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Professional garden hose with proper water coil, lead-free and safe drinking water, 50ft x 3/8 , …
Professional right spool garden hose, lead-free and safe for drinking, 50ft x 3/8 , olive green
  • Manufactured in the United States from 100% lead-free, high quality FDA and NSF UV stabilized polyurethane.
  • The hose comfortably extends up to about 43 feet. There are 12 inch spigots on both ends of the spool for easy attachment to valves and nozzles.
  • A light hose ideal for irrigating small balconies, patios, containers and small gardens.Contains no phthalates and is safe for drinking water
  • Strain relief specially designed on both ends of the hose to prevent twisting of the hose.Flexibility in all weather conditions, even at negative temperatures
  • Rigid chrome-plated brass fittings provide long-lasting, long-lasting hose fittings that keep lead out of the water, do not discolor
Dramm 17005 ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose, 5/8 x 50”, Blue
Dramm 17005 ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose, 5/8 x 50”, Blue
  • High quality rubber hose
  • Waterproof up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Kink resistance
  • Easy to roll up even in the cold season
  • Impact resistant nickel plated coupling
BIRDROCK HOME Decorative water hose holder with lid – Garden hose container on the ground – Beautiful – Handle…
BIRDROCK HOME Decorative water hose holder with lid – Flowerpot for grounding the hose – Nice – Grip – Embossed – Steel metal with copper insert – Outdoor or indoor
  • Hidden tissue: After watering plants and flowers, store the water hose properly. The cover hides the hose, but also protects it from dirt and dust.
  • Decorative accents: Give your garden, patio, patio or veranda an attractive yet functional look.
  • Lightweight and durable: Made of sturdy steel, it is lightweight yet durable and durable.
  • Universal use: It can also be used indoors to store household items such as magazines, plants, blankets and firewood.
  • Holds water hoses up to 100 feet.Dimensions: 20.5 L x 20.5” W x 17.5 H. Weight: 12.5 lbs. Report incorrect product information
Plews / Edelmann Amflo 24-25E-RET Polyurethane Air Hose with Return Pipe – Lightweight, No Damage,…
Plews / Edelmann Amflo 24-25E-RET Polyurethane Air Hose with Return Pipe – Lightweight, Unmarked, Very Flexible at Low Temperature, Self-Aligning, Ideal for Home, Business or Industry, 1/4 x 25” Blue
  • Self-holding development hose: Holds self-bonding properties. Save when you’re done.Don’t waste the time hoisting the storage hose
  • No sign, no month: Smooth, no marking.Great for upholstery and won’t damage lacquered surfaces, wooden floors, surfaces or laminates
  • Flexibility in cold climates: Polyurethane hoses are ideal for year-round use at temperatures up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Strength: Oil resistance and chemical resistance. With braided reinforced nylon, this hose is ideal for harsh environments such as garages and industrial applications.
  • Do not rotate or clamp: 1/4 inch NPT quarter turn to reduce twist. The sturdy PVC bending strap prevents damage to the ends of the hose. Working pressure of 120 psi / 480 psi, temperature range of -30 to +150
Certified Home Appliance Accessories Washing Machine Hose, Hot or Cold Water Supply, PVC Core …
Certified Device Accessories Wash hose, hot or cold water pipe, premium PVC core made of braided stainless steel (8 feet)
  • 3/4 FGH (Inner Garden Hose) x 3/4” FGH fitting, stainless steel coupling, with brass stem, secure connection
  • The outer mesh of stainless steel is resistant to punctures, twists and twists
  • Clear vinyl surrounds the flexible and durable polyester PVC inner core tube for increased strength under pressure
  • Used as a hot or cold water supply for household washing machines.
  • Corrosion resistant and long life
Cesun 25ft 304 Stainless steel metal garden hose, sturdy brass nozzle, easy to carry …
Cesun 25ft 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose with Brass Nozzle, Easy to Carry Long Lasting Cool Touch Flexible Buckle Resistant (25ft Retrofit)
  • Flexible, kinky, and tangle-free – versatility in all weathers, with excellent maneuverability around bushes, flower beds, gardens, and trees. Our hoses are tangled and twist-free, making them easy to use and easy to attach to faucets.
  • Leak-free – High-quality materials ensure a constant flow of leak-free high-pressure water. We also provide professional customer service that makes our customers smile. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us. We usually reply within a few hours.
  • Roll Perfect – Puncture protection and advanced steel construction technology allow the hose to be fully wound and unwound each time.
  • Lightweight and durable – The hose is made of 304 stainless steel and provides excellent protection from rust and corrosion without feeling heavy. The hose set also includes a free high performance nozzle.
  • 100% Guarantee – 30-day money back guarantee on all items purchased from the Cesun store. 12 months replacement warranty, 24/7 online customer service, lifetime technical support.
EMBATHER Shower hose 96 inch extra long, extra long explosion-proof PVC hand hose …
EMBATHER Shower Hose 96inch Extra Long Extra Long Explosion Proof PVC Hand Hose, Flexible Connection Standard
  • Shower Hose Addition: 96 inch Shower Hose – This shower hose is long enough to wash your hair while sitting in the tub, clean the bath and shower combination, and rinse.
  • Light and flexible – This shower hose is light and flexible and cannot be twisted.
  • Installation in minutes: The standard 1/2 pipe plug NPT and G1 / 2” plugs are compatible with global 1/2 interfaces and most standard showerheads.
  • Beautiful finish: Made of environmentally friendly material, it comes with two regular shower washers with brass fittings.
  • Lifetime Warranty-If you have any quality issues (other than human damage), please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
ECOTOPIA 100ft expandable garden hose, expandable water hose with 9 water spray functions …
ECOTOPIA 100ft expandable garden hose, expandable 9 function water hose with water spray, garden hose, outer and inner hoses, flexible expandable hose with easy-to-move storage bag
  • Lightweight and expandable design: The 100-foot expandable water hose weighs only 2.74 lbs 33 feet in its original length and expands to 100 feet when used at 40-75 psi water pressure to 33 feet. When drained, it shrinks compactly in a few seconds. Does not take up space. We also have bags for storage.
  • Multifunctional Water Hose Nozzle: The high performance nozzle includes 9 different types of water, a lockable release clip for long-term stress-free irrigation, and a water regulator to change the water pressure. Rotating bezel for easy spray selection. In addition, the rubberized outer coating is non-slip, providing additional comfort during use.
  • Ergonomic, Anti-Slip, Anti-Freeze Handle, Long Life: Our expandable water hose has a 4-layer latex core inside, uses 3750D polyester fabric for the US standard outer material, and rusts fittings. Let me break the hose. It is free from leaks and corrosion and operates at temperatures from -4 122 (-20 ° C) to 122 ℉ (50 ° C). It is stronger and more durable than ever before and provides additional security to prevent leaks and breakage.
  • Fixed 3/4 Brass Fittings: Our garden hoses come with standard 3/4 inch brass fittings and work with standard US mixer taps. Brass fittings break It won’t tear, tear, leak, or corrode. The integrated brass connector is much more durable than traditional materials.
  • 100% Refund and Risk-Free Guarantee: We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not happy with our water hose, we will refund your money or make a new replacement. 30-day money back guarantee, no questions.
Plastair WHA-625-7IN-4-AMZ Ulink Adhesive Protection (2 pcs), Green, 5/8
Plastair WHA-625-7IN-4-AMZ Ulink Adhesive Protection (2 pcs), Green, 5/8
  • 180 degree flexibility
  • Prevents the crane from buckling
  • Maximum flow rate during bending
  • Extend the life of the hose
  • Made in canada
Dryer Vent cleaner 2 bags Dryer Vent trap cleaner with lint brush Long and flexible cooling coil …
Dryer Vent Cleaner Lint Brush Vent Trap Cleaner 2 Pack Long Flexible Refrigerator Brush
  • Prevent Fire Risk: Use this brush to prevent fire risk in beautiful homes and remove lint that collects in the ventilation pipes of your fabric dryer.
  • Lint Removal: Use this brush to improve the efficiency of your fabric dryer and remove lint and dust trapped in the dryer gaps and outlets.
  • Other uses: It can also be used to clean dust and pet hair under furniture and appliances.
  • Brush size: Comfortable handle made of solid wood (4-3 / 4 ) and long and flexible stainless steel wire (29 ), strong and thick bristles ((13-1 / 3). Easy to use, It works fine.
  • Quantity: 2

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