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HAUSBELL hearing aids, Scientific Explorer electronic hearing aids with bionic ears, digital …
HAUSBELL Hearing Aids, Scientific Explorer Electronic Bionic Hearing Aids Digital Nature Observation and Hearing Aids (including headphones)
  • ☀[Suitable for children]Hearing aids are the best toys for children. It stimulates children’s imagination and curiosity and helps them explore nature, experience colorful worlds and enhance their audiovisual experience. This is necessary for parent-child activities. Listening devices collect and amplify ambient sound, and inevitably ambient noise. Please use it in a quiet place with few home appliances. Please be happy and have fun!
  • ☀[Special design and function]With the attractively designed 8x monocular, you can see objects more clearly at nearly 8x. An ergonomic handle that is easy to operate with one hand just by pressing the trigger. You can adjust the volume from low to high to improve hearing. You can record for about 12 seconds, and when you press the play button, you can hear the sound through free headphones. Hearing aids are a great educational toy for children.
  • ☀[9V battery]For safety reasons, the listening device does not have a battery. To use your listening device, you need to purchase a 9V battery.
  • ☀[Plastic cover]The transparent plastic cover is relatively fragile and can be damaged during transportation and distribution. Please contact us if the plastic cover is damaged. We will send you a replacement. If you need a new suitcase for future use, you can search for the HAUSBELL dish (ASIN: B085HDB8PC) on Amazon and purchase it from the HAUSBELL store.
  • ☀[Customer Service]The listening device is guaranteed for one year. If you are not satisfied with the product or have a quality problem, please reply Product replacement”. We will send you a replacement product free of charge. If you would like a full refund, please reply to Full Refund”. I would appreciate it if you could give me another chance. Thank you very much.
YaeTek Bird Recording Observation Hearing Aid Extreme Sound Amp Ear Bionic Up to 300ft…
YaeTek Bird Recording Observer, Hearing Aids, Extreme Sound Amplifiers, Ears, Bionics, Up to 300ft, Range
  • This YaeTek recording and hearing aid is an ideal tool for observing and studying birds and other wildlife.
  • With this YaeTek Recording Observing Listening device, you can observe the bird’s gestures in flight and hear the bird’s voice clearly from a distance of more than 100 meters.
  • With the voice detection system, you can hear the voice at a distance of 100 meters or more. You can catch singing birds. At 8x magnification, you can observe birds and other wildlife up to 8x.
  • Recording time: 12/30 seconds / each recording. Digital recording chips allow you to play back recorded data, transfer recordings to tape recorders, and record audio in digital format.
  • The set includes headphones with a soft pad that adequately reduces ambient noise.
Uzi Spy Gear Spy listening and recording devices can be part of a spy kit or spy …
Uzi spy eavesdropping device, recording device is part of your spy kit or equipment and can be a great family toy, even black
  • Operating range: 150 feet range of monitoring and listening devices (up to 300 feet in the absence of background noise or when used indoors)
  • Usage: Can be used as a spy device, inspection device, spy microphone, recorder, spy device, sound amplifier, and even entertainment.
  • Noise Reduction: Equipped with a parabolic sound catcher for better hearing – works best in quiet environments
  • Features: You can record up to 15 seconds in internal memory such as microphone, on / off switch, 8x monocular, frequency control, record button, play button, headphones.
  • Color and Battery: Available in black and powered by a 9V battery (sold separately).
Small voice-activated digital audio recorder | Very long waiting time 150/14 days…
Small voice boot digital audio recorder | Very long battery life – 150 days standby / 14 days continuous operation | 576 hours 16GB capacity | Functional mobile phone / USB charger / power bank
  • Professional Skills – Up to 576 hours of recording time. There is no noise or indicator light during recording. Select from continuous mode or audio mode. It has an amazing 150 days of battery life in VOS mode and 14 days of continuous recording. Comes with a magnet that can be easily attached to a metal surface.
  • Voice-enabled recording – put the recorder everywhere and forget about it. Thanks to the voice activation function, it will be turned on the next time you hear a sound. When the sound stops, the small voice recorder goes into sleep mode to save battery power.
  • Listen to Recordings Easily – When you’re ready to listen to your recordings, you have two options. Simply connect to your computer and listen to audio files, or use the included OTG cable to listen to OTG-enabled Android devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPhone users need a computer). Recordings can also be saved to your computer, SD card, flash drive, etc., or deleted from Sound Recorder.
  • Time and Date – Set the date and time to organize your recordings. This long battery life audio recorder features a small, compact, powerful magnet measuring just 3.6 x 1 x 0.8 inches.
  • 100% Guarantee – Lifetime Free Premium Technical Support by Phone, Email, or Chat | Includes 1 Year Warranty. It also includes a detailed quick start guide written in plain English by product experts. Please purchase with confidence. | All manuals, technical support, and product information are in English only
Small voice activation Mini voice recording | Capacity 94 hours (8 GB) | 15 hours battery |…
Small voice activation Mini voice recording | Capacity 94 hours (8 GB) | 15 hours battery | Date and time | Ease of use | Crystal clear digital recording | Recorder I8 Droid C.
  • Professional Features – I8 Droid Voice Recorder offers one of the fastest data transfer rates on the market today.Recording capacity 94 hours | 15 hours battery life | Recording while charging provides unlimited hidden recording Date (and time)
  • Easy one sensor control – no confusing lights or buttons. Simply slide the switch to either side to start and stop recording. – – Works on Mac or Windows computers. – In addition to audio recording, you can save the files you need.
  • Voice Launch Recording-Place your device wherever you like and forget about it. Thanks to the voice activation feature, it will turn on the next time you hear a tone.When the sound stops, the hidden audio recorder goes into power saving mode, saving battery and storage space – full audio listener / recorder
  • Easy Playback – The file is recorded in QUALITY WAV CD format and can be played on any computer audio program including iTunes and Windows Media Player. This unique recorder can also be played on most Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, via the built-in micro USB port.
  • 100% Guarantee – Premium US Technical Support by Phone, Email, or Chat | Includes 1 Year Free Warranty Includes easy-to-read English manuals written by our product experts.
Electronic Listening Device – EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS
Electronic Listening Device – EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS
  • Listen to voices and sounds 300 feet away
  • With soft headphones
  • View objects up close with the built-in monocular viewfinder at 8x magnification
  • The record button saves up to 12 seconds of audio clip, and the play button plays the audio clip through the headphones.
  • You can reduce background noise by turning the frequency dial.
Personal Audio Amplifiers-Personal Audio Amplifiers and Voice Amplifiers for Sound …
Personal Sound Amplifiers – Personal Sound Amplifiers and Voice Amplifiers for Up to 100 Feet 50dB Sound Amplification, Pocket Hearing Aids
  • Unmatched performance! Listen to everything up to 100 feet: Imagine if you can hear anything up to 100 feet away. If you’ve been looking for a device that can hear everything for a long time, your search is over! This is because the personal audio amplifier has volume and tone controls so you can open the front door and listen to conversations with your friends.
  • Light and easy to use: Don’t worry if you carry extra weight. The voice booster is small and lightweight, so you can put it in your pocket or attach it to gear such as a belt or hat. It’s very convenient because you can carry it anywhere! Don’t limit yourself to your own home! This personal audio amplifier also includes new and improved mini headphones that provide very clear audio and sound both indoors and outdoors.
  • Built-in High Performance Microphone: The problem with other hearing aids for the hearing impaired is that they are of poor quality and have an external microphone. Our voice booster solves this problem! For what? This is because our personal audio amplifiers have a high quality construction and are extremely durable. It also has a built-in microphone, so you won’t lose it. I can hear it clearly. So you’ll never suffer again without listening to your favorite show!
  • Excellent Performance: This voice amplifier is equipped with new and improved mini headphones. It also provides a lightweight belt clip, powered by a single AAA battery. Listen as a last resort! Due to its excellent sound quality, this personal audio amplifier can be used indoors or outdoors, so it can be used anywhere.
  • Everything you need to enhance your voice! Plus, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Check out our reviews to see what other customers have to say! Your satisfaction has always been our number one priority and we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to provide you with excellent customer service. It’s very easy.
Suma’s SMH-3010 Bionic Hearing Aid with Headphones – Catch 150ft of Sound!
Suma’s SMH-3010 Bionic Hearing Aid with Headphones – Catch 150ft of Sound!
  • Built-in adjustable 8-way excavator for expansion
  • Recording and playback for up to 120 seconds from the built-in audio memory
  • Can be connected to a recorder for additional functionality
  • Requires 9V battery (not included)
  • Detachable satellite dish for easy storage
Hidden camera detector RF detector Fault detector Spy camera detector Anti-spyware detector GPS tracker…
Hidden camera detector RF detector Fault detector Spy camera detector Anti-spyware detector GPS tracker detector Wireless signal detector for eavesdropping detector Sweeper detector for GPS finder
  • [AI Intelligent Detection]The KAXYUYA anti-spyware detector is the perfect defense to protect your privacy. Defect detectors employ advanced technology and intelligent chips to provide extremely long detection, ultra-sensitivity, intelligent analysis, multiple inspections, long working hours and more durable materials. Hidden Camera Detector RF detectors are designed for the market of various types of bugs, hidden cameras, cart lacquers and other products and are used for targeted development of security and prevention.
  • [Anti-course, tracking, listening]RF detector, GPS, fault detector Can be used in hotels, offices, important business negotiations, confidential meetings, homes, bathrooms, cars, changing rooms, etc., for wire tapping, GPS tracking monitoring Can also be used. .. Anti-surveillance devices can protect your privacy. Radio signal detectors can detect the presence of strong radio signals in living and working environments.
  • [Signal radiation detection]The KAXYUYA RF signal detector can detect radio waves, magnetic fields, hidden wired or wireless camera devices, 2G, 3G, 4G SIM card errors, GPS positions, and hidden camera devices from 1.2 to 5.8GHz. If the GPS tracker detector is near a magnetic material, the LED light on the front of the detector will light up and a sound and vibration alarm will sound.
  • [Ease of use and power]Bug detectors and camera detectors are the latest professional updates. The new and updated advanced chip provides more powerful and smart AI detection and all-round functionality. Anti-spy camera detectors look great and are of excellent quality. Our beetle sweep detector has the highest performance ratio of all similar detectors.
  • [24-hour customer service]We have a professional customer service team to help you solve product problems. This improved detector is of very high quality and high performance. If you are not satisfied with the product, we can return it for free.
An improved version of the ultra-sensitive contact microphone amplifier for listening through the wall
An improved version of the ultra-sensitive contact microphone amplifier for listening through the wall
  • recorder

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