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Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam has been reinvented using water-based technology – clinically proven…
Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam, reinvented with water-based technology, has been shown to reduce neck pain and improve sleep quality. (package)
  • Clinically proven water-based technology: Provides superior comfort, improves sleep quality and reduces neck pain.
  • MEMORY STORAGE FOAM: The combination of breathable memory foam and clinically proven water-based technology keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • Perfect for all sleeping postures: To sleep on your back, sideways, or on your stomach, the water moves as you move. So you don’t have to get up and adjust your pillow while you sleep!
  • They are unique: water matches the shape of your head and neck for personal comfort.
  • Create Support for Comfort: Our water pillows can be customized according to your needs! Soft, Medium, Hard-Just add water!
Main products Tricore pillows for cervical spine for neck pain, contour pillows for orthopedics, standard …
Main products 3-core cervical spine pillow for neck pain, orthopedic contour pillow, standard hardness, white, full size 24 x 16”
  • This pillow is designed to support the correct position of the cervical spine. The concave center supports the head and the neck roll supports the neck. Helps restore the correct curvature of the spine. This product is commonly used to treat a variety of neck and shoulder conditions.
  • Very heavy pillow: The tricore needs to be solid to be effective. To make the most aggressive corrections[標準確定]Select an option. This pillow is not a soft and comfortable pillow and can take several weeks to get used to.
  • Choose a size: This full size pillow fits most adults. important! The setting may take some time.Pillows help you regain your correct posture during sleep
  • You may need to adjust your pillow within a few weeks. Overuse too quickly can exacerbate neck pain. Most users who start orthopedic orthodontics will gradually get the best results. Switch between tri-core and flow pad according to your body’s adaptation. The shaped center is not for sideways sleep.
  • Orthodontic pillows can help relieve tension headaches, neck injuries, and arthritis pain. Made in the USA. Triple core standard 24 x 16 inches. Non-allergenic, 100% pure polyester filler. Article FIB-200. Covered with 50/50 cotton / polyester blend. Suitable for standard size pillowcases.
Slim Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Sleep-Orthopedic Surgery Designed by Chiropractors …
Thin memory foam neck pillow for sleep – Orthopedic contour assist with chiropractor – Great for neck and shoulder pain relief – US-made CertiPUR-US (slim profile)
  • Illness-free sleep and awakening! This memory foam pillow evenly distributes weight, provides ergonomic head and neck support, aligns the spine and relieves pressure. This means that you need to reduce the pain at night to sleep deeper and more peacefully. ** Flat design for smaller necks **
  • Relax comfortably with the memory circuit form! This foam pillow combines high quality breathable foam with memory technology for extravagant relaxation. The contoured foam creates a soft groove in the head that holds the neck firmly and relaxes the muscles comfortably.
  • Chiropractor invented for bedrooms and sides! This orthopedic pillow was invented by Dr. Samuels, who has over 20 years of experience in chiropractic. Cervical pillows relieve neck and back pain, provide resistance under the head, and support lighter and more sensitive areas of the neck that help align the spine when sleeping on the back or side.
  • Bamboo cover for protection from allergens and dust mites! This foam pillow is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and covered with an oily, soft and ventilated bamboo pillowcase that keeps you cool and protects you from allergens and annoying mites. The hypoallergenic cover is machine washable in a convenient way.
  • Must be made in the USA! Made in California, this high-quality memory foam pillow doesn’t lose its shape or fall off like cheap brands and traditional pillows. The memory foam adapts to the head and neck with the help of body temperature, but returns to its original solid form when it cools. American orthopedic pillows come with a 5-year warranty.
ComfyComfy Premium Soba Pillow Queen size (20 x 30 ) with an additional £ 2 from the US…
The ComfyComfy Premium Queen Soba Pillow (20 x 30 inches) includes 2 pounds of US buckwheat husks for adjustable comfort and a custom-made perkale cotton pillowcase.
  • ✅ Excellent Support Comfortable buckwheat pillows provide excellent support for your body for a good night’s sleep. Once in the correct position for your body, your head and neck will remain in an ergonomic position.
  • ✅ Customized for your body. Our pillows are shaped and placed to fit your unique body perfectly. An invisible zipper allows you to remove the buckwheat shell to loosen the pillow or add it to make the pillow stiffer.
  • ✅ Breathable for a cool sleep The three-dimensional structure of the buckwheat husk does not condense and allows air to flow through the pillow. The air flow keeps your head cool on warm nights and allows moisture to escape from your head and pillows.
  • ✅ MADE IN USA. The buckwheat husks of all Comfy Comfy pillows are grown in the United States and are air washed without the use of fumigants. Made of durable organic cotton twill cultivated and woven in the United States.Handmade in the US by family business – international shipping available
  • ✅ Queen size pillows measure 20 x30”. Contains 10 pounds of US buckwheat husks and 2 pounds of pillows.Comes with a custom size pillowcase
Roscoe Cervical Pillow and Sleeping Neck Pillow – Pillow with indented contours for sleeping…
Roscoe Cervical Pillow and Neck Pillow for Sleeping – Contoured Pillows, Back or Side Sleeping Slits – 16 x 23”, Firm
  • Neck Support Cushion: This pillow neck notch provides neck support for those sleeping sideways and on their backs. This versatile neck pillow ensures a healthy posture during sleep and reduces discomfort.
  • Full support: An orthopedic pillow that can be used as a neck pain pillow. Do you have a backache? This chiropractic pillow supports your head, neck and shoulders for a good night’s rest. It replaces the usual sleeping pillow.
  • Providing a Healthy Posture: Roscoe Therapy Pillows provide comfortable and lasting support so you can maintain your correct posture while sleeping or sitting. Proper posture with pillows and supports relieves pain and prevents pressure sores and ulcers.
  • Great for the side or bedroom. The pillow contour design allows it to be used as a side pillow or pillow for the sleeping person.
  • Useful for other common illnesses. Pillows are neck pillows for neck pain, but are also used as temporal and mandibular joint pillows, shoulder pain pillows, or medical pillows to help with tension headaches, whiplash, post-spinal surgery, and stuffy nose. I will.
Main products D core neck support pillow, very solid standard, full size
Main products D core neck support pillow, very solid standard, full size
  • Helps the spine of the neck directly. The D-shaped center supports the head, and the neck roll supports the neck. Helps restore the correct curvature of the spine. It is commonly used to treat a variety of neck and shoulder conditions.
  • Additional Cushion: A D-shaped center supports the head, and an integrated neck pad provides firm neck support to improve back sleep. important! The setting may take some time. Pillows help you regain your correct posture during sleep.
  • Size: Most men and tall women prefer full size (24 x 16 inches). Most women, petite men, and children over the age of 10 prefer a medium size (22 x 15 inches).
  • Adjustments may be required. Overuse too quickly can exacerbate neck pain. Most users who start orthopedic orthodontics will gradually get the best results. Alternately use the D-core and flow pad as the body adapts. Shaped centers are not suitable for sideways sleep.
  • Made in the USA. Non-allergenic filler made from 100% natural polyester fiber. Covered with 50/50 cotton / polyester blend. Suitable for standard size pillowcases.
Levesolls Gel Memory Foam Pillow Back, belly, sideways sleep, contour pillows for washing …
Levesolls Memory Foam Gel Pillow Contour Back Very Pillow Side Back Washable Cover Standard Size Bonus 2 Pillow Case (White)
  • Height Adjustable Sandwich Cushion: This contour cushion is originally 4.7 inches and 3.9 inches. Get rid of the memory foam in the middle and get 3.5 inches and 2.8 inches. This memory foam pillow can be adapted to your sleep habits.
  • Ventilated Gel Pillow: This soft memory foam pillow is filled with cooling ventilated gel for a more comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Contoured Sleeping Pillow: Unlike most memory foam on the market, it’s stable and comfortable all year round. Sleep on this comfortable pillow and refresh when you wake up.
  • Detachable Breathable Pillow Case 2: The removable pillowcase is designed for medium to large adjustable pillows. The soft and durable microfiber cover repels dirt and is easy to remove in the washing machine.
  • There is always brand quality support: we are confident in the quality of this bed pillow, so we will provide support for 2 years. If you encounter any problems, please contact enthusiastic support.
SUTERA Dream Deep Memory Sleeping Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Relieves tension on the neck, back and hips.
SUTERA Dream Deep Memory Foam Pillow, Sleeping, Neck, Back, Lumbar, Joint Pain Relief Cervical Spine Pillow, Bed Pillow, Side Sleeping Pillow, Orthopedic Contour Pillow with Washable Cover
  • ✅[WHY SUTERA? ]Stella Dream Deep Pillow is designed with both support and comfort in mind. It is supposed to help Americans sleep better.
  • ✅[SupportinmanystylesThispillowiscomfortableonyourbackbellyandsideways
  • ✅[Unique design]Ergonomic design supports the head, neck and shoulders. | Pillow size 64.5 x 37 x 14 cm (23.5 x 14.5 x 5.5 inches)
  • ✅[Product material]Pillow core is 100% memory foam and has a rebound time of 3 to 5 seconds. High quality foam retains its shape after normal use. The pillowcase is 100% polyester. All materials are breathable and skin-friendly.
  • ✅[Features and Benefits]Detachable machine washable cover and premium memory foam.
Chiropractic pillows for aligning the cervix, neck massager and heat and magnetic field therapy, rollers …
Chiropractic pillows for neck alignment, neck massager with heat and magnetic therapy, neck traction pillows to relieve neck pain, neck stiffness, neck support, neck, gifts for women / men
  • ❥ Unique Universal Cervical Pillow: Unlike regular cervical pillows and neck relaxers, the cervical pillow, which is equivalent to a neck massager, includes a high frequency vibration device, magnetic therapy and heating function. In addition, the roll cushion has a perfect semi-circular curvature. It can be used as a cervical spine or cervical spine traction device to support cervical spine support while simultaneously performing high frequency vibration massage, heating, and magnetic therapy.
  • ❥ Effectively relieves stiffness and pain. Neck tension pain due to problems such as nerve compression, herniated discs, spinal dislocation, disc compression, headaches, and temporomandibular joint pain can cause severe discomfort. Relieve head pressure and weight while repositioning the cervical spine. Alternatively, a neck massage pillow can be used to prevent knee arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • ❥ High quality leather cervical massage pillow: Papillon cervical pillow is a special cervical massage pillow using classic black and white checkered artificial leather pillow. Looks simple and generous. All products are subject to strict quality control to ensure the highest quality. Please use it as a birthday gift for your loved one, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, Thanksgiving gift, etc.
  • ❥ Safe, Simple, Portable: The neck massage pillow is equipped with overheat protection and is programmed to turn off automatically for 30 minutes for safety reasons. The USB charging interface and 71-inch wire length make it easy to use in the office, car, or home and relieve body and muscle pain anytime, anywhere, just like using a mobile phone.
  • Don’t worry 100%: Customer satisfaction is our goal. We provide excellent after-sales service for every question. If you have any problems with your neck pillow, please contact us directly. We all do our best to serve you. To you within 24 hours.
Bluewave bedding for those who sleep on the belly and back Ultra-thin gel memory foam pillow – thin and flat…
Blue Wave Bedding Ultra-thin Memory Foam Gel Pillow for Bedding and Tummy-Slim and flat design for spine alignment, improved breathing and improved sleep (perfect pillow shape, standard size)
  • Important unpacking procedure: Place the pillow in a medium heat tumble dryer for 20-30 minutes and wait 24 hours with a whisk until the pillow is fully inflated. This completely eliminates the smell of pillows!
  • Less stressful and deep sleep: Less than 3 inches high, this ultra-thin sleeping pillow is designed for those who sleep sideways on the belly, back, and small frame and need flap-free support. .. Improving spinal alignment can reduce snoring and reduce shoulder, back, and neck pain.
  • Advanced cooling function: Impregnated gel particle technology absorbs and dissipates excess heat from the sleeping surface. Vents increase the flow of air so you can stay cool overnight. This removable, washable bamboo / polyester cover allows moisture to escape while you sleep.
  • US CERTIFIED PREMIUM CERTIPUR MEMORY FOAM: Don’t settle for cheap, low quality, low density memory foam. Our CertiPUR-US Support Memory Foam is guaranteed to be free of harmful additives and low in odor.
  • Full Pillow Shape: This ultra-thin full pillow is shaped like a traditional pillow and is much thinner. Turn the pillow over at night and this shape will suit your sleep style.

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