ceramic tower heater

Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, Dark Gray
Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, Dark Gray
  • Ceramic heating element with integrated safety features
  • Comfortable warmth of 1500 watts. ETL is listed
  • Digital control with programmable thermostat and 8-hour timer
  • Electronic remote control with digital display
Ceramic tower heater Lasko553 ​​8 with remote control
Ceramic tower heater Lasko553 ​​8 with remote control
  • Multi-function remote control with integrated remote memory
  • Electronic thermostat with high, low and thermostat settings
  • 8 hour sleep timer
  • Save Smart technology automatically heats the refrigerator compartment using a high setting and then switches to low power consumption to maintain a comfortable room temperature.
  • Fully assembled with wide vibration range and comfortable grip
PELONISPHTPU1501 Ceramic tower heater with vibration 1500W, remote control, …
PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic inner tower heater 1500W, with vibration, remote control, programmable thermostat and 8-hour timer, ECO mode, toggle switch, overheat protection.white
  • [Fast Heating Constant Temperature] Ceramic heaters are generally the most efficient type of electrically resistant radiant heater. Using reliable ceramic heating technology, it quickly heats up to 70 ° F in 3 seconds for stable and comfortable temperature.
  • [Safety to Use] PTC’s heating is made of high quality, cold and fire resistant materials. Standard US plugs can be connected directly to wall outlets without adapters or extension cables. Overheating and rollover protection for you and your family.
  • [Programmable Thermostats Heater] Tower heating with three heating options (high, low, ECO mode) to achieve individual temperature settings for maximum efficiency and warmth. ECO settings help save energy automatically in response to ambient temperature.
  • [User Friendly Space Heater] Touch controls, remote control, vibration, 8-hour timer, and carrying handle are also features of a quiet electric heater (50 dB operating noise). A complete tower heater for your bedroom, living room or office.
  • [Manufacturer ] Peronis, a manufacturer of American-branded heating appliances, offers every consumer the opportunity to buy and produce for a year. Please feel free to contact us anytime!
Ceramic tower heater Lasko # 5775
Ceramic tower heater Lasko # 5775
  • Maximum power 1500 W in low, high, thermostat control settings
  • Safe ceramic element with overheat protection and comfortable housing
  • Electronic thermostat and automatic off timer
  • Fully assembled, 22.75 cm high.
  • ETL is listed for security reasons
Aikoper heating, 1500 W ceramic tower heating, portable electric vibration heating …
Aikoper heating, 1500 W ceramic tower heating, portable electric vibration heating with adjustable thermostat, ECO mode, remote control, 8-hour timer, overheat and rollover protection for indoor use
  • [Meeting your heating needs]With a maximum power of 1500W and two heating modes, you can efficiently heat all parts of a room that require constant heating in cold weather. You can set your favorite temperature by controlling the temperature in 1 ° F increments.
  • [Instantaneous heating]This ceramic tower heater heats the surrounding air with a gentle flow of heat, heats it rapidly with ceramic heating technology, and is ideal for instantly removing the cold. No assembly required and the handle is convenient to carry.
  • [Reduction of energy charges]In the ECO setting, by comparing the room temperature with the set temperature, the heating can be automatically switched on / off, and energy consumption can be minimized.
  • [Support Security]The heating tower, which turns off automatically, provides reliable protection against flashovers and overheating. Safe for families with children and pets. The 8-hour timer provides peace and comfort at the right time.
  • [After-sales service]We are proud of the quality and after-sales service of ceramic tower heaters. If you have any questions, please contact us from your Amazon mailbox. You will receive the solution within 24 hours.
Lasko 5790 Vibrating Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, Black 5790
Lasko 5790 Vibrating Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, Black 5790
  • Patented injection technology and extensive vibration
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Two silent modes (high = 1500 W, low = 900 W) and automatic (thermostat control)
  • Practical automatic off timer
  • Self-adjusting ceramic element with automatic overheat protection
Large Area Electric Heating-36-inch ceramic tower heater that heats the entire room …
Electric heaters for large spaces – 36-inch tower ceramic heaters for all space heating with thermostats, fast heating, realistic 3D flames, swings, remote controls, energy efficiency, for private homes / living rooms / bathrooms Optimal, sophisticated design
  • Immediate and widespread warmth siege If you are looking for a quick heater for your living room / bedroom / office, this powerful ceramic heater will give you instant ubiquitous warmth. This ceramic heater is equipped with a 1500W PTC heating panel and a 60 ° vibration system to quickly deliver hot air to the bedroom / living room / office and keep the air evenly repelled. It is more energy efficient than other electric heaters and is ideal for large spaces.
  • [Response to heating needs]Have you ever been irritated by the dry air in the boiler room? Please relax. The three heating modes of this tower heater can keep the temperature. Always to your liking: Low (1000 W) / High (1500 W) / ECO mode. In particular, this heater is equipped with an intelligent adjustable thermostat that can emit hot / cold air in ECO mode to maintain good air circulation. As soon as you release the pace. The heater heats / cools below / above the device for more comfort.
  • [There is no problem in protecting people]Are you worried about circuit damage or fire? Take your time! Overheating and 45 ° rollover protection automatically turn off heating in the event of overheating or accidental failure. When you have this smart ceramic heater, it can be a great protection for homes with children and pets. Get a tower heater to bring peace to your home!
  • [12-hour timer and easy operation]Don’t get up at midnight! The programmable heater has a 12-hour timer that allows you to sleep better without turning off the power at midnight. In addition, by combining it with a remote control, digital touch panel, and built-in handle, you can remotely control the portable heater and carry it from room to room. It’s time to bring your comfort zone heating to your bedroom / office – one year warranty, perfect for year-round use!
  • [Compact design with 3D flame]Looking for a compact electric stove? This tower heater not only meets basic needs, but also breaks the traditional design of realistic 3D flames, while saving space in a small footprint (36 inches high). The 3D flame design provides a soft light and creates ideal sleeping conditions for children on icy winter nights. Bring unique decorations to your home and enjoy a cozy winter with the whole family!
Lasko 5309 Electronic Pendulum Tower Heating, Digital Control
Lasko 5309 Electronic Pendulum Tower Heating, Digital Control
  • Easy-to-use electronic thermostat
  • Broad sweep
  • One size for all table or floor purposes.Adjustable thermostat
  • Three silent modes: hot, cold, and PLUS Auto (programmable thermostat control)
Heating, 1500 W ceramic tower heating, portable, electric interior …
Heating, 1500W ceramic tower heater. Portable, remote-controlled indoor rapid heating.Adjustable thermostat, electric indoor swing heating with ECO mode and timer, quiet and safe for indoor use
  • ✅ Create a cozy atmosphere in time: Imagine. On a cold winter night, you sit comfortably on the couch with your loved one in the hot atmosphere that our heating creates in just a few seconds. Isn’t it something?
  • ✅ 24-hour timer for maximum comfort: Our multi-purpose heating is equipped with a programmable 24-hour timer. Instead of chattering your teeth as the room warms, wait for it to arrive in the warm room.
  • ✅ Install it where you need it. Our heating towers can be safely placed vertically or horizontally. Please use the heater without any problem. Flame-retardant materials and intelligent overheat protection protect you and your loved ones.
  • ✅ Remote control temperature: Do not leave the warmth and comfort of the bed to regulate the room temperature. Use the Aikope heater remote control and do not move it 1 inch.
  • ✅ Reduced electricity bills: We have confirmed that the heating system is not only fast and reliable, but also energy efficient. This ECO mode keeps your home warm and at the same time reduces your bill.
Ceramic convection heater with honeywell motion sensor, touch sensor for large rooms, black
Ceramic convection heater with honeywell motion sensor, touch sensor for large rooms, black
  • Energy Efficient Heating: This heater was developed with two motors and vibrations to powerfully heat the entire room at 1500 watts. Lower settings are energy efficient and are the best option for saving energy as they do not require much power to operate.
  • Easy operation: With improved safety features and easy-to-use comfort, this heater has a programmable thermostat and two heating modes, the ability to automatically turn off the timer, tilt and overheat protection, permanent dust Heater with filter and vibration
  • Increased comfort: Portable heaters in your home can improve your comfort and meet your home heating needs. Honeywell heaters are available in a range of personal, ceramic, forced ventilation, radiant and infrared heaters to meet all your heating needs.
  • Smart Economy: Portable heaters are a smart and easy way to add warmth to any room. Simply lower the thermostat of the entire house a few times to warm the room, and the Honeywell heater will save you money while providing a pleasant warmth.
  • HONEYWELL Quality: With Honeywell Portable Heater, you can improve your heat and energy savings at home, office, or school.

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