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Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask – Another light-blocking sleep mask, soft and comfortable …
Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask-Newly designed, light-blocking sleep mask, soft and comfortable night eye mask for men and women, travel / sleep / shift blindfold, travel bag, gray
  • NEW DESIGN 2019 – We look forward to your feedback! After a lot of research and data, we have updated the details and developed a more ergonomic sleep mask design that fits any head size.
  • Perfect Light Block Anytime, Anywhere – This sleep mask uses an adjustable and powerful patented curved cartilage design that effectively blocks light from your nose. You can sleep soundly or take a nap anywhere!
  • Eye Feel Free – The cotton soft triangular wing design of this sleep mask can significantly stop the mask from moving and keep your eyes and head away from pressure so you can relax, refresh and wake up. can do
  • Super Soft and Comfortable – This sleep mask is made of 5 layers of super breathable fabric including cotton, elastic sponge and modier to give you a very soft and fresh look.
  • 100% MANDE BY HAND – All cuts and sewing of this sleep mask are done by hand.Tight, clean and smooth seams ensure minimal friction in all sleeping positions without pressure
Manta Sleep Mask – 100% Darkened Eye Mask – No Pressure on Eyes – Adjustable Eye Cup – Guarantee…
Manta Sleep Mask – 100% Dark Eye Mask – No Eye Pressure – Adjustable Eye Cup – Maximum Rest Guarantee – Ideal Sleep Mask for Sleepers, Travelers and Noon Throwers
  • True 100% Dark Sleep Mask – Adjustable eyecup fits perfectly on the face and blocks 100% of the light.True blackout guarantees deepest sleep in every room and every position
  • No eye pressure – Fully adjustable ultra-deep eyecups allow you to blink as if you weren’t wearing a sleeping mask
  • Infinitely adjustable eyecup – Adjust the position and angle of the eyecup for a perfect fit on your face
  • Soft, Breathable, Durable-Very soft modal eyecup, breathable cotton velor tape, comfortable microhook / microfleece closure, industrial quality rubber band
  • Guarantee the Deepest Sleep – Manta Sleep Masks have been developed and optimized for the deepest possible sleep under all conditions. Great for daytime sleepers, travelers, sensitive sleepers, nighttime viewer partners, night shift workers and more. Includes manta eye mask, premium earplugs and pouch / wash bag. 100% machine washable. Are you sleeping the deepest sleep in your life?Please contact us for refund
100% Cotton Handmade Sleeping Mask Blackout is a comfortable and breathable sleeping eye mask …
Handmade Shading Sleep Mask Made of 100% Cotton – Comfortable and Breathable Eye Mask for Sleep Adjustable Blindfold Airplane with Travel Bag – Best Night Eyelid Companion for Women, Men and Kids
  • Perfect light blocking and breathing: The wings of the nose mask design can effectively block light from the nose area, so you can sleep well anytime, anywhere and relax your eyes.
  • Very soft and comfortable: The surface material is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, and the inside is made of pure cotton. This new type of sleep mask is a natural material that soothes your face and helps you fall asleep quickly, providing a gentle and fresh touch to your eyes.
  • Fully Adjustable: This sleep mask can be adjusted in length to fit a variety of heads perfectly without the hair getting tangled or feeling tight. This is a great gift for both adults and children.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: The skin-friendly cotton sleep mask is light and easy to carry, so you’ll barely notice it on your head. The foldable design and free carry case make it easy to carry your sleep mask at work, travel or at home.
  • Durability: Our newly designed cotton sleep masks are manufactured to very strict standards to protect all treatments. Because it is supple and foldable, it can be washed in its original condition even after washing.
An improved 100% darkening eye mask with 3 sleep masks and adjustable 3D sleep contours …
Set of 3 sleeping masks, 100% darkened sleeping eye mask with improved 3D contour with adjustable straps, comfortable and soft night blindfold for women and men, travel / sleeping eye umbrella, black / red / Blue
  • 100% Blocking Light: Ergonomic outline increases opacity by 99%, provides complete darkness and fits perfectly at any nose height.
  • 3D design: The eye space is wider and deeper than a normal blindfold. Do not put pressure on your eyes, blink freely and avoid touching eye makeup.
  • Improved adjustable buckle: Gentle, painless and easy to adjust headband, won’t entangle your hair or get in the way of your pillow. Fully adjustable strap from 18.5 to 27.5 inches, suitable for women / men / children.
  • Increased REM sleep: A high quality material that improves sleep, relaxes you and your eyes, and puts you to sleep at night.
  • Best Sleep Tools: A great helper to get rid of fatigue, improve sleep quality and give more energy for work and study. Suitable for travel, shift work, meditation, yoga, etc. Suitable for various occasions such as indoors, outdoors and camping.
2020 Improved sleeping eye masks for women and men, soft lycra eye masks for 3D sleep …
Updated in 2020 for women and men sleep eye masks, 3D contoured sleeping cups and soft lycra eye masks for blindfolds, 100% black outright sleep masks for travel, day sleep, 1 pack of yoga (Black One)
  • Material: Memory foam + lycra cotton, soft, comfortable, stretchy and very light.
  • Economical 3D Design: The Unimi Eye Mask has a contoured 3D design that fits snugly on the bridge of the nose and does not put pressure on the eyes.
  • Completely block all light: The redesigned septum blocks all light, fits the nose and is completely dark.
  • Suitable for various head sizes. Adjustable straps with thin buckles prevent hair from getting tangled during sleep and stay in place at all times.
  • Excellent workmanship and 60-day service guarantee: With tailoring technology, the sleep mask is durable and durable, and the seams are straight and accurate. We support 60 days of exchanges and refunds, and 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us.Contact Us
Kimkoo Cotton Sleep Mask-Light Blocking Sleep Mask Ideal for women and men, soft …
Kimkoo Cotton Sleep Mask – Shading Sleep Mask Perfect for women and men, soft and comfortable sleeping eye mask, blindfold, with bag, 2 pieces, black and gray
  • Completely block light – This sleep mask features a patented wing nose design. The underside of the eye mask is filled with elastic cotton. The cotton can be adjusted as needed, so it is very effective at blocking light coming in through the nose.
  • No pressure on the eyes – This sleep mask is designed with triangular side wings made of soft cotton. This prevents unnecessary movement of the mask, effectively relieves pressure on the eyes and head, and prevents the eyes from feeling pressure while wearing. It.
  • Super Soft and Comfortable – This sleep mask is made of 4 layers of super breathable fabric including cotton, stretch foam and modal fabrics. The side that comes into contact with the skin is made of ultra-soft modal fabric that is very soft to the touch.
  • 100% Handmade – Neat seams, a perfect fit, adjustable elastic straps for 19-28 inch heads, and a portable tote bag.
  • If you experience any damage or quality problems during use, please contact us. It provides the perfect solution.
Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold Super Smooth Eye Mask (Black)
Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold Super Smooth Eye Mask (Black)
  • An eye treatment that brings sleep and relaxation, made from 100% natural silk using the highest quality mulberry trees on both sides. Only very soft, very smooth and thin silk is the cozy mask found in the best spas in the world, providing breathable and cool relaxation.
  • The soft, easily adjustable headband does not entangle or disturb the pillow. Also, the plastic regulator stays on the back of the head instead of the temple, which is inconvenient for people sleeping sideways. It fits comfortably on earplugs and CPAP face masks. Fully adjustable strap from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches.Suitable for women / men / children and those who sleep on the back / side / belly
  • Breathable natural silk fibers allow healthy oxygen to pass through and dry the air, making it ideal for people with insomnia, migraines and dry eye.
  • Use full dimming at home, in a hotel, or on an airplane (where bright LED lights and dry air can be particularly harsh).The ideal travel accessory to relax and refresh
  • A unique Christmas gift for those who want a healthy and uninterrupted sleep. Give your customers stocking fillers that they will really appreciate using. Buy AB Silk Pillowcases and you’re ready for a sweet dream.
ALASKABEAR A luxurious sleeping eye mask for women and men. Adjustable, contoured, comfortable and complete …
ALASKABEAR A luxurious sleeping eye mask for women and men.Adjustable, contoured and comfortable for a complete power outage – Includes silky housing – Black
  • The ergonomic design allows you to blink without squinting, creating the sensation of an invisible mask”.
  • Full light block design means that light leakage does not interfere with sleep, promoting deeper, more restful and restful sleep
  • Fully adjustable shape, high quality memory foam wrapped in a smooth jacquard knit cover for a perfect fit that’s better for every application
  • Unique thermal bonding technology for elasticity and durability in machine wash and post-wash washing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee within 60 days! The best eye mask for sleeping. If this is not your experience, we will fix it by exchanging or giving a full refund. You are guaranteed to sleep better or your money will be returned!
3D sleep masks, new arrival sleep masks for women and men, contour cups with blindfolded eyes, luxury …
3D Sleep Mask New Arrivals for Women and Men Sleep Mask Blindfold Contour Cup Travel Sleep Yoga Luxurious shading cover type eye shade with adjustable straps for black
  • Latest 3D design: Ergonomic eye mask. The contour around the eyes becomes deeper and the eyes can move freely. It does not put pressure on the eyes and completely removes the tension of the silk sleeping mask to ensure a comfortable and long sleep.
  • It completely blocks the light. The sleep mask has more coverage and the edges match the cheekbones. Unique nose area design that effectively prevents light intrusion, prevents light loss, and allows the eyes to blink freely.
  • Lightweight and skin-friendly: Memory foam lining and high-quality textile fabric won’t stain your sheets or pillows.
  • Suitable for all strap sizes: independently adjustable painless head elasticity, longer and wider than others. The material is durable and soft, does not deform, and does not fall off when sleeping. The soft elastic cord does not tear the hair and is suitable for long-term clothing.
  • Sleep anytime, anywhere: This combination is perfect for travel, sleep, meditation and shift work. We offer a 12-month warranty and 365 days of technical support. Please contact us at any time.
Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask for Perfect Sleep | Comfortable and Very Soft Eye Mask…
Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask for Perfect Sleep | Comfortable Super Soft Eye Mask with Adjustable Straps | Works in any sleep position Ultimate Sleep Assist / Blindfold, Blocks Light
  • Sleep Anytime, Anywhere: Take this incredibly light and comfortable sleep mask / eye mask with you wherever you go, whether on a bed, plane, long-distance car trip, camping, and enjoy a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Please give me. At home, in a hotel, on the train, wherever you care about the light.
  • Improved Home Sleep: Sleep with this silk eye mask that naturally improves mood, energy and cognitive function and naturally blocks light to help you sleep faster and deeper every night. 100% high quality silk that improves your sleep and relaxes you and your eyes.Silk is naturally breathable and naturally soothes the skin
  • Lightning-free sleep in every position: The Jersey Slumber / Eye Mask was specially developed to minimize friction. This mask protects your eyes from light by minimizing the contraction of your sleeping face, eyelids and eyelashes. The straps are painless, fully adjustable and fit the most comfortably in any sleeping position.
  • Adjustable Soft Elastic Belt: This sleep mask / eye mask features a comfortable, adjustable and painless head strap that moves and falls off during sleep and when applying medicine to the eyes using this mask. There is no such thing as. This is the mask that people use during concentration and meditation. A mask that people use to cover their eyes when performing certain yoga operations. Not to mention the mask is very light, it fits perfectly on your face to ensure a perfect night!
  • Uninterrupted sleep without pills and additives: This eye mask has many great features: 1) as a relaxing mask 2) a mask that covers your eyes when you apply an ointment or lotion 3) with your eyes Soothing Pillows, Jersey Slumber Three Masks / Masks For the eyes, it is insomnia, migraine and dry eyes as the breathable natural fibers of hypoallergenic silk allow healthy oxygen to pass through and dry the air. Ideal for people with the syndrome. Get this sleep mask / eye mask today, and you won’t regret your decision!

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