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Goody King Jewelry Making Kit Bracelet Beads – Bead Craft Kit, Glass Letter with Pony Seeds…
GoodyKing Jewelry Making Kit Beads for Bracelets-Beads Craft Kits, Glass Pony, Letters, Alphabets, DIY Crafts-Valentine Day Gifts for Women Wife Girlfriend Adult Children Age 6 7 8 9
  • [Amazing colors]You can choose from 24 beautiful colors. Make a masterpiece of pearls to meet your crafting needs.
  • [Fun for all ages]Don’t miss all the fun and make the perfect personalized friendship bead bracelet, necklace, key chain and more
  • [Infinite creative possibilities]Native American or African bracelets and necklaces, Japanese braided jewelry, waist beads, etc.
  • Free Organizer Beads Storage Box Recognizing that chaotic beads are a nightmare, we have confirmed that the colored beads are well organized.
  • [Premium quality materials]In order to deliver the highest quality, we confirm that all materials meet international quality standards.
Horizon Group USA Pastel Pearl Mix
Horizon Group USA Pastel Pearl Mix
  • Create over 40 jewelry: Create over 40 different jewelry designs to wear and share.
  • Discover 6 Jewelery Techniques: Follow the instructions in the booklet to learn 6 different jewelry making techniques such as macrame and basic blades.
  • Unique Design: Combine jewelry strings and beads to create knots, blades and beads.
  • SPREAD LOVE AND KIND: Express your love, kindness and positiveness with fun and expressive phrases!
  • The perfect gift: for birthdays, holidays, accommodations, or bookings!
A set for making bracelets from pearls, a set of friendship bracelets from pony pearls and shine pearls Letter pearl charm …
Beads Bracelet Making Kit, Pony Beads Letter Beads Pendant Shinynek Beads Friendship Bracelet with Beads and Elastic Threads for Bracelets and Jewelry Making
  • [Indispensable for jewelry makers]This wonderful bead set, which is indispensable for bracelets, contains 10 colors of pony beads, letter beads, charm beads and elastic cords, and you can use it for bracelets and jewelry. You can make it. This assortment of pony beads is a must-see for avid jewelers in your home and is suitable for a variety of jobs.
  • [Wide color]With 4 bright beads and 10 thread colors, this bright bracelet bead set has a great selection for making necklaces, bracelets, blades and many other handicrafts and jewelry. Offers.
  • [Good quality]Plastic bracelet beads have a smooth surface and a very good shape. Great for making pearls and jewelry.
  • [Well packed]These rainbow beads are tightly packed in a section organizer with a plastic lid, which keeps the beads neat and tidy and hard to break.
  • [Big size]Pony beads size about 6x9mm, letter beads about 6x6mm, bracelet making beads of a size suitable for making necklaces, bracelets, blades.
3800 pieces Jewelery making, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, flat round polymer clay beads for DIY …
Create 3800 flat round beads – 20-40 bracelets (6 mm beads, 18 colors) made of craft polymer clay with jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and jump rings.
  • Everything you need to turn on – enough to create a package of at least 20 bracelets. Over 3600 colorful fimo beads, 50-60 character beads, 20 star beads, 20 sets of lobster clasps, 30 golden square beads, 20 folders, 6 starfish pendants, 40 open loops , 10 meter elastic cord (1) and storage box for 24 drawers. We strictly control quality and quantity, and usually make sure there are no shortages. If you have any missing items, please contact Golray. Full refund and resend new set.
  • Clay bead size – Flat clay beads about 6 mm in diameter, 1 mm thick and 2 mm in holes. Approximately 200 to 250 pcs / carton, total approximately 3600 to 4500 pcs / carton. Each bracelet needs about. 100-140 clay beads. You can make 20-40 bracelets and necklaces as a set.
  • Wide range of uses – Perfect size for hanging small items on delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and various jewelry.
  • Different DIY Styles – 18 different colors of polymer clay spacer beads to meet all your jewelry needs. Use this spacer bead between all your favorite beads or thread it through a strand. These pearls add a special sparkle to your jewelry. -Create a project.
  • Learn simple and fun techniques for making jewelry for department stores. A cheap DIY way to make great styles. Note: It may be possible to replace beads of 1 to 3 colors with similar colors.
Pearl set DICOBD 10800 pieces Glass beads 3mm, letter beads 1200 pieces With 2 cords …
DICO BD beads set 1080 03mm glass beads 1200 letter beads 2 roll bracelet cord necklace key chain jewelry making
  • Bead set: 24 colors of glass beads, 450 pieces for each color. The letter beads consist of 26 letters and one heart-shaped pattern.
  • Quantity: Glass beads: 10800 pcs; Letter beads: 1200 pcs including 1150 letter beads and 50 heart beads.
  • Dimensions: Glass beads: 3 mm; Letter beads: 4 x 7 mm; Elastic cord size: 0.8 mm; Crystal cord size: 0.6 mm.
  • Packaging: Glass and letter beads are packed in a plastic box with 24 ribbons for easy sorting and storage.
  • Uses: Use it to make your own style of jewelry or make a unique gift for your friends.
Green time clay beads, flat clay beads bracelet with spacer Hiraishi beads for jewelry making set …
Green time clay beads, flat round clay beads, flat stone beads for bracelets, jewelry sets, earrings, handicrafts (24 colors, 4500 pieces, 6 mm)
  • [GREAT VALUE KIT]Each box of handmade polymer clay beads comes in 24 bright neon colors including 1 storage box, 1 tweezers, 1 scissors, 1 pack of jump ring, 1 roll of transparent elastic cord, and 1 pack of lobster clasp. You can use it. These striking rainbow beads are characterized by the fact that each color is unique and vibrant, so everyone can find their own color for necklaces, bracelets and other handicrafts. I can do it.
  • [Size and material]Each bead has a diameter of about 6 mm, a thickness of 1 mm, and a hole: 2 mm. The perfect size for jewelry making and crafts. The beads are made of polymer clay, which is light and waterproof, comfortable to wear, does not change color and always keeps a bright color – strong and durable, symmetrical with glossy luster and uniform Great for shapes and colors, as well as pearls and gems. Manufacture.
  • [Good Package]Rainbow pearls are neatly packed in a plastic container with a compartment to prevent the pearls from breaking. Each color is in a separate compartment. If you run out of beads, the drawer doubles as a storage box.
  • [BEST GIFT CHOICE]Pearls are the best creative products for all age groups. Girls share it with their friends to make beautiful necklaces and bracelets. The teachers do a great job when they go to craft classes with their kids. Buying products for parties and birthdays for your kids and nephews is also a perfect choice.
  • Multi-functional and striking These striking beads can be a great support for teachers and parents. Kids can learn color sorting, counting, weighing and crossing in a fun and creative way! Or you can get inspiration for the production of exotic jewelry, bead embroidery, bead embroidery, sewing, handicrafts, chains and other handicrafts.
YUGDRUZY bracelet bead set, small glass beads 6/0, 6000 pieces, 4 mm, alphabet 720 pieces AZ…
Bead set for YUGDRUZY bracelet, 6000 4 mm 6/07 20 small glass beads.Alphabet letters AZ beads, jump rings, jewelry, bracelets, elastic threads for making bead embroidery
  • EtSet Perlen: 6,000 colored pearls, 720 pearls with letters), 50 jumping rings, 50 spacer pearls, 6 jewelry keyrings with transparent boxes and 2 elastic roll threads, 1 set Includes jewelry scissors, bracelets and necklaces.
  • ❤ Pearl size The small rainbow pearls are 4mm in size and different in size and shape. Letter bead size approx. 4x7mm, these bracelet beads are suitable for necklaces, bracelets.
  • ❤ High quality material: Iridescent pearls are made of glass, symmetrical with glossy luster and do not swell in water. All pearls are packed in a transparent pouch and placed in a box with 24 handles to prevent mixing.
  • ❤ Widely used: Suitable for all kinds of jewelry making, handicrafts, dress decorations, jewelry accessories. Gifting gifts to lovers and family at a bracelet making festival is also a good choice.
  • ❤ Quality Service: If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know in time. There is no reason to go back 90 days.
FunzBo Beads Jewelry Bracelet Kit Beads – Craft Art Glass Pony Seeds Alphabet…
FunzBo Beads Jewelry Making Kit Bracelet Beads – Crafts and Arts Glass Pony Seeds and Alphabet Letters Crafts Beads Arts and Crafts Gifts for Women Girlfriend Kids 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old
  • ❤️ ORGANIZER STORAGEBOX FREE Knowing that unorganized beads are a nightmare, I confirmed that the colored beads are well organized
  • ❤️[AMAZING COLOR]Choose from 20 beautiful colors to create a masterpiece of pearls and meet your crafting needs
  • ❤️[Fun for all ages]Don’t miss the fun and make the perfect personalized friendship bead bracelet, necklace, key chain and more
  • ❤️[Premium Quality Materials]We have made sure that all materials meet international quality standards as you only deserve the best.
  • ❤️[Infinite possibilities]Native American or African bracelets and necklaces, Japanese braided jewelry, waist beads, etc.
Set of beads Glass beads, 10000 pieces, 3 mm beads and beads with letters, 300 pieces for name bracelet …
A set of pearls, glass pearls, 10000 pearls, 3mm pearls, alphabet pearls, 300 pearls. 33-foot long elastic cord, scissors, tweezers, name bracelet with storage box, jewelry, for handicrafts
  • Each pack contains 10,000 glass beads, 300 alphabet beads, a 33-foot elastic cord, scissors, and a storage box.
  • Pearls: The size of pearls is small. Size: 3 mm in diameter (about 0.12 inch) or size 8/0; Hole: 0.6 mm (about 0.03 inch). Letter beads: 4 x 7 mm, hole diameter: 1 mm;
  • Each writing bead is made of high quality plastic. The elastic shoelaces are 33 feet long and can be used for a variety of crafts.
  • Ideal for making pearl necklaces and bracelets using the alphabet, it is also useful for practicing. Round beads can be used as spacers to make a variety of letter bead bracelets. Alternatively, you can use an elastic cord to weave a custom letter bead bracelet.
  • Suitable for making all kinds of jewelry, DIY craft, name bracelet key chain can be used as a gift for family and friends.
Alphabet bead bracelet making kit that tells a story (set of more than 500)
Alphabet bead bracelet making kit that tells a story (set of more than 500)
  • Wear the story on your wrist when creating a message or name bracelet with the alphabet beads included in this kit.
  • Over 500 pearls! Enough to make more than 12 bracelets
  • Includes a storage box that can be used to store pearls
  • The set of beads includes various beads, strings, plastic cases, and instructions.
  • Recommended for children over 8 years old.

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