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Lintelek Fitness Tracker-Activity tracker with heart rate monitor, waterproof smart fitness …
Lintelek Fitness Tracker-Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Watch with Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, Women’s, Men’s, Gift Pedometer Watch (Black)
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring: Dynamic heart rate is continuously and automatically tracked in real time. When you’re done exercising, you can view your heart rate graph. Automatically track your sleep time and comprehensive analysis.
  • All-day activity tracking: Accurately track all your daily activities, including steps, distance, calories burned, activity time, and sleep status. After your workout, you can view your sports data report in the APP.
  • GPS connected with multi-sport mode: Up to 14 exercises such as running and riding can meet your needs throughout the day. When you connect GPS to your smartphone, training data such as pace and distance will be displayed and a map of your training route will be recorded.
  • Smart Reminder: Notify you of incoming calls and messages with vibration. Reminds me that I need to move after a long meeting and an important date.
  • Easy charging: With integrated USB port. Simply remove the watch host from the bracelet and insert the metal chip side into the USB port. The red light will come on while charging. If the red light is off, turn off the host.
Fanmis Unisex Outdoor Sports Watch Military Multifunctional 50M Waterproof Pedometer Digital…
Fanmis Unisex Outdoor Sports Watch Military Multifunctional 50M Waterproof Digital Pedometer Watch (Black)
  • High quality quartz movement with digital display
  • Plastic protective window with crystal dial
  • Multi-function clock: automatic date, alarm clock, water resistant, LED display, impact resistant, stopwatch, backlight, pedometer
  • It’s fashionable and very attractive in every situation. A stunning watch, a great gift for your friends.
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters.
BIGGER FIVE Watch Girls Boys Teens with Fitness Tracker for Kids, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Calories …
BIGGER FIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids Girls and Teenage Boys Activity Tracker Pedometer Calorie Counter Sleep Monitor Vibration Alarm IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Watch Great Kids Gift
  • High quality double belt 1. Slim and adjustable fitness tracker wristband design. Suitable for teens and over 5 years old. 2. Made of flexible and durable TPU material, it is free of harmful substances. Light weight of only 17g, it is convenient to carry.
  • DAILY ACTIVITY TRACK Automatically track your baby’s steps, distance and calories burned, and easily view the data by tapping the clock display or checking the mobile phone app.
  • [Sleep Tracker and Vibration Alarm]Automatically track your sleep status at night and get data about your sleep habits at night with the app. A quietly vibrating alarm clock can wake you up without disturbing others.
  • [Built-in USB design and long life]You can charge your fitness tracker with any USB adapter without the need for an additional charger. The fitness tracker battery can be charged for 1-2 hours and lasts up to 7 days.
  • [Compatibility]A children’s watch equipped with the fitness tracker BIGGER FIVE and the free VeryFitPro app. Compatible with smartphones running Android 4.4 or later and iOS 8.0.
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, activity tracking watch with heart rate monitor, intelligent IP67 wristband …
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR Activity Tracker Watch (with heart rate monitor) IP67 Smart Bracelet (with pedometer) Calorie Counter Pedometer Watch (for women)
  • Multi-function Health Manager: Check your daily health with heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and automatic sleep tracking
  • Smart notifications: Display call and message notifications and alarms on your wrist so you don’t miss anything important.A sedentary warning that reminds you to refresh
  • 14 Sports Tracking: Track up to 14 sports, including running, spinning, exercising, dancing, yoga, and adjust your exercise intensity for better results.
  • Supported apps: For detailed workout data and other features, use it with your smartphone’s customized VeryFitPro app.Scan the QR code in the user manual to download the VeryFitPro” app
  • Built-in USB plug: The built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge any USB box and any computer. No charging cable or docking station required. Get up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge
IULONEE smartwatch with fitness tracker, waterproof activity tracker IP67, step counter with smart bracelet …
IULONEE Fitness Tracker Smart Watch, Activity Tracker IP67 Water Resistant, Smart Bracelet with Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Sleep Calorie Pedometer for Women, Men, Children (Black)
  • ❤ Sports Health Steward: With a fitness tracker for women and men, your smartwatch includes many health features such as step count, heart rate, blood pressure, calorie monitoring, and sedentary reminders. A men’s fitness watch with a stylish bracelet will help you stay motivated and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • ❤ IP67 Waterproof: Tonometer Fitness Tracker will not be damaged by rain, hand washing or sweating. You can be confident that he will do whatever he can to break the chain. Note: Do not wear while showering, swimming or diving. The data is for reference only, not for medical use. ❤ With USB charging port, you don’t need a charging cable.
  • ❤ Information Reminder: When you connect your smart bracelet to your mobile phone, it will vibrate to display related information when you receive a call or message. Very useful for those who regularly do scientific training and exercise.
  • ❤ USB charging and long battery life: Pedometer watches with a heart rate monitor have a USB connector on the host side. Simply remove the strap and charge using the USB port (no cable required). Sleep Monitoring: Fitness and Activity Monitor automatically and continuously tracks your heart rate in real time. It tracks the consistency of your sleep length and your sleep quality data and helps you adapt to a healthier lifestyle.
  • ❤ IULONEE strives to satisfy 100% of our customers with our excellent products and services. If you have any questions or concerns about the smart bracelet, please feel free to contact us. We offer you the best solution and it will be better. Your support is a great honor for us.
feifuns smart watch children’s pedometer watch bluetooth sports no bracelet IP68 water resistant waterproof…
Feifuns Smart Watch Without Bluetooth Kids Pedometer Watch Sports Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Swimming Watch Fitness Tracker Step / Distance / Calories / Watch / Walking Timer Kids Men Women (Pink + Pattern Bracelet)
  • Fitness Tracker Watch without Bluetooth: There are fitness trackers and watches with fitness trackers for walking and running, as well as step counters and calorie counters. This feature includes a step tracker, distance and calorie counters, and real-time display (12-hour and 24-hour system). Numeric LCD display, stopwatch, daily alarm. Cute baby watches are suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Easy and easy installation: Easy to set up and use. No bluetooth, apps or mobiles required. If you don’t need complicated settings, this is the simplest pedometer.
  • Long Battery Life / Easy Charging: Approximately 12 to 15 days of working time after being fully charged, you can support long trips without worrying about the battery. No charging cable required. Connect the movement directly to a USB power source or a USB port on your PC / power bank.
  • Double alarm clock: No need to connect a phone or computer. You can set two alarms on your watch at the same time. Usage is simple. Vibrate your alarm clock and become the owner without disturbing others.
  • Waterproof Swimming Pedometer Watch: 50m water resistant, please wear our watch freely for beach cleaning, swimming and diving. Note: Cannot be used with hot water. It cannot be worn in hot tubs or saunas. Do not press the button in the water. Excessive contact with water and use at extremely high or low temperatures will shorten the life of the watch.
TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker, Women’s Smart Bracelet, Heart Rate Health and Fitness Smart Watch, …
TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker, Women’s Smart Bracelet, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Pedometer, Message Notification, Workout Activity Tracker, Smart Watch for Health and Fitness with Fitness Monitor for Sleep Monitor
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor: The TMYIOYC smartwatch automatically and continuously records your heart rate and blood pressure during exercise to accurately track your nighttime sleep for a healthier lifestyle. Adapt. (Activate the Continuous Heart Rate Monitor” feature of the Wear Health” app. After that, the tracker will continuously monitor your heart rate.)
  • Activity Tracking: With the TMYIOYC smart bracelet, you can accurately record your activities such as steps, distance, and calories burned per day, and relax with your fitness watch when you’re exercising for long periods of time. Keep using the smart bracelet.
  • Calls and Text Alerts: A watch with a TMYIOYC fitness tracker vibrates when you’re exercising or busy to alert you to incoming calls and messages. She is a good helper in everyday life (press a button to activate a message and call a reminder on a control device)
  • Ease of use: 1. Charge your fitness tracker with a full battery. 2. Download the application (Wear Health) from the user manual. 3. First, register the actual information in the application. 4. Turn on Bluetooth and the app[デバイスの接続]Click. Then you can establish a connection. 5. Successful pairing and activation of all features. Note: Press all the buttons on the app. Everything is fine. Compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS8+.
  • Useful tips: 1. Don’t forget to activate all features. 2. If you find that the data is inaccurate, restart the application. 3. If the belt does not fit, adjust the belt size with the belt adjuster. 4. The fitness tracker only vibrates when you receive a call. You cannot answer the call directly with the tracker. However, you can read the on-screen message to see if this is important. 5. Please refrain from using it in a water environment as it is not waterproof.
TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker Watch, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Sleep …
TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker Watch, Activity Tracker, Pyle Heart Rate Speedometer, Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof IP67 Level Counter Wrist Vibration Alarm Clock Kids Girls Boys Teens
  • [Slim and stylish]– Slim and stylish design weighing only 18g. It is also suitable for children from 8 years old.
  • All-day activity tracking – Automatically track steps, distance, and calories burned. You can easily view the data by tapping the watch display or checking the mobile phone app.
  • [Sleep Tracker]– Automatically detects sleep and analyzes its quality by deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time. A quietly vibrating alarm clock can wake you up without disturbing others.
  • Call Messages and Vibration Alerts – Display calls and SMS messages (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) on your wrist. You can set up to 10 vibration alerts to remind you of important things.
  • [Compatibility]– Free application VeryFitPro”, compatible with Android 4.4 or later and iOS 8.0 (used only on smartphones).
YoYoFit 2020 Version Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Kids Activity Tracker…
YoYoFit Version 2020 Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Kids Activity Tracker Waterproof Pedometer Clock, Digital Kids Alarm Clock as the Best Fitness Gift Step Calorie Sleep Health Tracker
  • [Daily Tracking and Heart Rate]Track your daily steps, distance, and calories to help you exercise scientifically and reach your goals.Continuous automatic heart rate measurement on your wrist allows you to measure your heart rate at any time and better understand your fitness level
  • [Sleepmonitorand8cutewatchfacesComprehensiveanalysisofsleepqualitydatatracksautomatictrackingofsleeptimeandstabilityWakeupquietlywithalowvibrationalarmEightcarefullyselectedanalogdialwatchesaresuitableforotherdays
  • [End call with smart notification and long press]Call reminder, SMS and SNS notification, search for phone function, sedentary alarm, alarm clock, GPS tracking, time tracking, long press to end call when you feel sick
  • [Multi-sport mode]Supports 6 popular sports modes such as running, cycling, basketball, soccer, squat, and treadmill.You can choose the mode you want for the bracelet
  • [Improved compatibility]Scan the QR code or search on Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the steps to download and install the free app. Compatible with smartphones Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 9.0, Android 4.4 or later (not compatible with SAMSUNG J3, HUAWEI P8, WINDOWS, IPAD). Technical support is provided by YoYoFit.
Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart rate monitor, activity tracker, connected step counter …
Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, GPS Connected Pedometer Watch, Waterproof Calorie Counter, 14 Sport Step Tracker Modes for Women, Men, Kids and Gifts
  • ❤ All-day activity tracking: Accurately record all-day activity such as steps, distance, calories burned, activity time, and sleep status. 14 sport modes will help you better understand each sport.
  • ❤ Heart rate and sleep monitoring: Automatically track your heart rate and sleep time in real time by comprehensively analyzing sleep quality data to adjust your healthy lifestyle.
  • ❤ Never miss a call or message: View your phone or message on your wrist, receive phone, calendar, SMS, social network notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter) on your display and miss important messages There is none.
  • ❤ GPS connected with multi-sport mode: 14 exercise modes will help you better understand your specific activity data. Connect GPS to your mobile phone to view running stats such as pace and distance and record a map of your exercise route.
  • ❤ Long-lasting battery and waterproof: The IP67 waterproof activity tracker allows you to wear it in the rain or when washing your hands (do not wear it when swimming). It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and the waiting time is up to 5-7 days.

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