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Car horn kit FARBIN 12V 12V chrome zinc double pipe, compressor wire harness and …
FARBIN Air Horn 12V Car Horn Kit, 12 V Vehicle, Truck, Car, Car, SUV, Off Road Bike (12 V Standard + Button) Chrome Zinc Double Pipe with Compressor Wiring Harness and Switch for All
  • High Volume Important Information Option Allow Image Description Keyword Details Advanced Look Me: Can produce 150dB sound. No one ignores the sound when you are driving.
  • High Quality: The air horn is made of high quality chrome zinc material, which guarantees durability and service life and can be used in various temperature environments.
  • Easy installation: Our speaker kit is very easy to install. You can install it manually using the cable bundle you distributed.
  • General Accessories: Suitable for all types of 12V vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, off-road bikes
  • Independent control: Pushbutton switches allow individual control of the speaker, allowing the speaker or original car horn to be used in a variety of driving conditions.
LivTee 240 pieces Plastic car rivets, assortment of universal lock clips, push-type locks …
Plastic rivets from LivTee 240 car printer, universal lock area, pressure lock set for case with removal tool suitable for GMC Ford Toyota Honda Chrysler
  • High Quality Nylon: These car clips are made of high quality black nylon with abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. This insert cage kit is not easy to break or break during use.
  • Wide range of applications: Widely used in insert cover sets, 12 popular sizes, car panels, decorative trim clips, door trim clips, door trim clips, bumper clips, fender trim clips, engine hoods. Fender bracket replacement is common on most models and is compatible with Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Jeep, 2001 MR2 Spider, 06 350z, 1996 Ford F-250, Honda, Chevrolet and more.
  • Save Time and Money: You don’t have to go to an auto parts store to look for other fasteners. This box contains everything you need to save time and money.
  • Easy installation: The product comes with a screwdriver, which is easy to use and easy to install and remove. Twelve plastic boxes with compartments, a complete list of sizes and quantities can be found above. It is small and easy to store and carry.
  • Buy with confidence: Feel free to contact us for any other issues. We are always there for you.
LivTee Super Bright 4PCS Motorcycle Gauge Smooth Turn Signal Brake Light Day Run…
LivTee Super Bright 4PCS Motorcycle Gauge Smooth Turn Signal Brake Light and Motorcycle Quad Cruiser For Scooter 12V Daytime Running Light Harley Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki Offroad White / Red / Amber
  • Compatibility: 12V 12V LED Motorcycle Turn Signal Indicator, Suitable for all Harley Prince Motorcycles Large Displacement Motorcycles of Suzuki Hao Jue Honda Yamaha.
  • High quality: The motorcycle turn signal is made of highly transparent and wear resistant ABS plastic, and the quality is guaranteed. The flexible rubber base of the connection is hard to break and effectively prevents breakage.
  • New features: The new version of the turn signal adds daytime running lights and brake lights. Note: When the indicator is on, the daytime running or brake lights will be off. When the blinkers are turned off, the daytime running lights or brake lights will return to their original state.
  • Easy installation: The black line is the minus, the yellow line is the turn signal, the white line is the DRL, the red line is the brake light, and it is placed directly in place of the original turn signal.
  • Buy with Confidence: Includes 2 DRL / Turn Signals and 2 Brake / Turn Signals. We offer a one-year warranty and lifetime support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to please you.
JUSTTOP universal cleaning gel for cars, tool for putty detail.
JUSTTOP Universal Car Cleaning Gel, Detail Putty Tool Car Interior Cleaning Gel Laptop Cleaner (Blue)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: The gel for cleaning car cosmetic keyboards is made of high quality biodegradable gel material, which is non-greasy and has a slight lemon scent. It does not irritate the skin and is environmentally friendly. Cleansing gel is a stress-relieving toy that helps relieve stress.
  • Reusable: This self-cleaning gel can be used several times until the gel darkens. After use, put it in a closed box and store it in a cool and dry place. (Note: Do not rinse the Universal Cleaning Gel with water.)
  • Multi-function application: Car dust cleaning gel cleans not only air vents, dashboard vents, gear levers, buttons, door handles, air vents, CD slots, but also remote control, landline, calculator, fan and digital camera slots. etc. The proper surface must be waterproof, otherwise the cleaning putty will stick to it.
  • Ease of use: Compared to traditional car cleaning tools, this car cleaning gel is soft and easy to clean through the gaps in your car. First, take a small piece of gel and knead it before using it. Then gently press the cleaning gel against a hard surface, such as a car vent, and pull it out slowly to allow the gel to carry away dust.
  • Buy with confidence: If you have any problems or questions, please contact us. You can use it at any time.
LivTee blind spot mirror, 2 inch HD round glass, frameless wide-angle convex mirror …
LivTee Blind Spot Mirror, 2 inch HD Round Glass, Frameless Convex Rearview Mirror with Wide Angle Adjustable Handle for Cars, SUVs, Trucks, 2 Pack
  • [360 Degree]: Maximize the magnification of the wide-angle view in the car with the current upgrade with 2 packs, 360 degree pan and tilt adjustment. All convex point mirrors have a small adjustable rotatable bracket that is easy to install.
  • [Improved safety]: The convex rearview mirror eliminates blind spots when overtaking or changing lanes, improving safety. Great for all cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.
  • [HD Glass]: Our 2-inch HD curved blind spot glass mirror is frameless and features sophisticated design, IP65 waterproof, rustproof, convex ultra-thin HD glass, anti-fog side rearview mirror.
  • [Easy to install]: Clean the side mirror of the original car, glue the blind spot mirror to the mounting bracket, and attach it to the side mirror.
  • [Service Guarantee]: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are always there for you.
JUSTTOP Car Wheel Tire Valve Stem Air Cap and Combo Keychain, Car, SUV, …
JUSTTOP Auto Wheel Tire Valve Connector Air Cap Cover and Key Chain Combo, Universal for Cars, SUVs, Bicycles, Bicycles, Trucks, Motorcycles-Black
  • The valve stem cap protects the valve and keeps water, dust, or sand out of the tire. Prevent valve leakage and ensure safe operation.
  • It is easy to tighten by hand with 4 valve stem caps and 1 key ring, and it is also possible to prevent theft with a key wrench.
  • The valve cap is made of a durable, high quality zinc alloy with a rubber seal inside and an improved seal to prevent air leaks. The color is simple in appearance, making it ideal for cars in different colors.
  • The size of each valve cover is 12 x 11 mm / 0.47 x 0.43 inches. It fits all in one size and is perfect for more cars, buses, SUVs, motorcycles, or bicycles.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to please you.
LivTee black hooks for car backseat headrests, car seat organizers, coat accessories, umbrellas …
LivTee Black Car Back Seat Headrest Hook, Coat Car Seat Organizer Accessories Umbrella Shopping Bag 4pcs
  • Effectively save space: These versatile headrest hooks lift the backseat and dirt off the floor, causing grocery and shopping bags to roll off the floor, and bags and grocery bags to fall off the seat. You can prevent it from happening.
  • Easy installation: These hooks can be easily installed without removing the headrest or using additional tools. It only takes 10 seconds to install, and even children can install it successfully.
  • Heavy Duty: Each box contains 4 hooks and the heavy duty material can carry 44 lbs and handle most things in the car.
  • High quality ABS material: The headrest hooks on these cars are made of durable ABS material and will not break. The smooth edge design protects adults and children from scratches and is safe to use.
  • Buy with confidence: If you have any problems or questions, please contact us. You can use it at any time.
LivTee automatic trim removal toolkit, 5 piece, kit for removing dashboard door clamps …
LivTee Automatic Trim Removal Toolkit Kit 5 Piece Kit for Removing Internal Door Panels for Audio Installation on Car Dashboard (Blue)
  • Made of durable plastic, it can be used for a long time. The ergonomic design with very light and comfortable portable features saves you the effort of decorating the interior and exterior of your car in a very short time and effectively.
  • Ideal for car audio / radio systems, door panels, moldings, window panel installation or removal, or in-car repair and restoration.
  • The kit includes four plastic plate removers and one hardware remover to simplify the need for repairs. A durable and easy-to-use professional toolbox.
  • Made of impact-resistant nylon fiber with a matte surface treatment, it is more durable than regular ABS plastic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and shatterproof.
  • All tools are molded, moderately bent, non-rigid, scratch-free and harmless to car paint throughout the modification, according to the vehicle finishing requirements available on the market. [Universal Application] This multifunctional combination toolkit is suitable for all cars, boats and mobile home models of various shapes and sizes, even in the smallest space.
LivTee Black Silicone License Plate Frame, Universal American Car License Plate Frame, …
LivTee Black Silicon License Plate Frame Universal American Car License Plate Frame Anti-rust against rattling (2 pcs)
  • High quality silicone material: High quality industrial silicone that prevents the license plate from deforming due to pressure or bending. This protects the license plate from rust and damage.
  • Human design: The license plate frame has 8 drain holes, does not collect rainwater and is easy to clean. The soft and soft surface prevents scratches and rattles.
  • Easy to install: Simply insert the license plate into the recessed front of the frame, add the frame cover, and then use the included hardware to attach the entire kit to the vehicle.
  • 100% legal on the road: The police will not stop you because the edges of this black license plate frame do not obscure the license plate information.
  • Buy with confidence: If you have any problems or questions, please contact us. You can use it at any time.
JUSTTOP waterproof car trash can with lid and storage pocket, 100% sealed car organizer, …
JUSTTOP waterproof car trash can with lid and storage bag, 100% sealed car organizer, universal car trash can
  • Keep your car clean and fertilize: The trash can has a soft velcro lid with holes and is soft enough to hold an empty water bottle, fruit skin and other debris without lifting the lid. There is a velcro. The cover helps remove dirt and odors.
  • High Leakage: This automatic trash bag is well made and features a durable and airtight waterproof inner lining for easy cleaning and washing. You don’t have to worry about spills in the car.
  • Multi-functional design: Two mesh pockets on each side and front fabric pockets are ideal for convenient storage of paper towels, disinfectants and other residues. Put an empty bag inside and attach the plastic bag to the handle using two adjustable side clips. Remove it and replace it when it is full.
  • Foldable design: The foldable design of the trash can saves space when not in use. It’s easy to store in a car drawer and easy to carry when traveling outdoors, so you can use it as a bag for your travel refrigerator, such as an umbrella or drink, to keep your drinks cool.
  • Easy installation: Our automatic trash can comes with an adjustable strap, bottom hook and cord. Simply hang it on the headrest and adjust the strap to the desired length. You can hang it behind or in front of the seat, attach it to the console, or simply stand it on the floor.

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