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CADY (4mm 7mm 10mm) Three-in-one corner stamp for paper
CADY (4mm 7mm 10mm) Three-in-one corner stamp for paper
  • Thank you for your purchase.Answer the following questions
  • 1. This type of embossing equipment requires high quality paper. Please use the paper jam 160-220G. When the paper is too thin. Please use 2-3 layers
  • 2. Do not use damp, damp paper. This does not result in smoothness around these pages.
  • 3. Please use after a while. Use vegetable oil. Use a knife. Thoroughly lubricate the cutter. This keeps the cutter sharp.
  • Thanks for coming. All our products are handmade tools. If you have a problem with your purchase. Please contact us. Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy shopping at Amazon.Thank you very much
We R Memory Keepers We R Memory 1/4 and 1/2 Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper、0.25” / 0.5 、Aqua
We R Memory Keepers We R Memory 1/4および1/2Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper、0.25” / 0.5”、Aqua
  • Tools 3.75 x 6.25 x 1.125 inches
  • Rounded corners
  • Soft silicone handle
  • Add fully rounded corners to paper, cardboard, photo, particleboard, leather, plastic, acrylic / poly and more.
  • Allows two angles, 1/4 and 1/2”
Caydo 8-piece leather handcraft tool Semi-circular puncher for making belts, wallets, etc …
Caydo Craft Tools Leather 8-part semi-circular hole punch for manufacturing belts, wallets and bags, 5-40 mm
  • Ease of use: All you have to do is stamp a semi-circular stamp to decorate the end of the strap
  • Tools of various sizes: 8 size semi-circular stamps allow you to create belts for different sizes
  • Durable tool: The semi-circular punch is made of steel.
  • Wide range of applications: For belt end, pocket corner, leather manufacturing.
  • Great tool: The central punch edge is sharp
We R Memory Keepers 0633356602583 Perforated board and punch 3-way corner round
We R Memory Keepers 0633356602583 Perforated Board Punch 3 Way Corner Round
  • Punching – WR – Perforated board and punching – 3-sided corner machine
  • American Stationery Too Kankurafu Perennial Stationery Fashion Paper
  • Perforated Board and Hammer Drill WeR Memory Keepers-3 Direction Corner Round
PORTER KABEL Angle Chisel (42234)
PORTER KABEL Angle Chisel (42234)
  • Align the hinges of the door lock with the corners of the indentation.
  • Self-leveling for optimum accuracy
  • Spring-loaded; 3/8 inch cutting edge for accuracy
  • The length is 2.75 inches.
  • More efficient than hand carving
MyLifeUNIT Angle Hammer 5mm, Blue
MyLifeUNIT Angle Hammer 5mm, Blue
  • Round milling cutter, cutting radius 5 mm
  • Stainless steel blade, a durable and excellent tool for rounding and trimming sharp corners of paper
  • The floor acts like a trash can, holds parts, is convenient and easy to clean
  • For cutting paper, photos, laminated paper, gift cards, cardboard
  • Size: 7.3 x 3.5 cm (radius x height)
Punching Set EK Tool Mini Corner Rounders
Hall Set EK Tool Mini Corner Rounders
  • Create perfectly rounded corners on cards, gifts, scrapbooks and more.
  • Two sizes in one package: 0.50 and 1”
  • Through locks for compact stacking and storage
  • Paper alignment assistance for accurate placement
DGOL 5 size arc leather cutter craft strap arc end with angle cover craft strap round cut…
DGOL 5 size leather arc cutter craft strap belt DIY arc end bracket round coating punch tool set
  • These are handy leatherworking tools used to cut the corners of leather, make purse straps, and end the straps.
  • Material: Manganese Steel Color: Silver, as shown in the picture.These tools are comfortable and not lively, but they are very convenient and can launch smooth and comfortable angles.
  • Arc Punch 5: 10MM, 15MM, 20MM, 30MM, 40MM included in the following sizes
  • Galvanized punching, very sharp, smooth angles for bags, wallets, pockets, belts, wallets, belts, collars, etc.
  • Sharp enough for most leather projects, but if you still feel the end is not sharp, sharpen the shock before use
Fiskars 3-in-1 rotary hammer for corners / edges, tip 117290-1001), blue
Fiskars 3-in-1 rotary hammer for corners / edges, tip 117290-1001), blue
  • Great for adding decorative corners to cards, invitations, scrapbook pages and other paper crafts
  • Three complementary corner designs ensure creative versatility
  • Always provide a neat line every time to get good results
  • For best results, use at £ 65.Cardboard and below
  • Lifetime warranty
Crop-A-Dile Eyelets and Punches by We R Memory Keepers | Blue Comfort Handle
Crop-A-Dile Eyelets and Punches by We R Memory Keepers | Blue Comfort Handle
  • Decorate your project: Crop-A-Dile allows you to add grommets, eyelets, and other decorations to your project.
  • Ease of use: Drill 1/8 or 3/16” holes in paper, leather, plastic, metal, chipboard, acrylic, cloth, wood, etc.
  • Perfect for projects of all sizes: The slide measurement feature makes it easy to adjust your layout.
  • Comfortable design: The comfortable handle fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hit all day long!

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