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Mercu EarHook V4.1 Wireless Stereo Sports Game For PS3 Smartphone with Bluetooth Headset and Microphone…
Mercu EarHook V4.1 Wireless Stereo Sports Game For Bluetooth Headset, PS3 Smartphone with Microphone, Tablet
  • The unique design brings the built-in microphone closer to the sound source, making the sound quality more perfect.
  • Designed for PS3, you can connect it to your PS3 console to get the most out of your game without disturbing others.
  • With the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you won’t lose your incoming call while listening to music.
  • It supports sending incoming phone numbers and displays a voice prompt when the headset is turned on.
  • An ergonomic control with a separate button to turn the volume up and down and a power button is located at the bottom.
USB microphone for RockBand or Guitar Hero (PS3, Wii, Xbox360)
USB microphone for RockBand or Guitar Hero (PS3, Wii, Xbox360)
  • Designed for karaoke, guitar hero and rock band 2.
  • Reliable and high quality design: Enjoy your favorite karaoke games over and over again.
  • For karaoke: Shows your singing voice.
  • 15ft cable: Thread without tying.
  • High-performance microphone: Faithfully reproduces the sound of your voice.
Universal USB Microphone for Nintendo Switch-PS3, PS4, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Guitar …
Universal USB Microphone for Nintendo Switch – PS3, PS4, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Guitar Hero / Rock Band / Mac
  • Versatile high-performance microphone
  • USB 2.0 connection. 10ft cable
  • Compatible with PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Developed for all rock bands, Guitar Hero, Def Jam Rapstar, Karaoke Revolution and more
  • Faithfully reproduce the sound of the voice
Duets Duo / ps4 Universal Dual USB Microphone
Duets Duo Universal Dual USB Microphone / ps4 Kit
  • Double set of high quality USB microphones
  • Compatible with most song titles (see full list below)
  • Works with most consoles and PCs
  • Includes two mics for duet ham
  • Extra long cable 3m
USB microphone for rock band or Guitar Hero (PS2 – PS3 – PS4 – Nintendo Switch – Xbox 360 – Xbox One)…
USB Microphone for Rock Band or Guitar Hero (PS2 – PS3 – PS4 – Nintendo Switch – Xbox 360 – Xbox One) (Bulk)
  • 15 foot long cable
  • Improved dynamic range allows you to capture loud and quiet performances
  • Plug and play microphones for game streaming, social media streaming, podcasts, lectures, live interviews
  • High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) accurately reproduces your voice
  • It also acts as an additional mic for recording lead vocals and adding backup singers to your favorite music and rhythm games.
LESH USB Headphones with Stereo Microphone Fashionable gaming headset with quiet noise suppression …
LESHP USB Cable Stereo Microphone Headphones Fashion Noise Canceling Gaming Headset Soft Memory Earphones PS4 PS3 For PC Games
Item NumberLESHP071123
3.5mm gaming headset for NUBWO U3 PC, PS4, laptop, Xbox One, Mac, iPad, Nintendo Switch games, …
NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset (for PC, PS4, Laptop, Xbox One, Mac, iPad, Nintendo Switch Games, PC Gaming Gamer Overear) Flexible Microphone Volume Control with Microphone
  • [Universal compatibility]Compatible with PlayStation 4, new Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, switch, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile. Keep in mind that you will need an additional Microsoft adapter (not included) to connect to your older Xbox One controller.
  • [SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY]High-quality stereo sound and intelligent extreme bass improve the clarity of the sound and provide a breathtaking sound experience.
  • [Microphone with noise canceling]The microphone is flexible for accurate positioning, picks up the desired voice clearly, realizes quick and clear communication with teammates, and eliminates unnecessary background noise. .. A long flexible mic is very useful for adjusting the mic angle.
  • [Human Design]The soft, skin-friendly leather ear cushions and ergonomically adjustable headband make it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • [Adjustable Mute]Adjustable mute allows you to freely adjust the volume and switch the mute mode to make the user feel better.
BENGOO V-4 gaming headset for Xbox One, PS4, PC, controller, in-ear headphones with noise canceling …
BENGOO V-4 Xbox One PS4 PC Controller Gaming Headphones Ear Headphones with Microphone LED Soft Memory Base PS2 Surround Headphones Nintendo 64 Gameboy Advance Game
  • [Wide application]Supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iMac, computer, mobile phone. Keep in mind that you will need an additional Microsoft adapter (not included) to connect to your older Xbox One controller.
  • [SURROUNDINGSTEREOSUBWOOFEROperationDurablebrassclearsoundexcellentinsulationagainstambientnoisehighprecision40mmmagneticneo-gymdriveraccurateacousticpositioningimprovespeakersensitivitybrightsoundfieldclearYoucangetasoundandashockingsoundPerfectforavarietyofgamessuchasHalo5GuardiansMetalGearSolidCallofDutyStarWarsBattlefrontOverwatchandWorldofWarcraftLegion
  • [NOISEISOLATINGMICROPHONEенныйThebuilt-inunidirectionalmicrophoneoftheheadsetcansendhighqualitycommunicationpickupnoisewithhighsensitivityandremovenoisewithexcellentnoisecancelingfunctionsothemessageisclearduringplaybackYoucansendandreceiveThelongandflexiblemicrophonedesignisveryconvenientforadjustingthemicrophoneangle
  • [Superior Human Design]Excellent comfortable and breathable protein ear cushions, multi-point head beam, and cord designed by the human body can reduce hearing impairment and heat sweating. It is a leather-friendly material that is gentle on the skin and can be used for a long time. The bright LED lights on the earphones emphasize the atmosphere of the game.
  • Free Volume Control Swivel A tough, twist-resistant braided USB cable with volume control and mic mute effectively prevents the 49-inch cable from getting tangled, making volume and mute as easy as volume adjustment. .. Please mute the sound.
Bluetooth Headset for PS3 Gioteck EX-01
Bluetooth Headset for PS3 Gioteck EX-01
  • Ergonomic control: Intuitive control that not only feels right, but also puts your finger perfectly where you instinctively expect it.
  • Reversible Temple: Left-handed or right-handed? No problem, provided two suitable temples.
  • External Speakers: Designed to sit comfortably in your ears without getting into your ear canal for a more comfortable gaming experience.
BlueFire Professional 3.5mm for PS4 gaming headset with microphone and LED light for PlayStation …
BlueFire Professional 3.5mm PS4 Gaming Headset with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Laptop, Computer Microphone and LED Lights (Blue)
  • [Wide compatibility and versatility]This latest gaming headset is primarily aimed at PS4 gamers. However, it can also be used on smartphones / PCs / iMacs / laptops / tablets / PSPs / new Xbox devices.
  • [High-precision magnet driver]A wonderful surround sound that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the game.
  • [Comfortable and lightweight]Pads are placed on the top of the headset and around the ears, making it suitable for long-term play without feeling heavy.
  • [Long and soft braid]About 7 feet! Ideal for gamers, you don’t have to be in front of the TV. With such a long string, you can move more and feel comfortable.
  • [Smooth microphone and volume control]The cable has a small control that allows you to easily turn the microphone on and off, and turn the volume up and down.

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