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Butane Torch Blazer GT8000 Big Shot
Butane Torch Blazer GT8000 Big Shot
  • Brass frame anti-glare nozzle for safety and flame control
  • Detachable desktop for hands-free functionality
  • Gas flow regulator for adjusting the length of the flame
  • Piezoelectric ignition system, no electrical connection required
  • 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, burner flame, more accurate flame tip
Dremel 2200-01 VersaFlame Multifunctional Butangas Burner
Dremel 2200-01 VersaFlame Multifunctional Butangas Burner
  • Integrated igniter – no separate ignition tool required for easy start-up
  • 9 Piece Universal Accessories-Provides versatile accessories for butane torches for soldering, heat injection, heat dissipation and flame extinguishing.
  • Variable temperature – flame monitoring function for burner and flame operation
  • FLAME LOCK SWITCH – Easy to use in advanced projects
  • Premium Quality – For Durability
Dremel VersaFlame Multifunctional Butane Burner and VersaTip Precision Butane Burner
Dremel VersaFlame Multifunctional Butane Burner and VersaTip Precision Butane Burner
  • Built-in ignition trigger for easy start-up (no separate ignition tool required)
  • Temperature and flame control functions for burner and flame operation
  • Flame arrester switch for easy use in advanced projects
  • The 14-piece set includes a variety of accessories for soldering, hot cutting, shrinking, wood burning and heating.
  • Variable temperature for precise control
Butane burner, Sondico refillable flame, adjustable lighter, continuous flame function …
Butane burner, Sondico refill burner with adjustable flame, cooking burner for torch lamp creme brulee with continuous flame function, grill, baking, cooking, dessert (butane gas not included)
  • Exquisite and safe design: ABS plastic housing and zinc coated Sondico torch lamps provide durability, long curved nozzles and burn protection to ensure your finger protection from burns. The wide galvanized matte base is stable and does not tilt.
  • One-handed operation: Thanks to the piezoelectric ignition safety technology, the shape of the hand-molded handle makes cooking with one hand easier, more convenient and more convenient.Enjoy the cooking process effortlessly
  • Adjustable flame and pilot flame mode adjustment features with adjustable temperature regulators that allow accurate flame intensity and heat resistance up to 2372 ° F / 2372 ° C for a variety of purposes. Lights up with piezo ignition technology: Press the switch to turn it on, then press the ignition, safety lock button and the burner will stay on. Press the button switch to close the fire.
  • Versatile use :: This cooking lantern is ideal for grills, desserts, baking, toast steaks, turkeys, melt creams, cheeses, fireplace lighting, candles, cigars and handicrafts, jewelry making, multiple camping applications Is also useful. , Brush stroke, mini design, easy to carry, better choice for outdoor and family.
  • Refillable Soldering Torch: Refills butane after a leak. Butane fuel is not included with this torch lamp for shipping reasons. Use only premium butane fuel. It can be filled with up to 11g of gas in a long jet gas cylinder. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
Custom Accessory 89960WE-Tek Butan Torch
Custom Accessory 89960WE-Tek Butan Torch
  • Small Butan Torch: The self-igniting mini flashlight is ideal for protecting terminals from weather, shrinkable tubes and smoldering during various types of repairs and maintenance.
  • Universal Butane Torch: Equipped with safety lock and automatic ignition electric ignition. Burners are also great for adding finish to creme brulee.
  • Butane burners for all your needs: Use butane torch for car repair, soldering, weather resistant clips, or shrink tubing. The self-start burner can also be used to caramelize sugar and creme brulee.
  • Interior and Exterior Car Accessories: We offer a wide range of car accessories to customize your car. Check out carpets, deer warnings, phone cup holders, chargers, Bluetooth speakers and more!
  • Optional Accessories: Custom Accessories is a family-owned company and a leader in the aftermarket automotive accessories market. We are known for our wide range of products, innovative products, and consumer packaging solutions.
Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Butane Microframe Burner Kit
Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Butane Microframe Burner Kit
  • This article is a kit for Butane Microframe Burner 019133 / ST2200T.
  • Construction Use-Tools for Concrete and Metal, Soldering / Hot Air Guns
  • Made in the USA.
KIMILAR butane lighter, refillable kitchen torch, mini torch lamp …
KIMILAR butane lighter, reusable kitchen torch, mini blow torch with safety lock, adjustable flame for barbecue, creme brulee, baking, DIY soldering (butane gas not included)
  • Safe and durable kitchen lamp: Security lock prevents accidental burns and wide base prevents falling. The long-angle nozzle and flameproof finger protection protect your hands from fire. Made of stronger and more durable aluminum alloy. (Hint: Butane is not included)
  • Reusable Cooking Burner: A long jet gas cylinder (butangus not included) can be used to refuel any type of butangus stove. Simply slide the safety latch to open and ignite with piezo ignition technology. A portable mini flashlight that can be used for many outdoor activities such as camping and barbecue. Follow the instructions carefully before refueling. After filling, leave it for a few minutes and then use it again.
  • Great gifts and versatility: Blow toasts are great for caramelizing creme brulee sugar, frosting roasted ham, roasting steaks, roasting peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. It is also useful for fireplace lighting, candles and cigars, hobbies, craft projects, jewelry making, welding, various camping purposes, brush strokes and more. An indispensable tool for top chefs and restaurants.
  • Adjustable flame and continuous flame mode: Thanks to ergonomic piezo ignition technology, it can be used upside down or at any angle with a simple one-handed operation. Our lighters are equipped with a gas flow regulator that facilitates flame adjustment. Press the button while turning the fuse clockwise to ignite. Burners can produce continuous flames up to 6 inches in length at temperatures up to 1371 ° C / 2500 ° F.
  • 24/7 Operation Customer Service: If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the KIMILAR Butane Burner, please feel free to contact us via the seller’s Amazon login. We will address your concerns and provide the appropriate solution within 24 minutes.
lcfun torch lighter, butane lighter with fuel, adjustable jet biter windbreaker torch …
lcfun torch lighter, tankable butane lighter, adjustable jet frame lighter, windproof torch lighter – butane gas not included
  • Adjustable and refillable ▶ Butane tank lighter with visible fuel tank helps you to freely check the butane level inside. Adjusting the flame is easy, just turn the adjustment knob with your finger.
  • Optimized Design ▶ Ergonomically designed butane lighter is made with high quality zinc alloy, polishing process, convenient and elegant design.
  • Convenient ▶ The upper part of the jet lighter has a 45 ° slope, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, campfires, camp stoves and outdoor fires.
  • Gift Box ▶ This jet lighter was packed in an elegant gift box. A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Friends Day, New Year and more.
  • What you can get ▶ 1 flashlight, 1 bag, 1 gift box, 1 instruction manual, 90-day warranty. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. The LcFun customer service team provides the perfect solution.
Butan torch, Correa kitchen torch, refillable cooking lighter, creme brulee mini torch …
Butane burner, Kollea kitchen soldering burner, refill burner, creme brulee mini burner with safety lock, dessert, grill, adjustable flame for soldering (butane gas not included)
  • Safe and durable: Equipped with a security lock to prevent accidental burns and abuse by children. The ergonomic design makes this small and lightweight flashlight easy to hold.High quality aluminum alloy guarantees long-term use
  • Easy to use, continuous flame: Use piezo ignition technology without setup. Simply unlock the safety button and press the ignition button to turn it on. After ignition, lock to hold the flame, unlock again and release the ignition button.
  • Butane Refills: This burner can be used with all brands of butane bottles with long nozzles. Easily replenish 8-10g of butane gas (butan gas is not included for safe delivery)
  • Universal Display: This adjustable multi-purpose flame torch offers temperatures up to 1371 ° C / 2500 ° C.This is for baking, roasting meat, grilling, as well as soldering, jewelry making, jewelry making, and camping.
  • 100% Free Guarantee: Kollea offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty on this torch lamp. Kollea always stands behind our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
CAD rim butane torch, reusable cooking blow torch, double cooking torch, small …
Cadrim butane torch, reusable double-fire cooking lamp, small adjustable frame kitchen burner for creme brulee, grill (butane fuel not included)
  • DOUBLE FIRE TORCH – Professional double frame torch. You can set the double fire or single fire as you like without changing the level of the flame.
  • Additional Easy to Use – The Cadrim burner can be refilled on completion and is suitable for most butane gas. The flame at that moment can reach an incredible 1150 ° C / 2102℉. You don’t have to hold down the detonator. The ignition switch can hold the flame by releasing your finger.
  • Widely used – ideal for caramelizing creme brulee sugar, toasting steaks, toasting peppers and marshmallows, melting cheese, toasting bread crumbs and more. Great for candlelight, grills, fireplaces, camping, gluing, soldering, welding, jewelry making and plumbing. ,Handicraft.
  • Safe enough-The safety lock prevents accidental burning and the wide base prevents the butane burner from tipping over. The portable ceramic body does not get hot during use and reduces leaks.
  • Usage Tips-Capacity is 4g butane (not included) and will not be overfilled! Set the flame level to MIN when not in use! Keep out of the reach of children!

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