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Dark Star Ultra Glow; 200 with Bonus Moon
Dark Star Ultra Glow; 200 with Bonus Moon
  • Glowing in the Dark Stars” # 1 on Amazon for 4 consecutive years!
Dark wall decals with HORIECHALY stars, 221 sticky bright and realistic stars, and …
HORIECHALY Glow in the Dark Stars wall sticker, 221 sticky bright and realistic stars and full moon in the starry sky, glitter decoration for girls and boys, beautiful wall sticker (1 set)
  • Create your own Shining Galaxy® 221 high quality sticky stars in 3 different sizes and full moons for a more realistic starry sky observation experience. An easy way to turn a boring room into a romantic atmosphere of a bright universe full of stars.
  • Easy to remove and apply ✨ These high quality adhesive decals will stick to walls and ceilings for a long time and will not fall off. No tape or extra work. Remove the sticker from the sheet and stick it firmly to the wall.
  • Great design for jewelry ✨ We offer stars of various sizes: 40 1.6 inch, 81 1.2 inch, 100 0.79 inch, total 221 stickers and 9.8 inch realistic moon sticker. Flashing stars are suitable for walls, glass, furniture and other flat surfaces. This set of sparkling stars is a great gift for your child.
  • 100% safe material ✨ Waterproof vinyl, non-toxic, eco-friendly material. Safe for children. They can be easily removed and pasted and stay on a wall or flat surface without falling until they need to be removed.
  • Buy with confidence ✨ Our customer service always keeps its shine with dark stars and shining moon wall decals. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us.
Aooyaoo wall stickers Glow in the Dark Stars”, Glow Stars”, ceilings and walls, 3D …
Aooyaoo Glow in the Dark Star Wall Stickers, Growing Stars Four Sealing and Wall Stickers, 3D Growing Stars (excluding the month), perfect for nursery bedding and party birthday gifts (452 ​​pieces, green)
  • ✦[DIMENSIONS FOR YOU]4 sizes of luminous stars: 24 stars – 25 mm, 120 stars – 15 mm, 154 stars – 10 mm, 154 stars – 4 × 4 mm. Super bright noctilucent clouds turn your children’s room into a realistic starry sky. Then calm the baby to sleep.
  • ✦[LONGLONGLIGHTPlaceitonacleanandflatsurfaceandletitlightfor15to30minutesThenturnitoffbecausethestickerneedstoabsorbthelightbeforeitshinesThelongerthelightisabsorbedthelongerthelightwillshineAftertheshowyouwillhaveashininglookinfrontofyouWalldecalscanbeeasilyappliedtocommonsurfacesusingspecialadhesivetape
  • ✦ Valuable brilliance of the starry sky]There are many stars of various sizes, so you can create a perfect starry sky. Whether it’s a children’s room or a romantic bedroom decoration, our star decals create a dreamlike atmosphere. In addition, these bright wall decals also serve as practical guideposts at night. For example, on a lamp switch, doorknob, door frame, or floor.
  • ✦ Easy to attach and remove SELBUSTO Our adhesive wall decals can be easily peeled off and attached to a flat, clean, unstructured surface and can be removed without damaging the surface. .. Illuminates the ceiling and walls at night. It is white plastic during the day and shines brightly at night.
  • ✦[CHILDREN LOVE OUR STARS]The perfect set for romantic rooms and baby gifts. Glittering stars in a beautiful package make it a special gift. Enjoy a romantic moment with your loved ones and family. Imagine how excited you are when you see the tactile sky in front of you.
A realistic 3D dome shines in the dark stars, 606 points in the starry sky, perfect for children’s bed linen …
Realistic 3D dome glow in the dark star of dark stars, 606 points of starry sky, perfect for nursery gifts (606 stars) (green)
  • 606 Dark Star’s realistic brilliance! These points are convex rather than flat, creating a realistic starry sky. This means you won’t be disappointed like a flat paper sticker or a flat plastic star. Feel Under the Starlight – This glow of dark galaxy adds the look of a real night sky. The dark room turns into a starry bedroom.
  • LONG LONG LIGHT, place it on a clean flat surface, turn on the light for 5 minutes, then darken the room and enjoy the night view. Like a glowing star for the ceiling – easy to apply and won’t fall on the wall or ceiling until removed.
  • Kids love our stars! Great for romantic rooms and children’s gifts. This set of sparkling stars is a special gift as it comes in a beautiful package. Want to create a bedroom where you can’t wait for your child to sleep? With our sparkling dots, you can create a beautiful starry sky that will make your friends love to spend the night!
  • Note! These stars need to absorb some light in order to function. You can put them in the sun, flashlights, lamp lights in just 5 minutes, they create a romantic panorama! There is no such thing as a night under the stars! Nightlights and lamps cannot create the calm and relaxed mood provided by a star-filled sky.
  • 100% free guarantee! Our point is a life guarantee against loss of brilliance, loss of tack, and falling from the ceiling! There is absolutely no reason not to buy it! 100% guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue. We know you love them, but if you don’t, send them back for a full refund.
Star stickers shining in the dark Ceiling decoration 633 realistic 3D stickers The starry sky shines …
Star sticker that shines in the dark Ceiling decoration 633pcs Realistic 3D sticker Starry sky shining decoration Kids bedroom Bedding Room Perfect for gifts
  • 633 Realistic star decoration sticker! These 3D stars help create a stunning starry sky, and one set of these glows in the dark galaxy provides the look of a real night sky. In the dark, the universe becomes a star. A splendid bedroom. Shine the dark galaxies and constellations on the ceiling, decorate your children’s room, or make festive decorations!
  • UperSuper Bright and long glow! Just leave it in a lantern or sunlight for 10 minutes and it will glow for 8 to 15 hours.
  • ✦ Great for baby’s favorite decorations, gifts for boys and girls. It quickly absorbs light from lamps, flashlights and sunlight and emits light in the dark. It helps your baby fall asleep and is no longer afraid of darkness.
  • ✦ Easy to use and easy to remove. Our shining stars are sticky. These shining ceiling stars are firmly attached. If the quality is good, it will not fall off the wall. When removing, carefully loosen the screws so as not to damage the surface.
  • ✦ Lifetime warranty! Our stars shining in the dark are guaranteed for life. If you lose the adhesive or lose the light, please contact us. Full refund in case of problems.
Super set Magnificent expedition” Wonder star”, ceiling star shining in the dark, 150 pieces in 4 sizes …
Amazing Exploration Wonder Star Super Kit Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars 150 Pieces 4 Size Reusable Sticky Putty and Constellation Star Chart Guarantee of Lifelong Shine
  • Color the night with the Great Explorations Wonder Star Super Kit.
  • This set contains 150 stars glowing in the dark and a sticky putty. In addition, a constellation map that can be used to create constellations in the night sky.
  • Create the entire galaxy on the walls and ceiling of every room.
  • Thanks to our unique grotesque formula, our stars shine brighter than any other star.
  • All Great Explorations products come with a lifetime glow warranty.
Airsnigi, a star on the ceiling that glows in the dark, a sticky wall sticker that includes 1093 glows …
Airsnigi Glow-in-the-Dark Ceiling Star Adhesive Wall Stickers 1093, 3D Luminous Stars for Ceiling and Wall Stickers, Includes Luminous Stars and Moon, Great for Children’s Room and Children’s Birthday Gifts
  • [Various sizes and quantities]9 sizes of bright planets and stars, including one moon (30 cm), 1092 PCS stars, and microstars. Just create a shining starry sky.
  • [Easy to use and easy to remove]Shining stars are sticky. Thanks to the special adhesive film, it is firmly fixed and the quality is so good that it will not fall off the wall. When it’s time to remove them, just peel them off. Below that is a clean surface with no residue!
  • [Long-lasting shine]Place it on a clean, flat surface, turn it on for 15 to 30 minutes, and then turn it off. The sticker must absorb the light before it glows. (Under normal conditions, it absorbs enough natural light during the day and then glows all night.) The longer it absorbs light, the longer it will light.
  • [Popularchildren’sroomdecorationтическойIdealforromanticroomsandbabygiftsYoucanusethisfluorescentwalldecorationtodecorateyourlivingroombedroomorchildren’sroomThesparklingstarsontheceilingsetmakeagreatdecorationforChristmasbirthdaysandothercelebrationsShiningstarstickerscanalsocreateawarmatmospherethatwillhelpyourchildfallasleepquickly
  • [Safety Material and Lifetime Warranty]The star that glows in the dark is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is non-radioactive, non-toxic, safe and waterproof for children. It is completely secure and meets US and EU security requirements. Our stars shining in the dark are guaranteed for life. If you lose the adhesive or the light, please contact us. Full refund in case of problems.
Stars Shining in the Dark for Ceiling and Wall Stickers – Shining Wall Stickers for Room Decoration…
Glow in the dark stars for ceiling and wall stickers – bright wall stickers for room decoration – Galaxy Gloucester sets and solar system stickers for children’s room decoration
  • SUPER BRIGHT NIGHTS GLOWING STARS-long lights, sticky stars and dots-turn your children’s room into a magical galaxy. It shines brightly and lasts a long time.No more plastic in the nursery
  • BEST BABY GIFT – A shining star in a dark and attractive room decoration – Perfect for boys or girls. An easy way to turn a boring room into a romantic atmosphere of a bright universe full of stars.
  • Reality Story-Many children find it uncomfortable to fall asleep in the dark. Luminescent begins to transform a children’s playroom into a wonderful shiny kingdom. Let your child see the shining stars.
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove – Our sticky wall decals can be easily peeled off and applied to a flat, clean, untextured surface and can be removed without damaging the surface.
  • Raise your child’s educational needs and interests – use stickers as educational toys. Explore constellations, astronomy, planets and the moon.Foster your imagination for an undiscovered habitable planet
Shining with a sticker on the wall of the dark star and the full moon 220 Shining star of glue Beautiful wall …
220 sticky glowing stars glowing with dark stars and full moon wall stickers Beautiful wall stickers in any room, illuminating the ceiling, bonus confirmation card for kids, toddlers, Christmas birthday gifts
  • Adopt a house in the night sky – Create a realistic galaxy with these bright fluorescent stars and full moons of three different sizes to make it look like a real night sky. In the dark, the room turns into a nightlight-like starry bedroom, with stars merging with white walls during the day. Suitable for perfect room decoration in any bedroom.For children’s and adult rooms
  • Your recipe for sweet dreams. Is it difficult for your child to fall asleep? If so, Liderstar can help. Make sure the soothing moonlight and sparkling stars gently soothe your child. And read the affirmations just before bedtime to make your dreams even sweeter. These words of love and encouragement help you enter the world of dreams when it’s best to sleep.
  • Long Light – Place the shining star mural on a clean, flat surface, turn on the lights for 5 minutes, then darken the room and enjoy the night view. Easy to apply, it stays on the wall or ceiling without falling until it needs to be removed.
  • Unbelievable Gifts – Looking for the perfect gift for boys and girls for Halloween and Christmas? – A row of shining stars, Liderstar. In addition to the 220 Shiny Stars, we’ve added a full moon and a free confirmation card to help build strong bonds and strengthen healthy relationships. Plus, the entire set comes in a beautiful antique package, making it a perfect gift for stargazers and curious people of all ages.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee – These fluorescent star and moon wall stickers are beautifully packaged, brightly shining and never lose their stickiness. We are very confident that you will love them, we give them a lifetime guarantee of happiness!
Premium wall decals Stars shine in the dark, 100 shining stars and the moon are the perfect shining stars …
Premium stickers in the dark, 100 shining stars and moon, are the perfect shining stars for children’s rooms, ceiling decorations and romantic rooms.
  • ❤️ With 100 3D GLOWING IN THE DARK STARS and sticky pads (the pads can’t stand modern colors), this wall sticker set creates beautiful skies and gives you unique design ideas for walls and ceilings. It contains everything you need to create and more. Or you can put it in a jar to make a nightlight.
  • ❤️ Reusable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Thanks to the special sticky pads, these stars can be easily attached and detached without having to deal with shooting stars again! They are made of bright, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, so they are completely safe for children.
  • ❤️ Light Duration: Place it on any surface, turn on the light for 30 minutes, then darken the room and enjoy the night view.
  • ❤️ Multifunctional Luminous Star: Shining stars can be used not only as children’s toys, but also as beautiful children’s room decorations, wall stickers, ceiling decorations, and as a great gift for weddings and birthdays.
  • ❤️ American Quality: Designed and operated by US personnel. All of our products are strictly compliant with all US CPSC regulations.

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