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Digital alarm clock with wooden electronic LED time display, 3 alarm settings, humidity, and …
Digital alarm clock with wooden electronic LED time display, 3 alarm settings, humidity and temperature detection, electric wooden clock for bedroom, bedside table … (brown)
  • Double Alarm Settings – In 2019, double alarms have been replaced by three. You can set two or three alarms to help you wake up better. One for you and the other for your family. Don’t rest forever You can also set a weekday mode that sounds only from Monday to Friday.
  • [Stylish wooden decoration design]– Probably the most elegant alarm clock ever. In addition to being a clock, this is also a great decoration for your bedroom. With its stylish appearance and many features, it is a perfect gift for children.
  • [3 Adjustable Brightness Levels]– You can set from low brightness to high brightness, or turn off the LED backlight to maintain sound sensitivity. It does not make your eyes uncomfortable and can be used comfortably even at night.
  • [Temperature / Humidity Detection]-The temperature / humidity sensor allows you to monitor the temperature / humidity in the room. Only as a companion to protect your health.
  • [Power cord powered]– This watch runs on a USB power cord. *** Batteries are not recommended *** Batteries will discharge really quickly! The battery is intended for testing or moderate use only.
Crossley Vintage analog alarm clock for fireplace and bedroom, quiet, non-tick, automatic …
Vintage Crosley Coat Bedroom Analog Alarm Clock, Tick-Free Silent Outsole, Automatic Smart Lights, Adjustable Nightlight, Rising Beep, Easy Setting Control, Battery-powered, 33388B
  • Soft swing
  • Automatic and adjustable nightlight
  • Art Deco Design
  • Metal base and bezel
  • Big big snooze button
AROMUSTIME Arabic numeral 3-inch wooden square alarm clock, quiet …
AROMUSTIME 3-inch square alarm clock made of wooden Arabic numerals, non-tick, quiet, illuminated, battery-powered, natural
  • [Retro design]Minimal alarm clock made of solid wood, desk, bedside table, bookshelf, fireplace perfect decoration.
  • [Exquisite craftsmanship]Solid wood is carved with elaborate carving without embroidery on the frame.
  • [Clear view]A simple and bright watch face with a backlight function that allows you to clearly see the timeline.
  • [Low whisper]Quiet movement without carving silence. Great for work or sleep.
  • [Warranty]1 year manufacturing warranty. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Amazon Email or Customer Service (” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”fbbaa9b4b6aea8afb2b6bebbb4aeafb7b4b4b0d5b8b4b6″ rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>[email protected]). We will solve everything for you as soon as possible.
Backlit Konigswerk analog alarm clock, two ring alarm clocks for those who sleep without clicking …
Konigswerk analog alarm clock with backlight and two rings Heavy, sleepless teak alarm clock – home and office desk clock (black body – rose)
  • Konigswerk Design: A traditional analog 4-inch alarm clock in the shape of a bell with a black illuminated case and a pink dial, decorated in a large room in a classic and elegant style.
  • Quiet second hand without snooze button. Don’t tick to ensure good sleep and better working conditions.
  • An ultra-loud alarm clock, perfect for people who can’t sleep well, for people with hearing impairments, and for people who have trouble waking up.
  • Battery-powered vintage clocks are suitable for bedside clocks that resemble modern home clocks.
  • Diameter: 4 inches, clear numerical display, 1 AA battery required (not included).
I code baby alarm clock, baby sleep trainer, baby awakening light, sleep …
I CODE baby alarm clock, baby sleep trainer, baby alarm light, sound sleep machine
  • [SLEEP WATCH]Toddlers may not fully understand the concept of time. We are developing this watch to teach your child when to fall asleep and wake up! It has all the features you need to help your child sleep better and refresh and wake up! A sleep trainer, alarm clock, sound machine, nightlight and sleep timer are all in one package.
  • [Mechanism]As a child, infants know the symbol and understand that it is time to get up or get out of bed. At night, the clock shines gently on the moon, and children know it’s time to sleep or stay in bed until the sun rises.
  • [SENSITIVE NIGHT LIGHT]With the sleep timer function, you can sleep for a certain period of time with the nightlight and turn it off automatically. 3 brightness for warm / white light. Colored lights can automatically change or modify the desired color. Just tap to turn the device on and off, or choose a color and brightness.
  • [Multi-function alarm]17 natural sounds. Snooze function, 12/24 hour format, adjustable volume, dimmable background lighting.
  • [Sound Car]You can choose from 17 types of high-quality smoothing noise such as lightning, sea, rain, summer nights, frogs, cats, sheep, cows, and ducks. With auto-off timer.
FirstDecor 5 inch beautiful butterfly pattern alarm clock table clock table clock retro…
FirstDecor 5 inch beautiful butterfly pattern alarm clock table clock desk clock retro vintage home decoration table clock silent European quartz wall clock
  • Material: Metal. Ideal for retro design and decoration.
  • Clock diameter: 13 cm. Clock height: 15 cm.
  • It is quiet, you can sleep soundly, and you can secure a better working environment.
  • Package Includes: 1x Alarm Clock, 1xAA Battery Required (Not Included)
  • You can put it on the table or hang it on the wall. The retro style will make you travel back in time.
Lemnos Riki Natrual wooden alarm clock
Lemnos Riki Natrual wooden alarm clock
Item NumberWR09-15NT
colorof course
Mpow digital alarm clock, 5 inch curved LED screen, 6 brightness levels, 3 alarm clocks, simple digital clocks …
Mpow digital alarm clock, 5 inch curved LED screen, 6 brightness levels, 3 alarm clocks, comfortable digital clock for kids and adults, alarm clock for kitchen bedroom, office, adjustable volume , Snooze, 12/24 hours
  • 6 DIMMER BLUE LED Display: Thanks to the specially curved LED screen, you can clearly see the time from different angles through the kitchen, bedroom and living room. You can choose from 5 brightness levels or turn it off completely during sleep.
  • Three alarm sounds with adjustable volume: Choose buzzer, bird chirping, or chord melody to wake up, feel good and start a new day. You can choose from two volume levels, 75 dB or 85 dB.
  • Easy to use for older children: Absolute simplicity and clear display make this simple curved digital clock simple and easy to use. It’s a great gift for kids, family kids, seniors, seniors and teenagers.
  • Large snooze button for additional 9 minutes of sleep: Press the snooze button after the alarm sounds to get another 9 minutes of sleep. The SNOOZE button has been enlarged to facilitate searching.
  • Best Gifts and Power Adapters Included: Compact and streamlined design fits any decoration. A great Christmas gift for your desk, bedside table or bedroom clock. Unlike others, the Mpow LED alarm clock includes a power adapter, clock, micro USB cable, and manual.
[Upgrade to 2020]3 alarm settings, electronic LED time display, 3 digital wooden alarm clocks …
[Updated in 2020]Suitable for digital wooden alarm clock with 3 alarm settings, electronic LED time display, 3 brightness and temperature levels, bedroom, bedside table, desk, office, kids and family, white
  • [Updated version 2020]– Three alarm settings are available. Keep in mind that you and your husband may need to wake up at different times. This watch will definitely solve your problem. In this way, you can also set up to three alarms and control whether they are triggered by the MF or daily.
  • [Very nice decoration]– You may be wondering why you shouldn’t use a cell phone alarm clock instead of a clock. It is ideal not only for watches but also for furniture decoration. You may not need an alarm, but you need a decoration that can also read the time and temperature.
  • [Perfect for gifts]-Design is minimalist style. There aren’t many buttons, but it looks as simple as possible. You can express your love and compassion as a gift for your child or family.
  • [Brightness and temperature settings]– You can choose from three brightness levels. Temperature (° F / ° C) and humidity can also be read directly from the surface. An internal sensor automatically detects temperature and humidity.
  • [Power Cord Operation]– The power cord is included and works only with the power cord. *** Note: *** Cannot be operated using AAA batteries.
Children, sleepers, bedrooms, sunrise lights and sunrise alarm clocks …
Illuminated sunrise alarm clock for children, sleeper, bedroom, simulated sunrise, sleep aid, double alarm, FM radio, sleep, night light, daylight, 7 colors, 7 natural sounds, Ideal as a gift
  • [Wake up by simulating sunrise]This digital sleeping pill alarm clock is suitable for everyone, especially sleeping people and children. The sunrise lights, simulated with 7 natural tones, gradually turn on from 10% to 100% 30 minutes before the alarm set time. If you think 30 minutes is too long, you can set the process to 20 minutes or 10 minutes. Nature awakens you.
  • [Supports dual alarm and snooze]We designed two alarms because it may be necessary to set different alarms for each family. In addition, the snooze feature is specially designed for those who need an additional 9 minutes to start a new day. Just press the snooze button on the top of your watch and you’ll get more than 9 minutes of sleep. Delay up to 5 times.
  • [7 bright colors, 20 adjustable brightness]You can choose from 7 colors: blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green. Adjustable brightness with 3 brightness levels and 20 brightness levels on the LED display.
  • [FM radio and 7 beeps]Click the radio button on the upper right to turn it on to switch to FM radio. Press and hold the FM Radio” button for 2 seconds and all stations will be automatically scanned at frequencies between 76 and 108MHz. Surprisingly, you can choose from seven alarm sounds to wake you up. For example, B. Bird chimes, ocean waves, streams, beeps, wind chimes, soft music, piano music and more. 16 Adjustable volume.
  • [Nightlight / Bedside lamp]It is also a nightlight / nightlight / reading light. When you press the ☀ button on the upper left to turn it on, it becomes a night / night light / reading light. You can also adjust the brightness by pressing the +” / -” buttons. The soft, warm light improves visibility when feeding your baby, going to the bathroom, or reading a book at night.

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