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Floor cable wire shape, Corduk, cable protection, organizer, cable cover, set for laying rubber …
Wire Mold Floor Cable Management Kit, corduk, Cable Protector, Wire Organizer and Cover, Rubber Cover and Cable Concealer, Ivory, 5ft, CDI-5
  • Floor Cable Cover: Wire Molded Cord Overfloor Cord Protector is the perfect floor and countertop cable masker for hiding cables, Ethernet cables, power cords and wires. Wiremold’s cable cover hides cables and wires for a smooth, trigger-free surface.
  • Applies to any surface floor: Wire Mold Cord Overfloor Cord Protector contains pressure sensitive tape that can be applied to any floor surface (for indoor use only).
  • Available sizes and colors: Wire-molded floor cable covers are available in 60-foot lengths. The card hole size is 2 1/2 L x 7/16” H x 1/2 W. The rubber duct floor cable cover is available in three colors: brown, ivory, black and gray. I will.
  • Easy installation Cable cover: The wire cover of the wire molded floor cable provides flexibility in product installation. If you need a different size, just cut the lid to the desired length with scissors or a utility knife. The sticky base makes it easy to attach to any surface.
  • Durable Cable Bottom Cover: A rugged, thin cover that protects the cable and reduces the risk of tripping.
D-Line 6ft Cable Floor Cover, Cable Guard, CC-1, Cable Guard and Trip Hazard, Black
D-Line 6ft Cable Floor Cover, Cable Guard, CC-1, Cable Guard and Trip Hazard, Black
  • High quality flexible PVC floor cable protectors are provided rolled – rewound for flattening. (No need to add boiling water to unwind).
  • The D-Line cable cover eliminates the common causes of travel, pulling and falls that are popular in Russia. Gyms, offices, factories, etc.
  • D-Line floor protection can protect up to two 0.31 inch diameter cables.
  • All D-Line cable protectors have a ribbed non-slip base and a pre-split back for ease of use.
  • Floor cable cover dimensions: 6′(L) x 2.37”(W) x 0.5”(H) Internal channel = 0.63”(W) x 0.31” (H)
Coordinated Black 6ft Floor Cable Cover Rubber Low Profile Cable Protector 4300 36ft 6ft
Coordinated Black 6ft Floor Cable Cover Rubber Low Profile Cable Protector 4300 36ft 6ft
  • Safety: Wire HDMI cables, power strips, surge protectors, and other cables to open floors, countertops, or walls without tripping or damaging the cables.
  • Low profile: The rounded surface provides a seamless solution for unblocking cables, extension cords and wires, allowing the wheel to easily slide over the cover.
  • Easy installation: Avoid unnecessary disconnection by the pre-split channel under the cable cover. It can be easily attached to most surfaces with double-sided tape (included).
  • Perfect size: This cable cover is 6 feet long and 2 1/2 inches wide, but can be cut to shorter distances, making it ideal for any living or work area.
  • Durability: PVC material is flexible yet durable, making it ideal for frequently visited outdoor areas such as event venues and warehouses.
UT Wire 5’Cable Blanket Heavy Duty, Low Profile Cover and Cable Guard, Brown
UT Wire 5’Cable Blanket Heavy Duty, Low Profile Cover and Cable Guard, Brown
  • Compact Low Profile Protective Cable – Ultra-thin floor cable and low profile wire cover are suitable for all types of surfaces such as concrete, tile, stone, vinyl, wood, laminate, short pile carpet and protect the floor from risk. To do. Stumble. Keep it clean and hide from unsightly clutter.
  • Adhesive Ready-The cable cover is ready to be installed. Simply remove the glue, cover the required cables and stick them to the floor.
  • Flexible Power Supply-Thanks to the flexible shield, the cable cover provides space for up to 10 Ethernet cables or 5 extension cables.
  • Soft and flexible – Sharp household scissors that can be easily cut to any length.
  • Product dimensions: 60 L x 4” W x 0.125 H.
Cable Tray-Floor Cable Protection Cable Protection PVC Cable Cover Floor Cable Protection
Cable Tray-Floor Cable Protection Cable Protection PVC Cable Cover Floor Cable Protection
  • 1) Versatile There are not only floor protectors for all cables, but also wall protectors to protect cables for phones, TVs, monitors, lights, etc.
  • 2) The best durable and durable PVC raw material with a load capacity of 50-120 lbs
  • 3) Easy and quick installation with durable adhesive double-sided tape.
  • 4) Different sizes, 3 sizes of your choice
  • 5) Different colors, 7 colors of your choice
Wire mold cable management kit, cables, cable organizers and covers, cable covers, concealers, …
Wire Mold Cable Management Kit, Cable, Cable Organizer and Cover, Cable Cover, Concealer and Wall Protection, White, Single Cable, C110
  • The CordMate kit includes a 9-foot wire duct (3 sections, 3 feet long), two sleeves, one inner elbow, one outer elbow, and two flat elbows.
Electriduct D-2 Low Profile Rubber Cable Cable Cover Floor Cable Protector – 5ft – Brown (Raw…
Electriduct D-2 Low Profile Rubber Cable Cable Cover Floor Cable Protector – 5ft – Brown (Rubber Material)
  • Length: 5 feet | Color: Brown | Cable protectors come with SLIT in the center duct for versatile installation on connected wires and cables.No need to disable or disable anything
  • Duct size: 0.75 W x 0.3125” H | Overall width: 3.25 inches; Overall height: 0.5625
  • Cut to the desired length with a writing knife.Easy to place, place next to heat source for flexibility
  • Made in USA – High Quality Solid Rubber | Ribbed bottom provides extra traction to keep it from slipping. Great for homes and offices.Organize and protect your room’s computer cables, power extenders, and Ethernet network cables | Thin to reduce the risk of tripping
  • This is untreated rubber, defects and wear are natural and are expected like all rubber products. Brand new products may have a thin white coating. This is the rubber bloom” part of the flowering process expected of the product. Most of these badges can be removed by cleaning with your favorite cleaner, depending on where you place the cable cover.
Floor Cable Protection X-Protector – Floor Cable Protection – 5’Silicon White Cable Protection –…
X-Protector Floor Cable Cover-Floor Cable Protection-5’Silicon White Cable Protection-Ideal Extension Cover to Protect Floor Cables-Adhesive Power Cable Protection (60”)
  • Do you want to protect all the cables in your home? Have you ever stumbled on a wire? The X-PROTECTOR cord cover solves your problems and protects your floor wires in your beautiful home!
  • CORD FLOOR COVER X-Protector – WHITE CORD PROTECTOR is made of high quality material – BPA-free silicon keeps the basic shape on the floor and provides a reliable adhesive support cord cover on the floor ..
  • X-PROTECTOR Floor Cable-Fully applicable to all floors-Door wiring includes heavy adhesive tape that can be applied to any floor-Perfect protection for your home!
  • 5ft X-PROTECTOR Cable Cover – Extension Cover Best Size 5ft x 2 1/2inch Width – Just cut to the correct length and cover the floor wire!
  • X-PROTECTOR is a registered trademark – AVOIDCOPY. We guarantee that our customers will be 100% satisfied with the floor cables! If you don’t like it – we will refund your money. Order Now Without Risk-Press the Add to Basket” button now!
Raceway kit Cable cover, 157 inch cable cover duct, cable cover Paintable cable protection, …
Cable Cover Trim Kit, 157 inch Cable Cover Channel, Color Cable Masking System Cable Cutter, Cord, Cable, TV Power Cord Hidden on Home Office Wall, 10X L15.7 x 0.95” x 0.55
  • Decorate your home or office. The Delamu Cable Cover hides and organizes unsightly cables at home or in the office. This is the easiest way to clean up cluttered cables and increase practice space.
  • 10 cable management channels. Contains 10 PVC channels.Each channel L15.7 x W0.95” x H0.55 ; 19 different connectors. 20 screws and 20 anchors. 1x self-adhesive; total length 157 inches
  • Simple and easy installation. Each pack contains bolts and anchors. Alternatively, you can choose adhesive tape. Both methods are easy. You can choose what you need.Cannot be used for textured walls
  • Protect your children and pets from danger. The safety of your family is our number one priority. Hide cables and cords near the ground.Protect children and pets and keep away from cables
  • Cut and paint; customize to any length and color. The wire duct is thin and smooth to fit perfectly into home decoration. You can paint the running track in any color to match the wall and cut it to any length with the included knife.
Belkin cord concealer with double-sided tape (gray, 6 feet)
Belkin cord concealer with double-sided tape (gray, 6 feet)
  • Concealer-Concealer for floors and tabletops hides unsightly entangled cables
  • Hide the cable to prevent the risk of tripping
  • You can wrap corners and furniture with supple material.
  • You can easily cut it to the length you like.Wear protection from pedestrian traffic
  • With double-sided adhesive tape.Practical cable management solution for home and office

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