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Igloo 120 Quart Polar Oversized Insulated Portable Ice Drink Refrigerator, White,
Igloo 120 Quart Polar Oversized Insulated Portable Ice Drink Refrigerator, White,
  • The super-insulated body and lid keep the ice at 90 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 days.
  • Reinforced folding handle with mounting loop
  • Two snap locks close the cover tightly
  • Drain screw with screw for hose connection and easy emptying
  • Capacity 188 cans, external dimensions 38.31 L x 17.38” W x 17.75 D. Top – 34.69 x 14.88 x 13.25 inches, Bottom – 33 x 13.25 x 13.25 inches
BroilPro Accessory Waterproof Trolley Cover with Roller Cooler 80-100m² For most patio ice boxes.
BroilPro Accessories Waterproof Trolley Cover with Roller Cooler 80-100Qt Up to 43l x 22 W x 32 inch size for most party terraces and ice coolers
  • The waterproof base keeps your ice box completely dry. Completely covering the seams with sealing tape makes it 100% waterproof and dustproof and has a long life. Ideal for outdoors.
  • The radiator car cover is made of durable 600D polyester fabric with a waterproof laminate underneath. Envelope size: 43 L x 22” W x 32 H.
  • Textured vents on both sides remain open to prevent wind. Waterproof and ventilation. 2 year warranty.
  • Durable tape in the vents is easy to remove and double stitching adds strength. It comes with a large tool bag and is ideal for storing bottle openers and ice scoops.
  • The elastic bottom cord and straps provide a safe and custom fit, especially in strong winds and bad weather.
Cooler Trolley Cover-Universal, suitable for most 80 QT roller coolers (wheel terrace cooler, drinks …
Cooler Trolley Cover-Universal, compatible with most 80 QT roller coolers (rolling terrace coolers, beverage trolleys, movable ice buckets, party coolers) Protective cover, waterproof
  • Universal Install – (36 L x 19” W x 31.5 H) Fits most 80-100qt patio coolers from brands such as Tommy Bahama, Black Decker, Trinity and HIO (please check dimensions first)
  • Weatherproof – Made of waterproof 600D polyester with UV coating for maximum protection
  • Easy to remove – There are two built-in handles on the top for easy removal of the cover
  • Easy storage – A large zippered pocket (15 x 15 ) on the back of the refrigerator lid is convenient for storing accessories such as cuzzys, straws, bottle openers and ice cream scoops.
  • Money Back Guarantee – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 30 Day Money Back
Cooler car cover, universal waterproof external protective cover for most 80QT rolls …
Cooler Car Cover, Universal Waterproof External Protective Cover for Most 80 QT Roll Coolers, Car Patio Cooler Cover, Dust Truck Cover, Mobile Ice Box, Party Cooler (Gray)
  • ▶ Durable Oxford Polyester Fabric: Made of durable polyester fabric with a water repellent surface and waterproof primer to keep the cooler dry.
  • ▶ Technical data on refrigerated truck protection: required terrace cover. Made of waterproof 600D polyester, your favorite color, size 36 L x 19.5” W x 31.5 H.
  • ▶ Unique design: Side with handle for easy installation and removal. The sticky bottom fits tightly, especially in strong winds and stormy weather. Ventilation slots keep out moisture, condensation and wind.
  • ▶ Waterproof and dustproof: The waterproof base keeps the ice box completely dry. The full seam tape cover is 100% waterproof and dustproof, prolongs life and keeps the refrigerator truck closed. Designed for versatile quart refrigerator trucks suitable for different styles and brands.
  • ▶ Batch food: 1 refrigerated truck cover + 24 hours email customer service + 100% satisfaction + fast delivery. We are confident in the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us. Full refund without question.
REYLEO 52-Quart Rotating Camp Cooler, High Performance Ice Container, Holds Ice for Up to 4 Days,…
REYLEO 52 liter rotary cooler for camping, high performance ice box, holds ice for up to 4 days, with fish rules / attachment points for camping, barbecue, tail riding, outdoor activities ………
  • ❄[Premium Insulation]Insulation lids and additional wall insulation have a recommended ice-to-content ratio of 2: 1 and can hold ice for up to 3-5 days.
  • ❄[Heavy Duty]The Ray Leo cooler has a spacious capacity of 52 quarts and can store up to 80 cans. The perfect travel companion for family camping, fishing, parties and vacations!
  • ❄[Very sturdy]The sturdy handle with a fixed loop allows you to easily attach the cooler to the vehicle and open the cover without loosening the straps. Made of rugged rotomould construction, it has impact resistance of up to 700 lbs.
  • ❄[Functional design]The upper bottle holder is built into the lid to close the drink and prevent it from spilling. The stainless steel bottle opener is very convenient due to the cooler’s unique design. Use the top ruler to measure objects on the move.
  • ❄[Innovative function]The lower non-slip foot makes it easy to carry the cooler even on slopes. A soft drain plug for easily draining excess water without tilting the radiator. A double strong latch closes the cover tightly.
Clevr 80 Quart Qt ice cooler with wheels for patio parties on the patio, gray portable party bar …
Clevr 80 QuartQt Rolling Cooler Ice Box Outdoor Patio Party Gray Portable Party Bar Cold Beverage Cart Backyard Cooler Cart On Wheel Shelf Stand Bottle Opener
  • Large Capacity: Oversized 80 quarts / 20 gallons, 70 cans / 50 or more bottles, ideal for all outdoor and indoor activities such as barbecues and pool parties.
  • Keep cold every day: Powder coated steel (Note: not stainless steel), polypropylene-lined foam body, and smooth outer surface made of cover will be cold for several days
  • Practical function: A tray for storing additional drinks. Detachable double lid for easy access.Integrated bottle opener, lid shelf and drain
  • Quality Material: Sturdy, fully welded steel construction, durable and smooth powder coating for easy cleaning
  • Smooth Wheels: Four large (2.75 inch) multi-directional wheels and two sturdy handles make it easy to operate and carry. The two-wheel brake / lock system keeps the radiator in place.
Clevr 80 Quart Qt Rolling Cool Ice Cream Truck for Party Terrace Patio、Dark BrownWicker…
Clevr 80 Quart Qt Rolling Cool Ice Cream Cart for Patio Terrace Party、Dark Brown Faux Rattan Weave Bath Cart、Portable Backyard Drink Bar、Wheels with Shelf and Bottle Opener
  • Large Capacity: Oversized 80 quarts / 20 gallons, can hold up to 70 cans / 50 bottles, ideal for all outdoor and indoor events such as backyard grills and pool parties
  • Keep cold every day: The Styrofoam body and the cover covered with PP lining (polypropylene) keep it cool for days.
  • Practical function: A tray for storing additional drinks. Detachable cover with two hinges for easy access.Integrated bottle opener, lid shelf and drain
  • Quality and design: Durable and stylish all-weather rattan surface made of rattan. It looks great in combination with all types of patio furniture.Sturdy fully welded steel structure
  • Smooth Wheels: Four large (2.75 inch) multi-directional wheels and two sturdy handles make it easy to operate and carry. The two-wheel braking system keeps the radiator in place.
Cool shock absorber, 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Rigid pack – no ice required – robust and innovative packaging…
Cooling shock absorber, 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Rigid pack – no ice required – robust and innovative rib pack for quick cooling. CS rating exceeds 4000, average 4.6 stars (Clear 2 pack)
  • US Innovation – Cooler Shock Clear Polycarbonate Hard Shell – Our Strongest Case – Ribbed Surface and Polymer Resistance Fastest Cold Resistance – Durable Case Handles Everything – 10 x 13” x 1.25 Size
  • Each pack weighs 5 lbs when filled and replaces 7 lbs of ice – one addition of water to the internal cooler shock formula – simple steps – great value – 24 ~ for normal use 48 hour pack
  • No need for ice – the bag stays at 18 degrees Fahrenheit for hours and easily fits in any freezer – saves ice for success – skips shopping – also stores food in the event of a power outage Is the best
  • The gray package is made of HDPE and the clear package is made of durable polycarbonate – completely food safe – made in the USA – no mysterious chemicals – patent pending. Polycarbonate Model-Thanks for the support of US companies.
  • These transparent packages look amazingly frozen or thawed.
Cool Bag COHO | 20L Soft Cooler Insulated Sealed Portable Folding Cooler | Soft Bag…
Cool Bag COHO | 20L Soft Cooler Insulated Sealed Portable Folding Cooler | Padded Pocket Cooler for Beach, Travel, Picnic, Camping, Hiking, Kayak Cooler | Personal Cooler for 30 Cans
  • Waterproof – Unique quality insulation works together. The outer layer of the soft wall cooler is a waterproof surface, the middle layer is made of 25 mm polyethylene foam, and the inner layer is lined with a completely sealed material. Soft touch, high elasticity, long life. This foldable cooler is perfect for picnic bags, car coolers, golf bag coolers and travel coolers.
  • Wide Folding Opening Design: When unpacking the waterproof zipper, all the ingredients and drinks in the ice pack are fully visible in front of you so you can quickly find cold food and drinks. It fits perfectly in the trunk of a car, especially for beach use. The beach cooler bag stands upright in the sand and balances, making it the perfect cooler bag for beach use.
  • Excellent Cooling Function – Cold compresses have a 2: 1 ice-to-content ratio that keeps food and drink cold for up to 72 hours. An airtight zipper keeps the cold air in this refrigerator and isolates the hot air from the outside. This durable soft cooler bag can be used with other Artic coolers such as Engel-Cooler, Yeti-Soft-Cooler, Playmate-Cooler, RTIC 65-Cooler, Titan-Bison-Cooler, Titan-Deep-Freeze-Cooler, etc. Feel the difference compared to the bag!
  • Large space and easy to carry – 20L large capacity can hold 30 cans of drink while storing enough ice cubes. The backpack comes with a removable padded shoulder strap and two handles. You can also use a sturdy shoulder strap. Either way, you will find it easier to reach your goals. This waterproof cooler is a great cooler bag that you can share with any Icemule cooler for the rest of your life. The Arctic cold and premium design of this soft cooler is obvious.
  • BPA Free and Easy to Care – The soft cooler lining is made of high quality BPA free material. And this cooler bag is easy to clean. Only paper towels are used for cleaning, leaving no odor that prevents mold and mold growth. Other soft and fake coolers often cause unpleasant odors, mold and scatter. The Coho salmon cooler bag is easy to clean and is specially designed to stay, sniff and look the way you want.
Rotary cooler Cascade Mountain Tech 80 liters, baskets, cup holders, built-in bottles …
Cascade Mountain Tech 80 liter rotary molding cooler, basket, cup holder, integrated bottle opener (RC-80-WH)
  • Extremely durable: Due to the rotomould structure, this structure has a durable rubber latch, a durable nylon rope handle, a molded locking plate, an embedded drain plug to prevent leaks, non-slip legs, Equipped with anti-freezing seal.
  • Ice retention for several days: Uses 3 inch insulation for maximum ice / refrigeration.Holds up to 70 cans + ice
  • This spin-molded cooler is perfect for any occasion, whether fishing, camping or barbecuing in the garden.It meets all your requirements
  • Includes a dry food basket to keep lunch and snacks dry and keep the rest of the items iced, and a cup holder to keep your drinks safe.
  • Dimensions: Internal volume 80 liters. Inside: 26.62 x 11.18” x 14.75 Outside: 33.18” x 19.25 x 20.31”, weight: 49 lbs.

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