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Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12VDC / 110VAC Dual Drive Tire Inflator, Pneumatic and …
Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12VDC / 110VAC Dual Drive Tire Pump, Expansion and Contraction Mode, Dual Powerful Motor, Digital Pressure Gauge
  • [Ultra High Speed ​​Inflation]Unlike single motor tire pumps, the Avid Power AC / DC tire inflator is equipped with two all-metal motors for ultra-high performance, making car tires and other inflatable devices more attractive. Inflate quickly. Suitable for inflating tires for cars, motorcycles, sedans and midsize SUVs. Heavy truck tires are not supported.
  • [12V DC / 120V AC power supply]The AC / DC power switch can be used anywhere, making this air compressor more convenient and convenient. You can plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter plug or your 120V socket. Ideal for indoor and travel use.
  • [Expansion / contraction mode]This tire expansion pump is equipped with an expansion / contraction switch and two types of tubes. A high-pressure hose that inflates high-pressure items such as car and bicycle tires and sports balls. A large capacity hose for inflating and emptying low pressure items, but large capacity items such as inflatable boats, air mattresses and floats.
  • [DIGITAL AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN SENSOR AND BRIGHT LED]If you set the desired value, the air pump will automatically turn off when the desired pressure is reached. The digital LCD display with device conversion (PSI / bar / KPA) makes this device very easy and safe to use. Super bright LED flashlight will help you in the dark in an emergency.
  • [How to get]Avid Power Inflator / Deflator 12V / 120V, 3 nozzle adapter, large hose, instruction manual. If you receive a defective product, please contact us. We will send you a replacement immediately free of charge. No returns required.
Portable Air Compressor Pump EPAuto12V DC, Digital Tire Inflation Pump
Portable Air Compressor Pump EPAuto12V DC, Digital Tire Inflation Pump
  • Convenience: Connect directly to the car lighter. 12 V DC, 10-15 amps, 120-180 W. It is equipped with a 12 VDC cigarette lighter plug instead of a 110 VAC plug.
  • Multiple applications: Inflate tires for cars, motorcycles, sedans and midsize SUVs. (Maximum displacement 3.5 l) Universal valve connection for Schrader valve, ready to use. Optional adapters include needles (for basketball and balls) and short / long taper adapters (inflatable kayaks, pool accessories, etc.).
  • Capacity: B. We do not support truck tires such as light truck tires (LT), heavy truck tires and truck tires.
  • Easy to read: 4 display units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG / CM; LED flashlight: bright flashlight
  • Avoid overfilling: Automatic shutdown when the desired tire pressure is reached. Overheat protection is automatically turned off in the event of an overload. USPTO Patent Number: D875,788
Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, Car Tire Pump with 20V Battery Lithium Ion Battery…
Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor 20V Battery Car Tire Pump with Li-Ion Battery Car 12V Power Supply Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Versatility: Our cordless tire pumps are ideal for inflating car, motorcycle and bicycle tires. It can also be used to inflate lifebuoys, sports balls, inflatable boats and other inflatable boats. Note: Not suitable for heavy truck tires.
  • Preset and auto-stop feature: Set the desired values ​​and the air compressor will automatically turn off when pressure is reached so you don’t have to worry about excessive expansion or tire pressure drops.
  • Double power: Is the battery weak while traveling? please do not worry! We offer a 12V car power adapter for your convenience. The 1.5 Ah Li-ion battery features USB output and real-time capacity display. Measurement accuracy: +/- 1psi.
  • Portable Design and LED Lighting: The portable tire compressor takes up very little space, so you can put it in your car and help in time. Bright LED lights illuminate dark work areas.
  • What you can get: Wireless Inflator, 20V Lithium Ion Battery, 12V Car Adapter, Charger, Air Faucet, Inflation Needle, Convenient Storage Tool Bag, User Manual
FORTEM digital tire inflator for automobiles with automatic pump / shutdown function, portable air compressor, …
FORTEM Auto Digital Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Carrying Bag with Auto Pump On / Off Function (Red)
  • Easy to operate-just plug it into the vehicle socket, connect the hose to the bus, set the desired PSI value and press the switch.
  • Multiple Uses – Includes attachments for sports balls, air mattresses, balloons and other inflatable boats.
  • Stay Safe – An integrated LED flashlight helps you prepare for nighttime emergencies.
  • Premium Design-Made of extremely durable and lightweight plastic. Durable hoses can withstand high pressures while providing maximum air flow.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Rest assured that all Fortem products come with a 1 year warranty.
Kensun Portable AC / DC Powered Air Compressor Pump, Up to 100 PSI with Analog Display, Home …
Tire inflation with Kensun’s portable AC / DC air compressor pump with up to 100 PSI inch analog display for home (110 V) and car (12 V), adapters for cars, trucks, bicycles and balls pump
  • You get great customer service from one of the most trusted car accessory manufacturers.
  • The tire inflator comes with AC and DC power cables, making it ideal for indoor and travel use.
  • This portable air compressor comes with several optional attachments. If you have a Presta valve, you may need an additional adapter.
  • Special features: analog display. Maximum pressure range: 120 psi; Continuous working time: 30 minutes at 35 psi.
  • Technical data: Black woven tube (total length): 48 cm. Cable length: DC – 2.8 m (9’2 ). AC – 3 m (9 ft 10 in.) (6 ft longer than Kensun Model H compressor) LpM (liter / min) – 18 (DC) / 20 (AC) ..
Kensun AC / DC Tire Inflation Pump Portable Air Compressor for 12V DC and 110V AC HomeSwift…
Kensun AC / DC Tire Inflator 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump for Cars and 110VAC Peristaltic Pump for Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Basketball, etc.
  • Fast expansion: Two all-metal motors perform well, making tire expansion very quick and easy.
  • AC / DC for cars and homes: Kensun’s unique AC / DC switching with 12V cigarette lighter plug and 110V power plug makes this inflator more convenient because it can be used anywhere.
  • Easy to read: Large, bright, classic unit conversion (psi / bar / kPa) gauge that measures up to 120 psi and is easy to understand at a glance
  • Multi-functional purpose: Inflate tires for passenger cars, motorcycles, sedans and midsize SUVs. With the included ball and inflatable adapter, and unique AC / DC capabilities, this inflator is useful in all situations. Schrader valve adapter is not included.
  • Durability: When you buy a Kensun product, you will find that it has a rigorously tested, high quality and durable construction.
Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump 12VDC – Digital Tire Inflator – Automatic Tire Inflator…
Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump 12VDC – Digital Tire Inflator – Automatic Tire Pump with LED Emergency Lights and Long Cable for Cars – Bicycle – Motorcycle – Basketball etc.
  • High Quality Materials – Portable Air Compressor Pumps are made from durable ABS and stainless steel. This allows the digital pump to be used for extended tire expansion.
  • Automatic Shutdown – A simple and convenient technology for car air pumps. When the tire pressure reaches the desired pressure, the car’s air compressor will automatically turn off.
  • Digital LCD Display-The portable air compressor is equipped with a large, accurate and bright display that can calculate the required PSI, BAR, KPA and KG / CM² values.
  • Powerful and versatile – An automatic air compressor inflates standard medium-sized car tires in 3-5 minutes. In addition, the spare tire inflator has a 3.5m cable to inflate the wheels of cars, motorcycles, motorcycles and SUVs.
  • LED lighting-compact design-tire inflation pump with pressure gauge can get the driver’s attention in an emergency. Electric tire pumps are lightweight and compact. Get 100% Satisfaction and 18 Months Extended Warranty
PIAUTO STORE premium air compressor that inflates car and motorcycle tires. Portable 12VDC …
PIAUTO STORE premium air compressor that inflates car and motorcycle tires. 12VDC portable tire pump for electric vehicles, automatic shutdown, digital pressure gauge, LED lights.New and improved version
  • Premium Features – New and improved Air Compressor 2019 with powerful pump to generate 38 l / min airflow. The automatic shut-off feature allows you to inflate medium-sized car tires from flat to 30psi in less than 3 minutes. Digital vacuum gauge with large LCD display. Ultra-bright 100 lumen LED light and red SOS signal for roadside emergencies.
  • Very easy to use – Insert the plug into a 12v cigarette lighter socket or other 12v socket. Simply apply pressure to a large backlit LCD display and connect it to the bus valve with a snap connector. The microprocessor monitors the tire pressure and automatically stops at the set pressure. This eliminates the need to constantly check the pressure and prevents overfilling.
  • Compact and durable design – The compact design and storage case make it ideal for trunk storage. I don’t know when I will need it in an emergency. The long hoses and cables are fully integrated into the body.Protect to protect the vehicle
  • Versatility – Great for cars, motorcycles, motorcycles, RVs, SUVs, ATVs (not trucks). The same applies to sports equipment and inflatable boats (with adapters). Connect to a household power supply with an AC / DC converter (sold separately-see offer).
  • Includes – Carrying bag, 4 replacement dust caps, Schroeder Presta valve adapter for bicycle tires, dedicated digital instructions for tire care.
WaganEL7315 Digital Display Double Air Compressor AC / DC 110V / 12V Tire Inflator (with Nozzle)…
WaganEL7315 Digital Display Double Air Compressor AC / DC 110V / 12V Tire Inflation Pump, with Nozzle Adapter for Car Exterior and Interior, Black
  • Two with AC and DC power supplies: AC (socket) and DC (car socket) power cables are built into the air compressor. Use the DC power cord to keep the compressor on during car servicing and plug in the power cord at home to refill sports balls and pool toys.
  • Digital display: Easy-to-read display modes: PSI / bar / kPa and kgf / cm2
  • Set the desired pressure and switch off automatically: When the set pressure is reached, it automatically switches off.
  • Pressure: 100 psi in. Maximum, flow rate: 15 L / min. , Power cord length: 6 feet, DC power cord length: 10 feet
  • 1 year limited
Audew Double Cylinder Foot Pump, Accurate Pressure Gauge and Intelligent Portable Ground Wheel Pump…
Audew Double Cylinder Foot Pump, Portable Floor Standing Bike Pump with Accurate Pressure Gauge and Smart Valve, 160PSI Air Pump for Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Balls and Other Inflatables
  • [High speed, less effort]Thanks to the 20% larger double cylinder and air flow up to 35 liters / minute, the Audew foot pump expands faster and with less effort than traditional foot pumps. Large, non-slip pedals make inflating much easier and more stable. Much better than annoying hand air pumps!
  • [160 PSI Accurate Pressure Gauge]The Audew Bicycle Pump with pressure gauge accurately measures two different devices from 0 to 160 PSI / 11 bar. The oversized scale is very clear and easy to read.
  • [Widely used]No valve replacement required. Intelligent valve heads are suitable for presta valves, Schrader valves and German valves. Ideal for bicycle tires, cars, motorcycles, air mattresses, pool toys, sports balls and other inflatables (equipped with 3 nozzle adapters).
  • [Compact and foldable]Audew bicycle pump with compact foldable frame design and built-in safety pedal lock stabilize the body and prevent it from popping out suddenly. Ideal for carrying on the go or at home!
  • [Buy with confidence]We trust our products. If you have any concerns, concerns, or concerns about Audew foot pumps, please contact us via Amazon Message. We strive to provide impeccable shopping services to all our customers.

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