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Crib, 450 lbs (maximum load), portable outdoor cot with carry bag for adults and children, …
Camping bed, 450 lbs (maximum load), outdoor portable folding bed with carrying bag for adults and children, sturdy bed for travel equipment supplier, office sleep, beach vacation, home rest
  • [Heavy and stable]A unique square high-strength steel pipe with a diameter of 25 mm, a triangular structure, and a symmetrical structure. Weight 7.2kg; Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • [Durability and comfort]Breathable 600D double layer oxford fabric. Sleep comfortably without pillows, like the angle of the top flange. Suitable for most people up to 6’8 height.
  • [Easy to adjust]Compact, incredibly quick, easy to set up (deployment size: 190 x 67 x 35 (cm) / 74.8 * 26.4” * 13.8 ), fold (folding size: 98 x 20 (cm)) ) / 38.6 * 7.9”) Setup video: https: //
  • [Portable]Folds to fit in most trunk spaces. Comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry and store. Great for adults, kids / children, employees, resorts, explorers, or unexpected guests at home.
  • [Widely used]Not only as furniture for camps, patios and pools, but also in beauty salons and reflexology rooms around the world.
ARAER crib 450lb (maximum load) Portable foldable outer bed with adult carry bag …
ARAER Crib 450lb (Maximum Load) Outdoor Portable Folding Bed with Carrying Bag for Adults and Children, Sturdy Bed for Travel Equipment Supplier, Office Sleep, Beach Vacation, Home Rest
  • [Heavy and stable]Unique 25 cm square brackets made of high-strength tubular steel, triangular structure, symmetrical uneven design, supporting up to 450 lbs. Suitable for most people up to 6’8 height.
  • [Comfortable and durable]A two-layer structure made of 600D Oxford material that is highly durable and waterproof, and has both breathability and comfort. The correct tilt angle will prevent pillow and back pain during sleep. It also includes a large bag for storing mobile phones, laptops, headphones and more.
  • [Portable size]Compact, quick and easy installation, deployment size: 190 x 67 x 35 (cm) / 74.8 * 26.4” * 13.8 , folding size: 98 x 20 (cm) / 38, 6 inches * 7.9 inches, Weight: 7.2 kg, with a durable nylon bag for easy portability.
  • [Easy to install]The sturdy steel frame makes it easy to install and can be quickly folded and unfolded in seconds. Setup video: https: //
  • [Widely Used]This camping bed fits in the trunk of most cars and comes with a storage bag that is easy to carry and store. Great for hiking, hunting, road trips, camping, indoor and office breaks.
Alpha Camp Oversized Camp Bed Supports £ 600, Sleeper Bed, Folding Steel Frame,…
The ALPHA CAMP oversized camp bed supports a 600 lb foldable steel bed frame and is portable with a carrying bag
  • [High quality material]High strength tubular steel bracket and triangular design.Rugged steel frame and 600Dx300D Oxford fabric can support up to 600 lbs
  • ✍[Dimensions]Expanded dimensions 74.8 x 26.4 x 13.8 inches; can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • [Lightweight and portable]The ALPHA CAMP weighs just over 14 pounds and is lightweight enough to be added to your backpack for a good night’s rest.
  • [Easy to install]The aluminum cable stand is foldable and easy to assemble, and it will be completed in a few minutes.Disassembly is just as easy
  • [Versatility]Convenient for night hikes, hikes, hunting, and travel, ideal for indoor or office lunch breaks. Throw away your luggage and move lightly now!
HITORHIKE Camping Bed Compact Folding Bed-Outdoor Hiking Bed Camping Bed (Black)
HITORHIKE Camping Bed Compact Folding Bed-Outdoor Hiking Bed Camping Bed (Black)
  • ✅ Hello, please enjoy your Please enjoy the outdoor fun please / travel dreams / space always.
  • ✅ Easy installation of expensive humidity. It is a 6.7 inch high and waterproof thinking nylon fabric.
  • ✅ Size for lying down: 74.8 X27.6” X6.7 , Storage bag package size: 15” X6.6 , but only £ 4.85.
  • ✅ Maximum lifting capacity: 280 lbs.
  • ✅ Risk-free purchase: We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee with a one-year warranty against product defects. Buy with confidence! We make sure that all our customers in our camp are reliable! 🙂
Coleman crib with bedside table | Folding bed with table and cup holder
Coleman crib with bedside table | Folding bed with table and cup holder
  • Side table: removable design with cup holder
  • Room design: Suitable for tourists up to 6 feet 6 inches in height.80 x 32 inches for additional bedrooms
  • Dimensions: 80 x 44 x 17 inches.
  • Durability: The sturdy steel frame can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Bag: Included for easy storage
RED CAMP high performance foldable camp bed for adults, 28 inch ultra wide and sturdy portable bed …
REDCAMP Adult Folding Camp Bed, 28 Ultra Wide, Durable, Portable Camp Bed, Blue
  • [Durability and weight]The latest thick oval tube is attached to the leg of the crib, which improves the stability and carrying capacity of the foldable crib. It easily holds up to £ 500. Great for tall adults, heavy people and families.
  • [Large size]The size of the bed with casters for adults is 75 x 28” x 15 , 1 ” wider than usual. Package size 41 x9” x7 . Weighs 17 lbs. Crib leg tube size is 1.1×1.5 . Thick bed allows one person to move freely.
  • [Easy to install and carry]No assembly required. The adult sofa bed can be easily installed in 10 seconds and can be folded into the included storage bag. Convenient for recreation and transportation.
  • [Multipurpose]Portable cribs for adults are available in green colors with blue and gray pillows. It’s perfect for outdoor grass, forests, indoor bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and anywhere you need to sleep.
  • [Quality Assurance]RED CAMP offers a manufacturer-only 365-day warranty. If you have any problems with your durable crib, please email us immediately. We will respond within 24 hours and provide friendly customer service.
BYER OF MAINE, Allagash Plus, Crib, Extra Wide, 76 LX 30” WX 8 H, Light Crib, Crib…
BYER OF MAINE, Allagash Plus, Crib, Extra Wide, 76 LX 30” WX 8 H, Lightweight Crib, Adult Crib, Up to 250 lbs, Single Portable Bed
  • You no longer have to carry heavy equipment. The lightweight Allagash Plus weighs only 8.5 pounds and you can camp comfortably. This portable crib is made of a sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame with heat-treated spring steel legs and is covered with 600 denier polyester. It can hold up to 250 pounds.
  • The size of the travel cot is 75 x 30 x 8 inches, which is wide enough to fit comfortably for both children and adults.
  • Easy to assemble the crib. Just spread your legs and put them in place!
  • The fold-out bed is easy to carry. Push your legs up to your sleeves and roll them up. The legs can be used as a convenient handle for carrying around.
  • The crib design is ideal for use in tents. Don’t worry if the tent floor is torn, even in the most restless sleepers.
Folding camping bed Nice C, sleeping bed, crib, pillow, carrying bag and storage bag, additional …
Nice C foldable camping bed, sleeping bed, tent, with pillow, carrying bag and storage bag, extra wide, durable, durable up to 500 lbs, lightweight, comfortable for outdoor and indoor use (gray)
  • Small Assembly Design: The Nice C crib is made of a foldable iron construction with a shock absorbing cord that is foldable and easily fits into a durable nylon carrying strap. The size of the crib is the same as the single bed. It folds into a size of 10 x 6” x 42 (L x W x H) and weighs only 13 pounds.
  • Comfortable Design: Our travel beds are ergonomically designed to provide comfort during use. The angled head and removable pillow allow you to comfortably place your head instead of lying flat. There is a pocket on the side of the crib to store water, phone, etc. You don’t have to bring mattress pads, sheets or pillows for your hike. Take this crib and take part in all outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues, beaches and picnics.
  • Industrial Materials: Our camping beds are made of high-strength steel tubes and brackets. The crib has a triangular support structure that can support up to 226 kg. The Industrial 900D Oxford Sleeping Mat is soft, breathable and durable. Use this crib with your family for a comfortable outdoor stay.
  • Easy installation and cleaning: The Oxford Sleeping Mat is mounted on an iron frame and does not require installation. Installing a crib is just one step. Simply pull on the frame to unfold the structure and your crib is ready. To pack, fold the frame and put it in a carry bag. Easy to clean. Simply wipe the crib with a towel or wash it with soap and water.
  • Premium Quality – Your satisfaction is our priority. That is why we make sure that all the products you receive from us are made from high quality raw materials and are free of defects. Our cribs have a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects. Your purchase from us is safe. If the product you purchased does not meet your expectations, please contact us. Our customer service team will do our best to respond quickly and efficiently.
REDCAMP Folding Adult Camp Bed 500lbs Double Layer Oxford Strong Heavy Duty Wide…
REDCAMP Adult Folding Camp Bed 500 lbs Double Layer Oxford Heavy Duty Wide Bed Portable with Carrying Bag for Camping
  • [Hebeadition]Made of double fabric, two pairs of leg rests are added on both sides. This adult cot can accommodate 500-600 pounds. Ideal for tall, tall and heavy people.
  • [Width size]Dimensions 75 Lx28” Wx15 H unfolded, 41” x9 x7” folded, weight 18 lbs. The large camp bed is spacious for children, teenagers, toddlers and 6-foot people with children.
  • [Easy adjustment]No assembly is required. The foldable camping bed can be easily set up in 10 seconds or folded into the included storage bag.
  • [Portable design]An adult crib that is easy to sleep with the handle of a folded tote bag. Great for camping, hiking and driving.
  • [Multiplayer]The portable crib is used for sitting, lying down, and sleeping. It is used as an adult clam shell, an office clam shell or a bed in a room, and a foldable clam shell for relaxing in the garden or beach. Available in 4 seasons with mattress toppers, sleeping bags and pillows.
Folding crib Alpcour – A deluxe foldable single bed in a pillow bag for home and …
Alpcour Crib-Deluxe Folding Single Bed with Pillow for Indoor and Outdoor Use-Ultralight, Comfortable and Durable Design for Adults and Children Up to £ 300
  • A perfect night’s sleep under the stars – the deluxe crib provides unmatched comfort and support for adults and children. No mattress pads, sheets or pillows needed! Great for camping, hiking, beaches, gardens and more.
  • Lightweight and portable design – The crib weighs only 13 pounds and is easy to carry in a durable nylon bag / cover. It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Like bunk beds and sun loungers, it can accommodate one adult or two small children.
  • PREMIUM POLYESTER FABRIC – A soft, breathable fabric made from a double layer of 600D polyester for excellent durability, water resistance and easy cleaning. The gentle slope does not promise back, neck and shoulder pain!
  • Ultra-compact comfort – A sturdy, durable tubular steel frame and joints fold in seconds for easy storage and handling.Great for relaxing on your next trip, home, pool, lake, wheels, campsite, patio, patio, tent, or cabin
  • Pillow Side Pockets-Integrated accessories include a large organizer pocket for storing phones, keys, water bottles, toys, earphones and more. It also comes with a matching pillow that hugs your neck and head for sleeping and reading.

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