s sunroof is made of 180g heat-sealed 3-layer polyethylene fabric, which is UV resistant and waterproof, and can be used in all four weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain and dust. You can protect your car, hail and snow.
  • [Heavy Metal Frame]– This curtain has 1.5 inch galvanized steel poles, 6 strong legs, 1.65 inch diameter 1.2 mm thick connectors, 12 steel pins and 6 cattle anchors. Made of, it keeps all steel materials safer and more stable.
  • [Easy installation]– Tool-free frame makes it very quick and easy. Foot pads and anchors provide additional stability. Usually, two or more adults can set up this hanging tent in 30 minutes.
  • [1 year warranty]– 1 year warranty on bars and hoods. Other accessories such as connectors, hood pads, pegs, anchors and elastic bungee are guaranteed to last. You can buy with confidence!
Tangkula 13’x 13’Pavilion, with sunshade, pop-up pavilion for garden, suitable for terraces and gardens …
Tangkula 13’x 13’Gazebo Canopy, Pop-up Garden Suitable for gazebos, patios and gardens, 169 sqm outdoor gazebo tent, portable with carry bag
  • Humane design: The retractable canopy tent is equipped with buttons that can be quickly assembled and disassembled in seconds. This saves time and effort. On the other hand, a 3-step adjustment knob design that allows you to freely adjust the height of the tent roof to suit various needs.
  • Portable design with carrying bag: This retractable canopy tent comes with a carrying bag when camping. The tent can be put in the trunk and the storage space takes up very little space. In addition, the design with two wheels and handles makes it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Waterproof and sunlight resistant canopy: Steel frame with rust and corrosion protection for long-term use. A silver-coated 210D oxford fabric covers the steel frame for complete protection from rain and sunlight, providing shade in the summer. Let’s enjoy it naturally all year round.
  • Double Deck Roof for Ventilation: A retractable canopy tent with two decks provides ample airflow and keeps out rain and wind. Meanwhile, the unfolded top fabric cover ensures proper drainage. It will keep you cool during your summer vacation and keep your sanctuary for years to come.
  • Easy to assemble: Includes all required hardware and installation instructions. Follow the instructions and the second time is easy to assemble. It is also ideal for all outdoor activities such as small businesses, craft shows, backdoor parties, picnics, camping, parties, barbecues, vendors, flea markets and outdoor sports activities.
Avapatio 10x20ft Fabric Canopy Canopy Lock Fabric Design Heavy Duty Car Awning Portable…
Abba Patio 10 x 20ft Fabric Canopy Canopy Fabric Column Skirt Designs Party, Wedding, Garden, Boat, Outdoor Storage Canopy with 6 Steel Legs, Beige High Performance Curtain Portable Garage Protection
  • [Sturdy Heavy Weight Frame] ► This rugged steel carport frame is designed to be heavier than other similar models, making the carport more stable, safer and less wobbling, especially in strong winds. The steel frame is powder coated to prevent rust. Metal corner joints provide additional support, as well as powder-coated 1.5-inch poles.
  • [Durable Extra Thick UV Treated Canopy Covers Each Leg Pole] ► The three-layer fabric is a durable and durable polyethylene that is UV and water resistant. It protects your car or boat from wind, rain and snow. This carport has the same fabric to cover each post for a more decorative look.
  • [All Assembly Accessories included] ► A strong elastic cord secures the tarpaulin to the frame. The footpads are attached to the dome-shaped legs for added stability and easy access to fixing points.
  • [ Multiple Uses ] ► Great for storing and protecting trucks, boats and all other expensive tools and toys. It also provides shade and protection for outdoor events such as parties, weddings, picnics and other commercial or residential environments.
  • [Easy Assembly] ► This carport is easy to install and fully foldable for easy transportation and storage. Includes all installation hardware and instructions.
ABCCANOPY pop-up canopy, mosquito net wall hangings, camping screens, screens, …
ABCCANOPY pop-up canopy, mosquito net wall, camping screen house screen room, instant canopy tent, gray
  • Mesh Walls: Four mesh walls create a secluded and cool home. The mesh walls not only keep unwanted insects away, but also allow air and light to pass through. Feel cool, safe and comfortable in your garden, camping, picnic or other outdoor activities.
  • Easy setup: Set up in just 3 steps in 1 minute. There are no tools. Simply pull the top of the assembled frame out of the bag, pull it, cover the frame with a cloth, and pull out the legs. The thumb control button makes it easy to adjust and lock the frame.
  • Large Space: A 10×10 straight leg pop-up canopy provides about 15 people with a true 100 square foot shade. Central beak height with three height settings of 69 and 79” from floor to eaves floor. Suitable for exhibitions, parties, picnics and outdoor events. It’s shorter than most other 10×10 awnings that fold, so it fits behind the truck along with other gear.
  • WINDPROOF, UPF50 +: 300 denier polyester with a silver coating protects against 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. The extremely sturdy and sturdy retrofit frame can withstand strong winds in bags, ropes and stakes (don’t forget, including the package). Two special holes in the roof allow air to circulate in the tent. Makes the environment more comfortable and stable.
  • With a compact trolley bonus, 4 ropes, 4 steaks and 4 heavy bags: a practical bag with textured wheels and leather straps for easy transport and storage, it fits most cars. Wheels help you move easily on flat surfaces. In a career you can take it with you. It comes in handy when walking on rough roads. Take your retractable canopy with you wherever you go. In addition, weight pockets filled with sand and stone make the canopy more stable in the wind and rain.
COOSHADE 12X12Ft Straight leg large canopy tent, sunscreen, portable …
COOSHADE 12X12Ft Large Pop-up Straight Leg Canopy Tent, Instant Sun Protection, Portable Cool Cabana (White)
  • [SimpleAdjustableTentCOOSHADECanopyTentisequippedwithone-clicklocktechnologyThesturdymetalfullyassembledone-pieceframefeaturesatool-freelong-lifeandfastcentralmechanismthatallowsonepersontosetupeasilyandeasilyinoneminutewithjustoneclickEnjoytheshadequicklyandeasilyinthesun
  • [Features and technology]1) Add 8 reinforcing cross beams to the truss beam. This efficient design allows for superior durability, easy installation and improved frame stability. 2) High quality Microglide PTFE bearings are easy to assemble and can be moved downwards to bring the convertible top to any height. 3) Thicken the steel support and make the dome stronger and stronger.
  • [Large Shadow Protection]The CPAI-84 top of the flame-retardant Oxford fabric with a silver coating on the inside provides a 144m2 lid color with 99% UV protection from the sun. It cools and protects 12 to 14 people and is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. From sports games to farmers markets.
  • [Accessories]Fully assembled powder coated steel frame, flame-retardant silver-finished dome top CPAI-84, wear-resistant 600D roll bag, 4 punching bags, steak 8X, rope 4X
  • [Compact storage and easy to carry]Although it is a tall canopy, it can be folded flat into a 59 x 9 x 9 inch bag. Convenience of car transportation. Fits most backseats.600D material with excellent wear resistance, two handles to lift the team, wheels for self-rolling
Coleman Dome Camping Tent | Sundome Outdoor Tent for Easy Installation
Coleman Dome Camping Tent | Sundome Outdoor Tent for Easy Installation
  • The WeatherTec system’s patented welded floor and inverted seams are waterproof and spacious, allowing you to stand and move around.
  • The dome design allows for quick and easy setup, 10 minutes, a sturdy support sleeve that is unclogged and easy to install, and a rain fly awning that protects against rain and shade.
  • Floor ventilation for maximum ventilation, large windows keep the tent cool, and storage pockets keep things tidy
  • Insta-Clips is windproof, measures 3 x 3 m and fits 6 or 2 inflatable queen size beds
  • Height 1.88m, standing and walking space, 1 year limited warranty
Coleman 6-person dome tent with screen | Evanston Covered Pouch Camp
Coleman 6-person dome tent with screen | Evanston Covered Pouch Camp
  • Weather resistance: Welded corners and upside-down seams keep out water.The included rain cover provides additional protection from the elements
  • Normal altitude: Adjustable in 15 minutes
  • Scratch-free rest: 10 x 5 feet. Full screen space.
  • Spacious interior: 10 x 9 feet, central height 5 feet 8 inches.There is space for two inflatable queen size beds
  • Carrying bag: Included for easy storage
XXFBag 10’X 10′ Pavilion Canopy Tent Outdoor pavilion with side walls and fabric, large …
XXFBag 10’X 10’Pavilion Canopy Tent Patio Pavilion Outdoor sidewalls and fabrics, large party tents, waterproof metal frame wedding tents, UV block umbrellas for garden lawn patios
  • ☂ High quality materials – 10 x 10 feet barbecue pavilion with high quality sturdy steel construction, 150D polyester cover, flame retardant CPAI84 cover, water repellent fabric. The sun and light rain.
  • ☂ 4 Rugged side walls – The side walls of the pavilion canopy prevent mosquito bites and barbecue in the barbecue pavilion. In the event of a storm, lift the four sides of the upper canopy of the gazebo tent. We do not recommend using the Grill Pavilion during a storm.
  • ☂ Large – 10 x 10 inch gazebo offers large caliber shades. The entire pavilion tent is large enough for about 5-9 people to provide protection from direct sunlight and a comfortable cool shade.
  • ☂ Double Ventilation Roof – The pavilion canopy is equipped with a double ventilation roof. The double top design makes the entire pavilion tent more beautiful and is ideal for entertainment parties, weddings, garden events, picnics and family barbecues. It can also be used commercially in flea markets.
  • ☂ Quick and easy installation – The gazebo canopy comes with all the equipment and the tools you need. Follow the instructions on the portable gazebo. It is easy to install and the assembly time is estimated to be about 30 minutes.
AbbaPatio Oversized High Performance Carport with Detachable Sides Portable Garage Carport…
Avapatio Extra Large Heavy Duty Canopy, Portable Garage with Detachable Side Carport Boat Tent Party Wedding Garden Storage Shed 8 Legs 10 x 20ft Beige
  • [Sturdy Heavy Weight Frame] ► This rugged steel canopy frame is designed to be heavier than other similar models, making your car roof more stable, safer and less wobbling, especially in strong winds. Metal corner connections provide additional support. Also, the eight legs are 1.5 inches wide, making them more stable than other low-cost models.
  • [Durable Extra Thick UV Treated Canopy] ► The fabric is durable and made of durable polyethylene, UV and water resistant.It protects your car or boat from rain, wind and snow
  • [Removable Sidewalls and Doors] ► Removable sidewalls and doors provide even better weather resistance and can provide more privacy if needed. The door is also rolled up at both ends of the shade. Easy to assemble and remove.Great for all seasons
  • [Weather and Rust Resistant] ► The fabric is waterproof and UV resistant. The steel frame is powder coated to prevent rust.
  • [All Assembly Accessories included] ► A strong elastic cord secures the tarpaulin to the frame. The footrests are mounted on dome-shaped legs for added stability and easy access to safe mounting points.
10X20 heavy duty beige canopy top cap with frilled event construction
10X20 heavy duty beige canopy top cap with frilled event construction
  • ***** Includes tarpaulin, tools and toy operating instructions *****
  • Super strong polyethylene material
  • 100% UV treatment on both sides
  • 6 oz and 12 mils / 14 x 14 mesh per square meter
  • 100% water resistant and eyelets per 18 inch / corner brace

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