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Onyx Black CHI Spin N Curl
Onyx Black CHI Spin N Curl
  • The hair is drawn into the curling chamber, where it is heated and calculated, creating perfect curls and waves each time.
  • Digital temperature display; rotating ceramic cylinder 1
  • Confusion protection
  • Direction buttons and acoustic signals
  • 1 hour automatic shutdown and double voltage
  • Hair Leaves, Curtains: An innovative way to create beautiful curls. Anti-friz auto-curl technology safely guides the hair into the curling chamber, where it is gently held, calculated and heated to create the perfect curl.
  • Professional brushless motors and high-performance heaters: Durable motors with safety sensors for unmistakable and accurate styling. The high performance heater provides 30 seconds of warmth and instant recovery of heating.
  • Style control: your style, your way! Use two heat settings and three timer settings to create the look you need, from loose to medium to tight curls. The curl secret is heated to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and has an automatic beep indicator and an automatic shutdown to see if it is safe to release the curl.
  • Innovative Styling Tools: From curling irons and wands to irons, hot air brushes and automatic curlers, Conair manufactures high quality styling tools for all hair types.
  • CONAIR Hair Care: Since 1959, we have been manufacturing innovative small appliances, hair styling tools and more. Our hair care line includes high quality hair dryers, brushes, styling tools and hair accessories.
Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler 1 inch (KACI01)
Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler 1 inch (KACI01)
  • Kiss Ceramic Instawave Automatic Hair Curlers are the perfect styling tool for those who can’t style with a regular curling iron or wand.
  • The patented curl dial has a comb / ridge that acts as a comb to straighten and loosen the hair as it curls.
  • Ceramic ion technology creates healthy, shiny curls and salon-style waves with less frizzy and damage at the push of a button.
  • You don’t need heat-resistant gloves because your hands are never near hot iron. Before using this curler tool, make sure your hair is clean, completely dry and combed.
  • Kiss automatic curling irons have two heat settings up to 420 ° F. You can also turn it off automatically after 90 minutes. Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
Cordless curling irons, 6 temperature-adjustable curling irons, self-rotating ceramics …
Rechargeable curling irons, 6 temperature-adjustable curling irons, self-rotating curling irons with ceramic rods, rapid heating, portable rechargeable USB beach curling irons
  • [Smart Curling Irons 2020]One Button Curl-Just press and hold the side button until the beep disappears. The curls last a long time and are all natural. Beach Wave’s latest curling irons have an intelligent induction motor that automatically stops the cordless curlers if the hair is not styled properly. Your hair will not get clogged or broken.
  • [6 temperatures and 11 time settings]Considering different textures and hairstyles, we have developed a specially individualized approach. Suitable for all hair types from 300 39 to 390 ℉, curling irons work tremendously on heat-damaged and coarse hair. You can create softer waves or stronger curls at intervals of 8-18 seconds. It is easier to use than traditional hair curlers and saves a lot of time.
  • [Safer Ceramic Technology]Unlike the titanium coating of most hot curling irons on the market, our automatic curling irons use a ceramic coating, add nanosilver and tourmaline to heat rapidly, and are large. Prevents hair damage. temperature. Negative ions for straightening curly hair. A unique insulation chamber protects your hands and skin from burns.
  • [Latest Cordless Compact Hair Curler]The cordless design eliminates the worry of cable entanglement and storage defects. It solves all your problems. The 7.5 x2.1” and 0.8lb rotating ceramic hair curlers are lightweight and portable for backpacking and travel. It’s the most profitable investment and the perfect gift for beautiful women, young girls, and elegant women.
  • [USB battery and automatic shutdown][USB battery and automatic shutdown]Built-in 5000mAh battery. You can curl your hair anytime, anywhere by charging for 3 hours using a 5V / 2A adapter (includes a USB cable without a charger). Safer Design: Beach Wave Curlers will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to ensure maximum safety at all times.
Rechargeable automatic hair curlers, automatic curling irons with 6 temperature settings, timers, …
Rechargeable curling irons, curling irons with 6 temperature and timer settings, auto shut-off Portable rechargeable curling irons for styling hair anytime, anywhere
  • [AUTOMATICCURLEvenbeginnerssaygoodbyetotheclutterofcablesandthepoorcurlingeffect!Noskillsrequired!NoneedformultiplecurlingtubessmartwavesizingsmartcurlsWiththetouchofabuttonyoucanautomaticallycreatebeautifulcurlsandwavesanytimeanywhereAutomatichaircurlershavetwolayersofinsulationtopreventthesurfacefromgettinghotquickly
  • [Safe protection with satellite protection design]Unlike curly hair that gets clogged or burned, cordless curlers are equipped with smart sensor chips that automatically hang if the hair is too tight or wrong. I will. It is safer to use because it does not clog or break your hair. Curling irons have an intelligent sound reminder feature. Sonic Reminder reminds you that the curls are straight.
  • [6 temperature parameters and timer settings]The temperature of the curlers can be raised from 300 ° C to 390 ° C. This is cold for brittle hair. High temperature for coarse hair. Time setting (8-18 seconds) Easily create loose or tight curls and waves. The very short heating time makes the installation process very easy and quick.
  • [IONIC CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY]The multifunctional automatic hair curler is made of a professional coating of ceramic and vegetable protein, which keeps the hair moist and prevents curling. It provides smooth, heavy shine, elastic curls, and harmless, comprehensive hair care. Built-in automatic rotating ceramic cylinder that can heat quickly (can heat up to 150 ° C in just 90 seconds).
  • [60 minutes wireless curling iron]The rechargeable automatic curling iron is small and delicate. Comes with a 5V / 2A USB charging cable. After 3-4 hours full charge, the 5000mAh battery will run for up to 60 minutes. (Time depends on temperature and timer settings.) You can achieve perfect curl anytime, anywhere, even when traveling around the world.
Automatic hair curlers, cordless wands, curling irons, portable automatic hair curlers, rechargeable …
Automatic hair curler, cordless wand, curling iron, portable curling iron, rechargeable curler with LCD display, timer and 6 temperature settings, automatic shutdown hair styling tool for women
  • [Portable Curling Iron]An updated version of the 2020 curling iron with no wire restrictions. With just one click, you can easily make adorable curls anywhere! With a self-rotating curling iron, you can easily curl your hair in seconds. It can completely replace traditional cordless hair styling tools such as curling irons without any skill. This is a further development of hair curlers.
  • [Easy-to-use hair curlers and curlers]: Hair iron with KFF wand, 6 temperature setting, heating from 300 ° F to 390 ° F, 6 timer setting (8-18 seconds). All of these are displayed on a small LCD screen. The LCD screen allows you to easily set the time, temperature, and direction of rotation (left or right curl) of the hair you want to rotate. Curly hair styles are available in hair, medium curls and tight curls.
  • [Automatic Safety Curling and Healthy Styling]: The KFF automatic curling iron has a built-in spiral design to prevent the heat conductor from causing burns to the face and hands during use. The surface of the multifunctional curling iron is saturated with nanosilver, ceramic coating and tourmaline. It can eliminate frizzy and static electricity as much as possible, protect hair with multiple protections, straighten curls and smooth hair.
  • [Safe to use and close automatically]: Compared to traditional hair curlers and curling irons, KFF cordless curling irons can hang hair rods to prevent hair from getting tangled or falling out during curling. It has a built-in intelligent sensor chip. Too many or not working properly. No worries about clogging or damage. If you leave the wave stick for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes to extend battery life.
  • [Rechargeable Hair Curler]: The built-in 5000mAh battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts up to 60 minutes. Business hours depend on curl time, temperature and style selected. Its compact size makes it very convenient for traveling! This curling iron is a perfect gift for you, your family and friends, including Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and more.
LENA Curling Irons 2020 Upgrade, Professional Curling Irons, Automatic …
LENA Auto Hair Curling Wand 2020 Upgrade, Professional Curling Irons, Auto Rotating Styling Tool with Ceramic Ion Wand, Intelligent Anti-Scorching Sensor for Long to Medium Hair
  • [Simplecurlforlong-termresultsSettheperfectcurlinjust3easysteps:1Styleyourhairwithastick2Presstherotarybutton3RemovethehairafterthebeepComplexhairstylingiseasyandsuitableforusersofallageswithorwithoutexperienceFollowtheinstructionsandenjoythenewlookinminutes
  • [ANTISACLD iron styler with heat protection cover]Two-layer heat protection cover for finger and face burns. Ideal for long hair styling and for users with medium hair who need the stick close to the skin of the face ❗ Note: Curling irons for LENA Geniecurl curls are not suitable for very short hair.
  • [Double-sided rotation ion stroke]Select the left / right rotation button to style the hair in the desired direction and finish it with a wonderful new appearance. Tourmaline ceramic heating cylinders provide additional ion care and minimal hair damage for a long-lasting, radiant look. 4 preset temperature levels for your hair and styling needs.
  • [Smart curling machine with anti-loading mechanism]All devices are equipped with smart sensors, and when they detect that they have crossed the threshold or are entangled, they automatically turn off the power and pull or hurt them on their hair. Effectively prevent.
  • [Strong Warranty from LENA]All electrical components are ETL certified for safe use. The device features a 60-minute automatic shutdown and dual voltages from 110 to 240 V, making it safe to operate worldwide. If you have any problems with the LENA curling stick, or if for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us first. We will help you.
Rechargeable curling irons, curling irons, rechargeable curling irons with ceramic heads …
Rechargeable curling irons, curling irons, rechargeable ceramic curling curlers with 6 temperature and timer settings, portable curling irons with automatic shut-off for styling hair anywhere BKPP
  • [Automatic curling]Easy to use. Just put your hair in the curling tube and press a button to curl it naturally. No dexterity, easy and quick. No need for multiple curling irons.
  • [Ion Ceramic Technology]Automatic hair curlers contain nanosilver, ceramic coating and tourmaline to quickly protect your hair from static electricity and heat, making it look smooth and shiny.
  • [Easy to use and easy to carry]The new curling iron has no cable-related restrictions. Thanks to the UBS charging design, you can use a fully charged battery for 60 minutes. You can make beautiful natural straight hair anywhere.
  • [Intelligent temperature setting and timer]Hair curlers can automatically heat from 300 ° C to 390 ° C, and there are 6 timer settings (8-18 seconds). You can adjust the time and select the direction of curl according to the softness and hardness of the hair. The meeting after the time runs out will send a drop to remind you.
  • [LCD screen]The LCD can display temperature, direction, timer, and battery level. If the machine is not used for 10 minutes, it will shut down automatically to prevent malfunction and to ensure safety.
Rechargeable automatic hair curlers Portable hair curlers Automatic curling irons with LCD display …
Rechargeable curling iron Portable curler LCD Automatic curling iron with temperature display and timer
  • [Long battery]60 minutes Cordless automatic curling without skill, immediately finishes beautiful and natural hair with uniform waves.
  • Easy-to-use альный Professional 3/4 inch ceramic body, heats quickly and achieves smooth, thick luster and elastic curls without damaging it. Please read the instruction manual carefully, follow the time described in the instruction manual, and standardize the operation.
  • [Choose from a variety of temperatures]With a choice of temperatures from 300 ° F to 390 ° F and an automatic curling timer of 8 to 18 seconds, you can easily form the perfect loose or tight curl, saving you a lot of time. I can do it.
  • [High-resolution liquid crystal display]The temperature, direction, timer, and battery level are clearly displayed. The device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Before using this product, please set the desired temperature and curl direction on the display in advance.
  • [Convenient to carry]The compact size fits comfortably in your pocket. This rechargeable USB and WiFi device is perfect for those who like traveling. Our warehouse is in California. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. We will get back to you within 6 hours.
Rechargeable curling irons, curling irons, 6 temperature rechargeable curling irons and …
Rechargeable curling irons, curling irons, rechargeable curling irons with 6 temperature and timer settings, portable curling irons with automatic shut-off for styling hair anytime, anywhere
  • ❤ AUTOMATIC CURL: The latest cordless curling iron. Say goodbye to the crowded cables. There are no cable constraints, so you can curl your hair anywhere. Cordless curling irons use the latest intelligent induction motors for superior performance and crisp curls that do not pull or entangle hair.
  • ❤ Safe protection with start prevention design: Unlike curlers that stick to hair and burn, cordless curlers use an intelligent sensor chip that automatically hangs curlers if the hair is too thick or misplaced. I will. It is safer to use because it does not clog or break your hair.
  • ❤ Personalized temperature and timer settings: Automatic hair curlers are designed to give you a personalized experience. Temperatures range from 300 ° C to 390 ° C for different hair types (low temperature for brittle hair, high temperature for coarse hair). With an automatic curling timer 8-18 years old, you can easily create the perfect loose or tight curl and save a lot of time.
  • ❤60 MINUTESWIRELESS: Includes USB Type C charging cable. When fully charged, it will operate from 3-4 hours up to 60 minutes (operating time depends on temperature and timer settings).
  • ❤ Ion Ceramic Technology: Multifunctional automatic hair curlers are made of professional ceramic tourmaline. It produces strong negative ions, traps moisture in the hair, protects the cuticle, and prevents curling and static electricity as much as possible. ❤ Please contact us immediately if you encounter any problems (click on the store name Chamubeauty” – ask a question – let us know about your order, problem or find your email address in the FAQ. Within 1 day Confirm to. Business days).

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