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Adjustable Olympic power bank by Marcy Competitor with leg trainer for weightlifting and …
Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Mercy Competitor CB-729 Weightlifter and Leg Trainer
  • Adjustable backrest in 5 positions – The Olympic athlete bench has multiple position backrests that can be adjusted to suit your exercise program. It has an independent height adjustable crutch with a quick release handle to help you find your ideal position. B. Perform different training exercises on different bench configurations, including chest, reclining, military, and reclining positions.
  • Double Shoe-This bench features a double-acting leg builder to help strengthen your lower body. It also comes with padded foam rollers for maximum ankle and knee comfort.
  • High Density Foam – The Mercy Competition Bench consists of 2 inch thick pillows to help you exercise comfortably. It also helps the body to reduce muscle fatigue during exercise. The foam pad is very stable, can withstand high pressures and is guaranteed to withstand heavy lifting.
  • Olympic Plate Weight – This bench has dense pads that can hold up to 600 pounds. Olympic-sized dumbbells can also be used.
  • Comfortable Foam Rollers – Foam rollers are shaped to support your knees and ankles. It develops the major muscle groups of the lower limbs while increasing muscle tone in the upper body. You can do a variety of exercises on this weight bench.
Mercy Competitor Standard Training Bench 80lb Vinyl Coated Weight CB-20111
Mercy Competitor Standard Training Bench 80lb Vinyl Coating CB-20111
  • Multifunctional Training Kit – This versatile weight bench gives you 80 pounds of weight gain for upper and lower body workouts. Train your chest and arms with a standard barbell holder and exercise your lower body with Total Leg Developer.
  • Multi-Position Background – Designed with an adjustable back cushion that allows for flat, sloping chest press exercises. The comfortable seat allows you to develop important muscle groups from all angles.
  • Heavy Structure – With luxurious roll cushions made of high quality, high density foam, this bench is the perfect partner for strength training. The sturdy steel and tubular frame supports standard size arms and weight plates.
  • DOUBLE ACTION FOOT DESIGNER – This exercise machine has a double-acting foot builder and roll cushions. Leg builders have pivot points that ensure proper body position during exercise to maximize the performance of specific muscle groups.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer-This exercise device has a 2-year expiration date, so you can make the most of your money. This versatile device provides weightlifters with reliable exercise equipment and a great addition to home gyms.
Best Choice Products Adjustable Folding Barbell Stand and Strength Fitness Bench for Home Gym,…
Best Choice for Home Gymnastics, Strength Training Adjustable Folding Barbell Stand and Weight Bench
  • Universal Training Accessories: Perfect for custom training and home gyms, this bench offers a variety of workouts such as bench press, squats, leg raises and push-ups.
  • Wide Structure: This versatile bench features a wide design that allows you to lift weights in all areas without restrictions, providing high quality upper body training.
  • Durable Design: This foldable indoor and outdoor bench is built with safety in mind and has sturdy non-slip rubber legs that enable high quality non-slip personnel. Is equipped with.
  • Durable construction: This bench is decorated with synthetic leather and a durable powder-coated steel frame to ensure comfortable training for years to come.
  • Overall dimensions: 47.5 (L) x 28 ” (W) x 34-41.25(H); Weight: 330 lbs.
Weight bench, adjustable training bench with dumbbells, strength training, whole body training fitness home …
Weight Bench, Adjustable Weight Bench, Strength Training Whole Body Training Home Fitness Equipment
  • [Adjustable Bank]. The bench has 5 levels of fitness angle settings. You can set the bench as a sloping bench, flat bench, sloping bench, or upright bench to suit different training goals.
  • [Folding design]Convenient to carry The folding design makes it easy to store and carry, and saves 80% of space. You can use it anywhere, such as at home or in the office. This training bench is easy to assemble.
  • [Multifunctional Bench]The bench equipped with leg support and chest support is suitable for chest, shoulder, back and abdominal muscle training such as bench press, shoulder press, dumbbell curl and squat.
  • [Safe and Durable]The sturdy steel construction with a triangular construction can withstand 330 lbs of non-slip rubber feet to keep your workout safe and efficient. With a soft foam pad and the perfect size for most people, you can do any exercise with a comfortable sensation.
  • [Service Guarantee]We will guarantee customer service within 6 months from the date of purchase. If there is a quality problem within 6 months, it cannot be used normally. Please contact us, we will use the solution that suits you.
Mercy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench, Leg Exercise and Squat Rack MD-879
Mercy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench, Leg Exercise and Squat Rack MD-879
  • Overall dimensions: 65.75 L x 65.50” W x 64.50 H | Crutch maximum weight: 300 lbs
  • Additional Comfort – This workout bench features padded seats and vinyl foam back cushions for extended lifting and sitting comfort. The rubber grip on the flexed handle of the arm gives you even more control when you sweat.
  • Adjustable Design-The Mercy Diamond Olympic Bench features adjustable back and arm flex pillows for tilting, bending and flat chest exercises. You can also adjust the height of the barbell crutches for easy access.
  • Sitrac – You can use different squat racks for squats and lunges, giving you more flexibility in your workout mode.
  • UNIVERSAL OLYMPIC BENCH – This training bench is ideal for a variety of whole body workouts. The two-piece design allows you to exercise on both your arms and legs, so you can use it to develop both your upper and lower body.
Doeplex Flatweight Bench, Seated Abs Exercise Bench – Rated 1200 lbs…
Doeplex Flatweight Bench, Seated Abs Exercise Bench – Lifting with a nominal weight of 1200 lbs
  • The seats on the flat weight bench have been enlarged. High-density memory foam pads and a professionally sewn premium PU coating provide maximum comfort and functionality.
  • Durability and reliability: Developed for training with dumbbells, barbells, forges, cages, or power stands. The Doeplex bench can hold up to 1200 pounds.
  • Perfect support for a variety of exercises: A 12.3-inch wide cushion with a sturdy 19-inch base is ideal for supporting your back and legs during a bench press.
  • Quality Material: Our bench is made of 2 x 2” 11 gauge steel and features a thick plywood base, a high density foam core and a top layer for the perfect combination of support and comfort. I will. The 3-inch pillows are covered with durable non-slip vinyl and are professionally sewn. The base is secured with two rows of screws (six in total) for maximum stability.
  • Perfect for all home gyms: This bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises and build specific muscle groups from your home comfort.
Marcy Olympic Strength Bank Whole Body MD-857
Marcy Olympic Strength Bank Whole Body MD-857
  • Premium Steel Structure – Surge Bank is made of durable foam and vinyl to provide durable training equipment for long-term use. Safe and comfortable. The compact and stable design provides the perfect support for your daily workouts!
  • Assembly dimensions: 80 L x 47.5” W x 60 H.
  • Maximum Lift: Maximum Weight 600 lbs (including User) | Maximum User Weight – 300 lbs | Maximum User Weight – 300 lbs | Paul’s Maximum Catch – 300 lbs
  • Dual-Function Leg Developer-Dual-function includes a pivot point for the knee joint and a locking mechanism for abdominal exercises. This block promotes proper posture and maximizes the target muscle group.
  • Shift Seat – This machine has an adjustable seat with rails and a backrest to ensure the correct lifting position. This takes advantage of the additional benefits of strenuous exercise with accurate body alignment.
Whole body training HARISON adjustable training bench for home gymnastics …
HARISON Weight Bench Adjustable Whole Body Training Bench Home Gym Strength Training Multipurpose Folding Flat Tilt Bench 550 lbs (HR-608)
  • [Fully adjustable weight bench]New in 2020 !!! Made of durable steel and triangular mechanical support, 6 backrests and 3 seats can be adjusted for full body training, so various training You can find the best position for your unit and increase your body’s resistance.
  • [Folding Exercise Bench with Strap]This adjustable weight bench can be folded on the wall to save space.With a solid backrest, you can bench press at 6 different angles, from flat to slope to slope.
  • [Comfortable ergonomic design]High-density comfortable foam pad and seat support prevent muscle fatigue during training. Commercially available 50mm * 50mm steel, weight tested and corrosion resistant ensure safety during exercise.
  • [Easy assembly]Most of the benches are pre-assembled for practical reasons. All you need to do is assemble the front support tubing and foam rollers. You can complete the assembly quickly and enjoy reclining training at home.
  • [NoneedtopurchaseOrdernowandgeta1-yearreplacementframeanda30-daypadwarrantyNotsatisfiedwithcompletesurrender
Olympic Strength Bench Body Champ BCB5860, Preacher’s Arm Curl, Leg Trainer, Twist Grip, Dark …
BCB5860 Olympic Strength Bench Body Champ, Arm Curl, Leg Trainer, Twist Grip, Dark Gray / Black
  • Made for your fitness purpose: This multifunctional high performance bench for Olympic strength with a 2.5 inch square tube has optional attachments and accessories for a complete training sample It is attached.
  • Improved safety and comfort: The U-shaped forefoot stabilizer provides safety and stability during training. The rack has a snap-on safety hook and a safety grip feature to prevent your hands from being pinched when reattaching.
  • 7 Position Adjustable Back: This bench press features customizable features for an ergonomic and optimal training position, such as an adjustable full leg extension / lift and an armlock with adjustable foam rollers. I will.
  • Accessories: Accessories include a plate adapter, spring clips for leg trainers, preacher curl pads, arm curl bars, and stomach crunches with foam grips. Everything is included.No need to purchase separately
  • Compatibility: This workout bench is compatible with most 6’and 7’weight sets. The length between the gates of the crossbar that you plan to use on this bench should be greater than 38.5 inches.
Bench Weider Pro 265
Bench Weider Pro 265
  • Includes 80 lbs vinyl weight set
  • Lying on a sloping bench
  • Preacher’s tight vertical curl
  • Leg developer vinyl sheet, exercise table
  • Weightlifting bench set for isolated movement and correct shape, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, quadriceps, legs, and gluteal muscles strengthening, 15963

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